Marco Polo Activity

Station 0: Overview

What occupation (job) did Marco Polo practice that his father and uncle also did?

Station 1: Route to China

Studying the map, where does Marco begin his journey? (Hint: his home town)

Studying the map, what city is the furthest east that Marco travels? What modern day country is that city in?

Station 2: Setting the Stage

What is a Khan? (Hint: learned it in class)

Why do you think Kublai Khan asked Nicolo & Maffeo about their Catholic faith?

What are the two major problems Nicolo & Maffeo face?

Station 3: Leading up to the Journey

Nicolo and Maffeo Polo go back to China (2nd trip), who do they bring along with them?

How long does this journey to China take?


Station 4: Polo Journey to China: Armenia

Why do you think Marco wrote about seeing Mount Ararat?

Does this observation by Marco Polo sound real? Explain.

Station 5: Polo Journey to China: Baghdad

What are the three things that Marco observes here:

What is the faith of the Arab people? Is that faith Monotheistic or Polytheistic?

Does this observation by Marco Polo sound real? Explain.

Station 6: Polo Journey to China: Iran

What does Marco observe in Iran?

Name two accomplishments of the Persians. (Hint: we studied it the 3rd week of school)

Does this observation by Marco Polo sound real? Explain.

Station 7: Polo Journey to China: Eastern Iran

Instead of focusing on mountains/rivers, Marco writes about items. Why do you think he does that?

Station 8: Kublai Khan’s Courts

What languages do you think Marco learned? (Think about the region)

What is the geographic location of Beijing? (East, South, West, North)

Station 9: Battle, Pt. 1

Do you think Marco made the Mongols sound more or less fierce than what we have studied?

How do you think the Khan organized his troops?

Station 10: Battle, Pt. 2

Who are the main characters in this battle scene?

Describe the battle scene (arrows, swords, drums etc.)

Station 11: Homeward Bound

Why do you think the Polo’s wanted to go home?

How long was the total journey? (Beginning year- Ending year)

How did the Polo’s get home? (ship, walking, horses?)

Station 12: Home Sweet Home

How did Marco meet Rusticiano?

What was the original language of Marco’s book written in?

Station 13: Legacy

How do you think Marco’s writing and observations impacted today’s society?

Do you think Marco’s book should be believed? (Paragraph with 3 reasons why or why not)