Ideas for Health Action

Community Links and Partnerships

●We want others to feel good about our school before they start.

Action: Create a picture book (could be digitally) on ‘Our Friendly School’ and share this with our local Kindergarten/Preschool community.

●We would like our whanau and/or fono to share how we are making our school a friendlier and safer place.

Action: Organise to present our findings, using any method discussed at Step 8, with our whanau and/or fono at their meeting places; eg: our marae, church.

●We would like to share with our wider community all the positive things happening to make sure our school is a safe, friendly place.

Action: Organise a mini expo in our school hall to share all of the group findings with all interested people of our community e.g. HPS Facilitators, Police, Community Medical Centre, neighbouring school, kaumatua, iwi etc.

School Environment and Ethos

●We want all the children at our school to know how our hauora can be improved by creating all the things we should DO to work together.

Action: Write a song which shares what we can do for each other to make our school safer and friendlier.

●We want all the year groups of our school to have a chance to voice their ideas on how we can improve our Hauora at ______School.

Action: Create a Kids Wellbeing Action Group with representatives of each class. Organise the first get together which includes; how we will work together and what we might want to achieve.

Curriculum Teaching and Learning

●Share with students from another class our new knowledge, understanding or skills.

Action: Create a kete, from flax or paper, identifying all the skills we need to use to make sure our school is a safe and supportive one. Teach another class how to do the same. Share the story The Woven Flax Kete (refer to Picture Book Resource List)

●Create a lunchtime chalk mural on our concrete areas.

Action: Design and then complete a chalk mural in an area of the school with concrete which shares the groups thinking on how we can support others if we are not feeling safe. Allow students from other classes to add to it.

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