NOVEMBER 19, 2017

  1. Why are we merging?

God placed it on the hearts of our pastors before the 2017 Easter service and confirmed His direction after the service. God has placed common hearts and visions on our ministries since both churches began. In a world where the enemy is dividing and tearing apart, He is calling our churches to submit to one another in the love of Christ. It is our response to His highest calling, which is to love all people not only in words but in actions.

  1. Do our beliefs / doctrinal statements align?

Yes, the beliefs of the two ministries align. One of the first activities that was done was to ensure alignment.

  1. Where will we worship?

The new church will keep both locations to start, with the initial combined services taking place at the NW location. The plan is to build a new church at the SE location. During the intermediate time, the SE location will still be used by Witwer who does Senior Activities Programming and Horizons who provides Senior meals as well as be used for after school programs.

  1. When will we merge?

The first Sunday worship service for the first New City Churchis planned for January 7, 2018. This date represents the soft launch of the church with the primary goal of allowing New City Church to be together in one location. A “Grand Opening” will be scheduled in the months to follow as we announce and invite the community to New City Church.

  1. What is the new church name and vision?

The new church name that is currently on our hearts is “New City Church”. The vision seems to be clear to reach this city and the eastern Iowa region in a new way. Discipleship and church planting will be a primary focus of New City Church. The specific vision and mission statements will continue to be worked to fully express what God has spoken.

  1. What does this mean for my pastor?

Both Pastor Dooley and Pastor Winn will be pastors of this new church. Oakhill Jackson Community Church will gain Pastor Winn as a pastor, and Cedar Rapids Family Church will gain Pastor Dooley. The specific roles and responsibilities will be solidified as we continue to move forward. Preaching and teaching ministry will be equally shared by both pastors.

  1. What is the New City Church leadership structure?

New City Church will be an elder led church with Pastor Daniel and Pastor Rod serving as co-pastors. In addition to the elder board, there will be an advisory team and the church staff.

  1. What does this mean for my ministry area?

We believe that every believer has a God-given purpose and a specific role in the body of Christ. The majority of ministries from both churches will continue to function. Leadership will work with the ministry teams over the next several months to determinethe plan going forward. Please remain flexible, patient, and free from offence.

  1. What will the worship service look like?

The worship style will be a merge of the two churches between contemporary Christian and modern gospel in line with our vision to reach all nations for Christ.

  1. What weekly services will occur at New City Church?

Sunday worship service times will be 8:45am and 10:30am. Sunday School will take place during the early service at 8:45am. Life groupswill occur Sunday night through Saturday morning during the first 3 weeks of the month. We also plan to haveWednesday night prayer service for the first 3 weeks out of the month. The 4thweek of the month will consist of community outreach events. Please know that this is our initial thinking and may change as we learn more.

  1. Will I need to join New City Church to become a member?

All current members will be grandfathered into New City Church, but we do ask that those members go through New City Church membership class during the first year to help everyone understand the vision and mission of our new church.

  1. Will there be enough parking?

To ensure there is enough parking for everyone, we plan to have leadership park in the Truman Elementary parking lot. We will shuttle leadership from Truman to the church.

  1. What’s next?

The leadership of both churches will continue to meet and seek God for His guidance and direction. We have also engaged a consulting ministry to help assist us through the entire process. So far, they have assessed where we are currently and have helped us identify the most critical items we need to accomplish before the merger. In February, the consultants will lead us through a strategic planning process that will help clarify our mission, values, and plans going forward. We will provide updates as plans become clearer.

  1. What is your role in this?

We ask for your prayers and encouragement as we begin taking these new steps of faith.

  • Pray for your leadership that we will continue to seek God on this.
  • Pray for each other that God would reveal His will to each of us with this move.
  • Support each other knowing that the merger might impact everyone in different ways.


Elder BoardStaff

Rod DooleyRod Dooley, Pastor

Daniel Winn Daniel Winn, Pastor

George BoundsMatt McFarland, Administrative Pastor

Bill ConradMarques Smith, Youth Pastor (grades 5-12 & College)

Matt McFarlandPeter Rambo, Worship Pastor

Marion WinnTiffany Rambo, Children’s Ministry Director (Birth – 4th Grade)

Tim WolfJill Zeck, Office Manager

Alisha Moore, Office Assistant

Faye Schultz, Care Coordinator

Lyle Oesterborg, Bookkeeping