Lathrop Intermediate School

Course Syllabus – Common Core Math 8

Mrs. R. Jiménez – Room # 215


I. Common Core Math 8 Honors Topics

Unit 1: Transformations
Unit 2: Linear Equations: Graphing, Functions & Bivariate Data;
·  Inequalities & Absolute Value
Unit 3: Simultaneous Equations
Unit 4: Exponential Functions
Unit 5: Quadratic Function Exploration
Unit 6: Quadratic Expressions (Operations)
Unit 7: Solution Sets for Equations & Inequalities
Unit 8: Statistics

II.  Breakdown of Grades: 100 percentage points are available for each unit. The breakdown is as follows:

10% Homework

15% Class work/Team Assessments/Projects

35% Quizzes

25% Tests

15% Individual Common Assessments

III.  Unit Grades: 100 – 90% A 69 – 60 % D

89 - 80% B 59% - less F

79 – 70% C

Any missing assignment is considered a zero, as well as cheating on any assignment.

IV.  Recommended Supplies:

For School:
·  2 ” - three ring binder with dividers
·  Three pencils with erasers
·  Notebook Graph paper
·  Line notebook paper
·  2 pens ( black or blue and red)
·  Scientific calculator / For Home:
·  Color pencils
·  Scissors
·  Glue stick
·  Clear tape
·  Ruler with inches and centimeters
·  Markers
·  Highlighters

V.  Math Section of Binder: For organizational purposes, all students MUST have a three-ring binder.

All assignments should have the proper page heading and arranged in the binder by date, with the most recent in the back of the proper section.

VI.  School Agenda: Students are required to write classwork assignments and homework in their electronic agenda each day.

VII.  Tardiness: Students must be in their seats with the required materials and working when the bell rings.

VIII.  Absence and Make-Up Work: Students are expected to make up any work missed due to absences. Failure to turn work in will result in a zero for the missed assignment. If absence is due to illness, the number of days given for make-up time is equal to those that were missed.

When students come back to class after being absent they are expected to ask for the missed assignments and due dates.

IX.  LATE HW & CW: Late homework is not accepted. Any late classwork needs to be turned in within two weeks of the due date. The total number of points will be deducted depending on the number of days the assignment is late.

X.  Redo & Re-Take assignments: Students can redo quizzes, and tests in which they earned a D or an F. The redo quizzes and tests are allowed to be completed within two weeks of receiving the graded quiz or test. To do this the students need to complete each of the following steps:

·  Step 1: The student needs to attend tutoring to redo the problems he/she got incorrect. The problems need to be verified by the teacher during tutoring.

·  NOTE: The students will be able to redo the number of assignments equal to the number of times they attend tutoring.

o  Step 2: The new grade for the redo assignment will be determined by adding half of the points the student missed to the original score.

XI.  Math Tutoring: I will be providing math tutoring during the school year. The time and day of tutoring will be provided at a different date.

XII.  Rest Room & Hall Passes: Are limited according to the school rules. The students will be allowed to leave the class according to the teacher discretion.

XIII.  Class Dismissal: Ms. R. Jimenez will dismiss you from class, not the bell. Please remain in your seat working until I ask you to clean up.

XIV.  Class Participation: In this class, students will listen, read, write, and participate in numerous group activities. It is important that you become an active learner. You will be asked to explain and share your thinking with your classmates.

I have read and understand the expectations for this class: