Who Do You Live For? Who Are You Busy For?/Senior Secondary

(Secondary school)

Life Event: Who Do You Live For? Who Are You Busy For?

(Reflection on the meaning of life)

Objectives / : / To help students reflect on the direction and the meaning of their lives
To learn the importance of different things in their lives, to build up the positive values and to live a more wonderful and meaningful life
Attitudes / : / Positive, self-love, commitment
Materials / : / 1. “The Five Most Important Treasures in My Life” worksheet (Appendix 1)
2. Article on “Projector in Heaven” (Appendix 2)
Duration / : / 40 minutes
Mode / : / Class Teacher Period/Moral & Civic Education Lesson/Life Education Lesson/Others


Steps (Time) / Key Learning Points
Activity 1: “The Five Most Important Treasures in My Life”(10 mins)
  1. Distribute the worksheet “The Five Most Important Treasures in My Life” to students (Appendix 1) one week before the lesson. Ask students to complete it and bring it back in the coming lesson.
  2. Remind students that “treasures” could be people, objects, things, relationships or mental or philosophical pursuits, e.g. “family”, “health”, “money”, “study”, “love”, “faith”,“best friends”, etc.
  3. At the beginning of the lesson, ask some students to share their five “treasures” briefly.
  4. Tell students that we have to make choices in life, to get or to give up something. Ask them to think carefully and state one of the treasures that they would give up”. Tell them to delete that item from the worksheet.
  5. Continue to guide them to give up their treasures one by one until the last one is left.
  6. Ask them to think how important this last item is to them. How is it related to their lives? How much time do they spend on this treasure? Ask a few to share how they feel and what they have experienced.
/ The objectives of this activity are:
To help students explore their personal values and the essence of life
To facilitate students to examine whether they have given up something that is important to them for various reasons.
To enable students to realise that we must be faithful to what we value and believe, and to be responsible for their lives; we must set goals and directions for our lives so that we know where we are going.
Steps (Time) / Key Learning Points
(Activity 1 continues)
  1. Brief Summary: Have we given up our treasures for something else in our daily life? For example, many people said that their family was the most important to them. However, they would give up first the time they spent with their family when they were busy.

Activity 2: Projector in Heaven (25 mins)
  1. Distribute the article “Projector in Heaven”(Appendix 2). Ask students to read the stories carefully (5 mins).
  2. divide students into groups of two or three and ask them to have discussion based on the “Questions for Reflection” under “Projector in Heaven” (10 mins).
  3. Ask them to share their reflection.
  4. Brief Summary: There were three people in the stories and each had his own blessings and regrets. For example, Ms B indulged herself in online games when she was a teenager and forgot her childhood dream. She wasted her talents and led a simple life. Luckily, she got a wonderful family. When she looked back her life before death, she thought it was a life of toil and finally, she passed away with regrets.
  5. Hong Kong people are always busy. We may “forget” why we live because we are “busy”. Everyone has his own definition of“meaning of life” and thus has different pursuits. When we learn more about what life is meant to us, we will become more positive and lead a wonderful life.
/ To realise that everyone has his own life, it depends on our choices to lead a wonderful life or not.
To enable students to review what we are busy for every day, whether we have given up something which is more important, whether the balance of life has been upset.
To help students further review what they treasure in life and think how they can live a life with dreams fulfilled but no regrets.

Conclusion (5 mins)

Reference: “I’m busy.” seems to become our most used expression. We are busy with our study, our online games…Behind the busy life, what have we given up? What have we neglected? This is something that we need to think about critically and carefully.

Please take a look at your present life. Set a direction for yourself and live for it! Remember to reflect on your life from time to time and make adjustment. Then you will lead a wonderful life with no regrets!

The Five Most Important Treasures in My Life

Name: ______Class: ______( )

Close your eyes and think about the five most important treasures in your life (people, objects, things, relationships or mental or philosophical pursuits) and write them down in the five boxes below.

Projector in Heaven

There was a legend saying thatthere was a “Heaven Projector” at the entrance of heaven. Everyone who was about to enter heaven would need to review his/her success and failure in life. After watching his/her own life from the projector, an angel would ask whether he/she had any regrets.

Mr A, Ms B and Mr C died onthe same day and three of them were waiting at the entrance to review their life from the projector…

Questions for Reflection: