The Celebration Kitchen

Theme: Cooking up adventure with the Swedish chef as he cooks up recipes for successful Christian living.

The Set: set up the room to look like a kitchen with a work table, utensils, bowls and the like. Decorate the puppet stage to look like a kitchen backdrop where the puppets come through the kitchen window above the sink.


The leader

The Swedish chef- cooks up a concoction

The crazy moose Cocoa- tries to tell the story

The Swedish fish- helps with object lessons

This weeks theme: Learn to be generous

Goals: To teach the children that:

  1. The Bible is our guide for living
  2. God wants us to be generous with all that he give us
  3. When we are generous God blesses us in return.

Opening skit:

The Swedish chef comes in to the room in his crazy manner, singing and flinging his utensils around. He excitedly chatters about the chocolate moose that he is going to make. The leader introduces herself and tells the chef she can’t wait to taste the chocolate moose he is going to make. The chef lets her know that he does not intend to share. He then ignores her as he busies himself to cook. After looking at his cookbook upside down he flings it aside and starts to whip together ingredients. The leader tries to tell him that he needs to use the cookbook and follow the recipe. The chef doesn’t listen and proceeds to do all kind of wacky stuff like painting chocolate sauce onto a stuffed moose. He throws some eggs in the air and catches them with his bowl and mixes them with the moose, shells and all. The leader continues insisting that he needs to follow the recipe. When the chef is done he dishes the moose out onto a lovely plate and reminds the leader that she can’t have any. Then he takes a taste and discovers how terrible it tastes and decides to give it to the leader.

The leader is not impressed with the chef’s sudden interest in sharing. She tells the kids that the chef should have followed the recipe. The chef huffs out of the room as she talks.

The leader explains to the kids that it is important to follow the recipe. She draws the parallel that the Bible is our recipe book and we must follow the directions it gives us in order to live a successful Christian life. She tells the kids that the Bible is full of stories that teach us how to live… like recipes.

Crazy Moose story: Cocoa the crazy moose pops out in the puppet stage. He tells the leader that he knows all about those stories. He has a great one to tell. He says he will be right back and comes up with a window and tells the kids that he is going to tell the story of Elijah and the window. The leader corrects him and tells him that it isn’t a window, it’s a widow. The Moose seems surprised, but takes it in stride as he leaves to retrieve a new prop. He comes up with some foil and says that he is going to tell about Elijah, the widow and the foil. Again the leader corrects him and tells him that it is oil. He leaves again and comes back with a flower. He is going to tell about the oil and the flower. Again the leader corrects him. Still taking it all in stride he comes out with a bug instead of a jug and then with a fake beard instead of bread. Each time the leader corrects him. He finally tells the leader that she must know this story better than he does and he leaves the leader to tell it.

Cool Clyde’s death defying double dare:

Give and it will be given to you. Luke 6:38

Cool Clyde comes out to teach the memory verse. After teaching the verse he challenges the kids to his death defying double dare. This dare involves eating something really gross which he has cooked up. One child from each team comes up and takes the item out of Clyde’s lunch bag, put it in their mouth and eat it and then recite the verse.

This week Cool Clyde tells the kids that since we are learning about being generous he is going to share his treat that is in the bag. He explains the rules and then dares the kids to come up and play.

Game: Grape toss

You will need several containers of different sizes, some with small openings and some with large openings. The object of the game is to toss grapes into the containers. The large containers will be easier to toss into than the small ones.

After you play the game discuss:

  1. Which container was the easiest to get the grapes into?
  2. Let’s compare hearts to these containers. Some of the containers had large openings. Let’s say that those are like the hearts of people who have big generous hearts. What do you think the small containers are like?
  3. Which of those hearts do you think God is going to fill with his blessings?
  4. What can we learn from the woman who gave her last bit of oil and flour to the Lord’s servant?

Closing object lesson:

The Swedish fish starts throwing Swedish fish out of the puppet stage. The leader asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is cleaning out his bowl because it’s a mess. She asks him if he will help her with the lesson. She needs some stuff that maybe he could dispose of. She needs some empty cups. The Swedish fish brings up the cups.

The leader has a pitcher of water. She talks about how when we are generous and give to others we allow God room to pour out his blessings in our lives. Demonstrate by filling one of the cups with water from the pitcher and then pouring it into the other cup. This allows room for new water from the pitcher. If on the other hand we get selfish and refuse to give of the blessings that God has given us we don’t make room for God to bless us. Instead we become like stagnant water. The Swedish fish knows exactly what stagnant water is and explains what happens to his dish when the chef forgets to change the water.

Spend a few minutes interacting with the kids about giving to others and about God’s blessings. Close with a time of commitment in which the children can make a choice to become more giving.