IPC-Blended Syllabus 2017-2018

Teacher Contact Information:

Teacher:Brandis Willis Room #: 2805

Conference: 6th Period, 2:15p – 3:00pm Phone #: 832-668-7300 x. 73805

Email: website: https://www.dpisd.org/Domain/2237

Course Sequence:

1stNine Weeks [8/21/17 – 10/13/17] / 3rd Nine Weeks [1/8/18 – 3/9/18]
Bundle 1: Safety & Process Skills {2 tests} / Bundle 6: Cells, Organelles, & Viruses (8 days) {Test}
Bundle 2: Periodic Table & Bonding {Test} / Bundle 7: Cell Transport {Test}
Bundle 3: Matter (½) / Bundle 8: Taxonomy & Kingdoms {Quiz}
CBA 1 (10/12/17) / Bundle 9: Animal & Plant Systems {Test}
Bundle 10: Ecology (½) CBA 3 (3/7/18)
2nd Nine Weeks [10/16/17 – 12/20/17] / 4th Nine Weeks [3/19/18 – 5/25/18]
Bundle 3: Matter (½) {Test} / Bundle 10: Ecology (½) {Test/CBA 4}
Bundle 4: Properties of Water {Test} / Bundle 11: 1D Motion & Momentum {2 tests}
Bundle 5: Biomolecules {Test} / Bundle 12: Force & Energy {2 tests}
Bundle 6: Cells, Organelles, & Viruses (2 days) / Bundle 13: Waves {2 tests}
Bundle 14: Electricity & Magnetism {2 tests}
FINALS - CBA 2 [12/14/17 – 12/20/17] / FINALS [5/21/18 – 5/25/18]

Grading Policy

·  60% - Major Grades:Exams, CBAs, Interactive Notebook, Major Projects, Major Labs, Lab Tests, etc.

·  30% - Minor Grades: Quizzes, Content Assessments, Minor Labs, Interactive Notebook, etc.

·  10% - Daily Grades: Homework, Classwork, Daily Grades, Interactive Notebook, etc.

Note- The Interactive Notebook (IAN) will contribute to your major grade at least once every nine weeks, and in addition, parts from the interactive notebook can be used for daily grades or quizzes.

Expectations for Success:

·  Participation – You are expected to participate in class and lab

·  iPads MUST be charged and brought to class every day – We will be using these devices throughout the year for multiple assignments, so they must be brought to class every day.

·  Tutorialsare available if you need individual or small group help.

o  Mon - Fri: 8:05 - 8:35 am (times and dates may vary due to meetings)

·  Re-testing (see student handbook) - Retesting is available for ONE WEEK after exam grades are posted.

o  Student can earn back ½ of points missed on an exam by completing Mastery Learning* Objectives for a MAXIMUM re-test grade of 85.

o  Due to their nature, there are no re-testing opportunities on Lab Assessments, projects, CBAs, or semester exams.

·  Make-up Work(see student handbook)- When absent, make sureyou get themake-up assignments from your teacher. Complete them and turn them in as soon as possible so you stay caught up with your peers.

o  Work assigned when a student is present is due when returning to class following an absence unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the teacher.

o  Work assigned when the student is absent isdue within five daysafter his/her return to class. The teacher will determine the length of time needed (up to five days) to complete the assignment. There is a 10 point per day deduction for late work.

o  Make-up work is theresponsibility of the student, and should be discussed with the teacher.

o  Make-up Labs are difficult to schedule, therefore opportunities are limited and may result in alternate assignments.

**If students are absent (only ONE day) the day before a test or lab practical, this does NOT excuse them from testing the day they return.

·  Homework - Homework may be in many forms including but not limited to readings, notes, questions, writing assignments, projects, and viewing of instructional online videos covering key course content to be discussed in class.

o  Homework must be turned in on time for full credit

o  Late homework will be assessed a 10-point deduction per day penalty

CBA’s: (Curriculum Based Assessments)

Students will take four comprehensive tests throughout the year covering material taught. The data collected from these tests will help students, parents, and teachers identify areas of strengths and concerns in the IPC-Blended Course. Review and tutorial sessions will be offered periodically throughout the year for these exams.CBA exams will be graded as follows:

·  The initial raw CBA exam score will count as a Minor Grade

·  The raw CBA score plus ½ of missed points earned back from Mastery Learning* will count as a Major Grade.

* Mastery Learning will take place in class (or at home on CANVAS) and students will be given ONE WEEK to complete all mastery objectives to earn back credit towards an exam.

Science Class Safety

·  Flinn Safety Contract -Students and parents should read, sign, and return their student’s lab safety contract before the student will be allowed to participate in lab.

·  Students must take a Safety Exam and pass with an 80% or above before they will be allowed to work in lab.

·  Students will be REMOVED from the science activity area if:

o  Their dress or personal appearance is such that they can cause injury to themselves or to others.

o  They are behaving in such a manner that they can cause injury to themselves or others.

o  They are not following prescribed safety rules for the science activity area or particular activity being conducted.

o  They have not completed pre-lab activities that will allow them to work safely in the laboratory situation.

o  They are inappropriately using computer equipment and/or probes. (Students will be held financially responsible for damaging any equipment.)

Mrs. Willis’s Classroom Policy

Parents and Students, these are the basic policies of my classroom. Students are EXPECTED to follow these policies at all times. If a student chooses to violate a classroom policy, the consequences will be imposed as outlined in the DPISD Student Handbook.

1.  Be on time, on task & prepared to LEARN EVERY DAY! #nofreedays

2.  RESPECT the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself. #benice

3.  Be RESPONSIBLE for your OWN LEARNING! #workhard #quitcheatingyourself

4.  CLEAN UP after yourself and your peers. #notyourmom

5.  PUT AWAY ALL PERSONAL ELECTRONICS! #youhaveanipad #noinstagram

#notexting #nosnapchat #notweeting #nofacebook #nopictures

These policies are very simple. If you have any issue with these rules, please contact me immediately.


As outlined in your registration packet this year, there are specific campus rules for leaving the classroom during class time. Each student will be given 3 Emergency Hall Passes per 9 Weeks this year. Students may only leave the classroom to go to the Office, Nurse, or to the Restroom by using one of these Emergency Hall Passes. No Emergency Pass, no exit from the classroom during class time.

Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom any other time UNLESS the teacher deems it necessary. IF your child has a medical condition that requires him/her to use the restroom more often than in between 50 minute classes, please present a note from your doctor stating the need to the school nurse.

Tardies will not be tolerated at North Campus. Students have 6 minutes between classes to use the restroom and arrive at class on time. The consequences for excessive tardies are below;

Number of Tardies Consequence

1st and 2nd Warning

3rd Lunch Detention

4th and 5th Mandatory After School Tutorials

6th and Beyond ISS

Please review the campus tardy policy with your student to make sure they understand the importance of using the restroom between classes and arriving at their classes on time.

Student’s Name ______

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I am looking forward to the coming school year and the opportunity to teach your son/daughter in IPC. Please contact me at any time during the school year if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 832-668-7300 ext. 73805 or at . I will return your call or email as soon as possible. I hope to help your child have a very successful experience this year in IPC.

We feel that you should be informed regarding the school’s effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment. With the cooperation of the teacher, parents, and students, a safety instruction program can eliminate, prevent, and correct possible hazards. Please read the list of safety rules with your child. No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless this contract is signed by both the students and parent/guardian and is on file with the teacher.

Please look over the classroom policy, scope & sequence, and the lab safety rules and sign below. Your signature indicates that you have read and understood the policies, rules, and safety issues regarding this class.


Brandis Willis


Parent name (please print) Daytime phone number Parent e-mail address


Parent signature

As a student, I realize that I must obey the oral and written instructions provided by the teacher. I am aware that any violation that results in unsafe conduct in the lab on my part may result in a zero for the lab, immediate removal from the lab, suspension of future lab privileges, and disciplinary actions from the administration.


Student signature

Please answer the questions below for your student by circling the appropriate response.

o  Does your child have a cell phone? Yes or No

o  Do you wear contact lenses? Yes or No

o  Are you color blind? Yes or No

o  Do you have allergies? Yes or No

o  Do you take daily medications that could affect your safety in the lab? Yes or No

If you answered yes on either of the last two questions, please list specific allergies or medications that could affect your safety in the lab: ______