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2015 Outstanding Chapter and Student Subunit Award Application Form Instructions

Outstanding Chapter and Student Subunit Award

To be given to the Chapter and Student Subunit that exhibits a commitment to the mission of the Society by actively working to achieve the following goals set forth in the AFS Strategic Plan. Additional information from the Strategic Plan is provided on the AFS website.


Please use the following form to complete your award application to reporton Chapter or Student Subunit activities that occurred in the 12 month period immediately before the Divisiondeadline. You may reformat the form (i.e. increasethe size of the table cells) for individual responses, but you must maintain the same orderand include all sections.

If the Chapter or Student Subunit completes activities that furthers the mission of the Society or Chapter or Student Subunit that not reflected in the criteria, AFS 2020 Goals and Objectives, or other sections of the application; include those activities under “Other Activities” at the endof this award application. Please include a statement as to how these additional activities further the mission of the Society, Chapter, or Student Subunit.

No later than May 1, 2015 send anelectronic copy of the application to the chairperson of the Outstanding Chapter Award Subcommittee:

Gary Whelan, NCDAFS Past President

MI DNR Fisheries Division

P.O. Box 30446

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: 517-284-5840


American Fisheries Society

Outstanding Chapter and Student Subunit Award Application Form


1a. Chapter or Student Subunit Name:

1b. AFS Division:

1c. Chapter or Student Subunit President:

1d. Address:

1e. Structure of Chapter or Student Subunit:


Committee Structure:


Ad hoc:


Membership Type / Total Number / % increase (or decrease) from
previous year
Total Membership
New Members
Lost Members
Student Members
Parent Society Members


Please describe your Chapter or Student Subunit activities related to the objectives under eachAFS 2020 Goal. When necessary, provide examples (e.g., scanned materials or web address) of eachcompleted activity. Refer to the AFS Strategic Plan for more details on the individual strategiesset by the Society to meet the objectives within the Goal Areas and the activities that addresseach objective. Portions of the plan are included below to serve as examples of objectives foreach Goal Area.

AFS Mission Statement

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to advance sound science, promoteprofessional development, and disseminate science-based fisheries information for theglobal protection, conservation, and sustainability of fishery resources and aquaticecosystems.

AFS 2020 Goals and Objectives

Goal .

Goal 1: Global Fisheries Leadership

AFS will be a global leader providing information and technical resources for the sustainability andconservation of fisheries resources.

Objective 1.1. Promote fisheries conservation throughout North America and the world, at all levels of government and society, and among all levels of AFS by supporting sound science and networking opportunities. (see also Objective 3.4)

Objective 1.2. Increase science-based fisheries conservation by increasing interactions

with AFS members and government policy makers.

Objective 1.3. Promote fisheries conservation through development and dissemination of public outreach materials. (See also Objective 3.4)

Goal 2: Education/Continuing Education

AFS will facilitate life-long learning through world-class educational resources at all academic levels andprovide training for practicing professionals in all branches of fisheries and aquatic sciences.

Objective 2.1. Encourage educational institutions at all levels to maintain excellent academic programs in fisheries sciences and related disciplines to assure recruitment of fisheries professionals that meet the needs of employers.

Objective 2.2. Ensure that the fisheries professional certification program reflects the integration of many sciences relevant to fisheries while ensuring its recognition as a mark of scientific excellence and expertise.

Objective 2.3. Providea wide array of continuing education opportunities using innovative methods to reach the widest possible audience of fisheries professionals.

Goal 3: Value of Membership

AFS will serve its members and fisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic science constituencies to fulfill themission of the Society.

Objective 3.1. Determine and respond to the needs and opinions of AFS members.

Objective 3.2. Enhance participation of students and professionals at all levels of the society to assure recruitment, retention, and leadership development into the future.

Objective 3.3. Promote diversity within AFS and the fisheries profession.

Objective 3.4. Develop innovative and cost effective methods to make fisheries science and managementinformation readily available to AFS members and all levels of government entities worldwide.

Objective 3.5.Practice good governance and organizational management.