MUET Speaking Past Year Questions

Ref. No / Theme / Page
1 / Modern Life
2 / Crime & Security
3 / Qualities of People / Role Models
4 / Exchange Students
5 / Tourism / Promoting Malaysia
6 / Internationalism / International Issues
7 / Globalization
8 / Jungle Trekking / Camping
9 / Social Issues / Problems Among Youths
10 / Parent-child Relationships
11 / Activities Suitable for Young People
12 / Social Issues Concerning Malaysian Society
13 / National Unity
14 / Quality of Life
15 / A Caring Society
16 / Raising & Using Funds
17 / Health & Stress
18 / Careers
19 / The Environment
20 / Academic Issues
21 / Anniversary / Special Day Activities
22 / Road Safety
23 / Undergraduates & Graduates
24 / Sports
25 / The Economy, Trade & Consumerism
26 / National Service
27 / The Mass Media & Related Issues
No / 1. Theme: Modern Life & Technology / Year
1 / Your grandfather, who is in his 70s, tells you that you are all very fortunate to be living in the 21st century where there are so many inventions to make life easier. He asked you to think about which particular invention has made your life much easier compared to his.
A. In your opinion, the mobile phone has made life easier. State your viewpoint and give reasons to support it. B. The computer C. The photocopy machine D. The electronic calculator (Which of the following inventions is most useful?)(14.12) / May
2 / Young people today are fortunate to live in a modern and progressive era. What has helped to give this generation a better quality of live?
A. You believe that modern transport & telecommunication systems have helped to improve life for this generation. Explain. B. The computer C. Recreational & entertainment facilities D. Better opportunities for education (Discuss which has helped most to improve life for this generation) / Oct
3 / Your school or college is organizing an Informationa dn Communication Technology (ICT) Week. Each class has to propose an activity for this big event.
A. As the class representative, you suggest inviting people from different professions to speak on the use of ICT in their professions. Justify your choice. B. Organising a poster competition related to various uses of ICT C. Organising an exhibition to promote various uses of ICT D. Organising visits to institutions that offer ICT courses. (Discuss which one of these activities would be most beneficial to students in helping them understand and appreciate ICT / May
4 / There are many ways of obtaining information today. What are some of the ways preferred by young people?
A. You think that young people today prefer to obtain information from the Internet. Elaborate. B. The mobile phone. C. Radio and television D. Newspapers and magazines. (What is the most preferred way of obtaining information by young people today?) / May 2008
No / 2. Theme : Crime & Security / Year
1 / As members of the Neighbourhood Watch, you and your friends are concerned about the increase in the number of petty crimes (handbag snatching, stealing of shoes, breaking into cars) in your neighbourhood. You suggest one reason for this increase.
A. In your opinion, the rise in petty crimes is caused by the increase in the number of drug addicts. Give reasons to support your opinion. B. the increase in the number of illegal immigrants C. the lack of interest shown by the public D. the increase in the number of unemployed (Discuss which one of the following reasons is the main cause for the increase in petty crimes) / May 2002
2 / As a result of the increasing number of petty crimes, the shopping complex in your town would like to introduce various security measures. The management has invited shoppers to make recommendations so that the shopping complex would be a safer place for all.
A. You recommend that the management install hidden cameras. Explain how this can prevent petty crimes. B. Make spot checks on suspicious characters C. Employ more security guards D. Do not allow shoppers to bring in bags (the best way to prevent petty crimes) / May
3 / How to protect oneself. / May
4 / Lately there have been several break-ins and vandalism on your school premises. There is a great need to improve security. Your School Board welcomes suggestions from anyone. You would like to recommend a security measure.
A. You feel that the school authorities should employ security guards for the school. Justify your opinion. B. Install an alarm system C. Install grills on all doors & windows D. Get police to make regular patrols (Discuss which is the most effective measure to improve security in school) / Oct
5 / There has been an increase in burglaries in your neighbourhood and the residents are very worried about their safety. A committee has been set up to look into this matter. As a member of the committee, suggest ways to make the neighbourhood a safer place.
A. You suggest the residents improve safety features of neighbourhood. Give reasons for your suggestion. B. A police officer be invited to talk on security measures C. Residents be taught to defend themselves against intruders. D. “Rukun Tetangga” teams be set up to patrol the neighbourhood at night / June
6 / There has been an increase in the number of snatch thefts. You have been asked to suggest ways to prevent such incidents. (Elaborate)
A. You propose introducing heavier penalties B. Increasing security measures in problems areas where there are a lot of snatch thefts C. Finding other ways of carrying valuable items D. having an awareness campaign to prevent snatch thefts (the most effective) / May
7 / Crimes against children, such as kidnapping, assault and abuse, are on the increase. The Social Welfare Department invites suggestions from the public on what can be done to protect children from such crimes.
A. You suggest that children should be taught how to protect themselves. Elaborate. B. The school authorities should take safety measures to protect children while they are at school C. The government should impose more severe punishment on those who commit crimes against children. D. Parents should take greater responsibility in ensuring the safety of their children. (Which is the most effective suggestion to protect children against crimes?) / Oct 2007
No / 3. Theme : Qualities of People / Role Models / Year
1 / At your Youth Club Meeting, you were asked to comment on what contributes to the development of a person’s character
A. You believe that educational background helps to develop a person’s character. Explain. B. Family C. Religious background D. Economic background (Discuss which of the following plays the most significant role in helping to develop a person’s character) / May
2 / You wish to apply for a scholarship to study overseas. What are the important factors that the Scholarship Board would look for? (20.16)
A. good personality B. Strong letters of recommendation C. An outstanding academic record D. Active involvement in co-curricular activities (The most imp factor in helping a person obtain a scholarship) / May 2005
3 / Your institution is organising a forum entitled “The Qualities of a Good Malaysian.” You are a member of this forum. (12.4)
A. As a member of the panel, you strongly feel that a good Malaysian should be patriotic. Support your view. B. Law-abiding C. Hardworking D. Tolerant ((Discuss which of the following would be the most important quality in being a good Malaysian) / Oct
4 / The schools in your district intend to set up a Committee for Students Affairs. What kind of qualities should the members of this committee have?
A. In your opinion, it is important to have good communicative skills. Support your opinion. B. Counselling skills C. Leadership qualities D. Willingness to sacrifice one’s time and energy (Discuss which of the following is the most important quality the members of the committee should have) / Oct 2003
5 / Your class is organizing a public speaking competition. You are discussing the important qualities that a good speaker should have. What would you suggest?
A. You feel that the appearance and personality of the speaker play an important part in public speaking. Give reasons to support your view. B. a well-organized content C. the language used by the speaker D. the presentation and delivery style of the speaker (Discuss which of the following is the most important quality that a good speaker should have) / Oct 2002
6 / “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is a common saying. Different people identify different qualities to define beauty. What would you consider as an important quality to define beauty?
A. You feel that beauty lies in the person’s looks. Justify your opinion. B. Personality C. Dressing D. Intelligence (Discuss which of the following in the most important quality that determines a person’s beauty) / Oct 2002
7 / The Students’ Council is looking for a new leader. The members of the Council are discussing the qualities needed to make a good student leader. A good leader should be: A. friendly & approachable B. responsible & committed C. well-respected by all D. able to communicate well / Oct 2006
8 / Your class has been asked to carry out a group project on famous people. Your group has to discuss how a person can become famous. You present your views.
A. You believe that a person can be famous by having a special skill. Give reasons for your opinion. B. Creating a useful invention C. Doing something extraordinary D. Contributing to one’s country (Discuss which of the following is the best way to become famous) / Oct 2002
9 / Achievements of Malaysia and Malaysians at home and abroad to be proud of.
A. Sports & recreation B. Business & industry C. Science & technology D. Arts & culture / Dec 2000
10 / Who to name a multi-purpose hall after? (Role model)
A. A famous leader B. An entertainer C. A historical figure D. A writer / May 2003
11 / Your class has this topic to discuss : “ Who makes a good role model for youth of today?” You would like to present your view.
A. Your opinion is that it should be a well-known sports person B.A famous film star C.A well-known national leader D.A well-known businessman (Discuss which one of the following role models a teenager would most likely prefer.) / June
12 / Every year for the International youth Day, your school or college has to look for a suitable candidate to be nominated as The Most Outstanding Student of the Year. As a member of the selection committee, you have to suggest a criterion for the nomination.
A. You suggest the award should go to the student who has been most involved in social work. Justify your suggestion. B. has shown good leadership qualities C. has shown outstanding performance in sports, D. has performed well academically (discuss which one of the following is the most important criterion for the award) / June
13 / The people who have most influenced young adults in their lives
A. Parents B. Friends C. Teachers D. National leaders / June
14 / Making friends is easy but maintaining friendship requires effort. How can you make sure that your friendships remain forever? Your Community Youth Group would like to have a forum on this. You have been invited to present your views.
A. You feel that to ensure a lasting friendship, a person must always be honest. Support your view. B be loyal to his friend C. be helpful to his friend D. be tolerant of his friend. (Discuss what you believe is the most important quality needed to maintain a lasting friendship) / Oct 2003
15 / You are discussing the qualities of a good life partner with your friends. The most imp. quality a good life partner should have is being
A religious B healthy C good looking D fun to be with (Reasons) / Oct 2006
16 / Malaysian society has certain expectations of what a good mother is expected to be. What are these expectations? (Support this view)
A able to maintain a nice & comfortable home B educated & knowledgeable C a friend to her children D a good cook (the most important quality a good mother should have) / May 2005
17 / Every year for Mothers’ Day, your community honours mothers for their love and sacrifice. This year you have been asked to list the criteria for giving an award to a mother. As a member of the selection committee, you have to nominate a candidate.
A. Your candidate is a single mother who works to support her children. Justify your choice. B. a mother with disabled children C. a mother who gave up her successful career to care for her children D. a mother who takes in abandoned children and raises them as her own. (Who do you think is the most suitable candidate for the award?) / Oct 2003
18 / The Prefects’ Board would like to nominate a teacher for the “Teacher of the Year” Award. You are discussing the important qualities a teacher should have. What would you suggest?
A In your opinion a teacher should be knowledgeable. Give reasons to support your stand. B have a pleasant appearance C have a sense of humour D be caring (Discuss which one of the following would be the most important quality a teacher should have) / May 2002
19 / Your neighbourhood has to select someone to be the of the Residents’ Association. Four candidates have been shortlisted. You propose your candidate.
A You propose the bank manager. Justify your choice. B the lawyer C the army officer D the school principal (Discuss who would be the most suitable candidate to be the chairman of the Residents’ Association) / Oct 2003