App: Pearltrees

Blooms taxonomy: Evaluating

Objective: TSW use Pearltrees to organize research on El dia de Los Muertos.

TSW locate which countries celebrate it and analyze the traditions tha it entails.

Common Core Standards:

CCR Writing Anchor Standard 6: (K-12th Grade)

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.

Foreign language standards

FL.9-12.CL.1- [Standard] - Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices (patterns of social interactions) and the perspectives (meanings, attitudes, values, ideas) of the target cultures.

Lesson Ideas:

Using Googlestudents could research different holidays in the Spanish speaking world.

Determine meaning of words and phrases as they are used in text and translate them to native language.

How to use app

Pearltrees is a great research app. It can be used not only to help organize any project.

  1. Open the Pearltrees app. You will have to choose a profile pic for your account. This is what mine looks like.

  1. next you will choose the add button at the top. You will see this screen. This is where you creat your Pearltrees.

3. Choose thePearltrees icon and you will see a prompt screen to title your tree. This is where you add the title.

4. Next you will start your tree. You can do many things. Add pictures, files, web pages, notes or photos. Just click on the icon that shows your preferred action.

5. Next you click the icon. To add notes click note you will see this

6. To add web pages click on that icon. Type in the info you are looking for. Once you find a good page click add at the top right and when you click on that pearl it will bring you to that page.

Here is a copy of my finished Pearltrees.