South Central Area Superintendents’ Association (SCASA)

Memorial Scholarship Award

Three scholarships in the amount of $1,000.00 each are awarded yearly to seniors graduating from public high schools in the South Central Area in honor of those superintendents who have passed away while in service as a superintendent. The scholarships are given directly to selected students for the purpose of supporting their pursuit of careers in K-12 public education.

Superintendents are responsible for notifying their respective guidance departments of the availability of the SCASA Memorial Scholarship and for encouraging applications.

Applications are to be received by the SCASA Scholarship Committee no later than January 27th. Scholarship applications shall be sent to:

Dr. Matthew J. Conway, Jr., Superintendent of Schools

Derby Public Schools

35 Fifth Street

Derby, CT 06418

The Scholarship Committee is an ad hoc committee appointed each year by the Association Chairman. The Committee shall consist of no fewer than five Superintendents. One of the SCASA Co-Chairs shall serve as chair of the Scholarship Committee. Superintendents who serve on the committee shall participate in discussion of each application and may vote on applications from their own district. Selection is made by majority vote.

The Scholarship Committee shall use the following criteria in selecting awardees.

1.  Student intends to major in education and work in K-12 public education upon graduation from college.

2.  Student has demonstrated involvement in the education field e.g. tutoring, peer advising, student teacher club, etc.

3.  Student has demonstrated high academic achievement G.P.A. of at least 3.0.

4.  Student is of high moral character.

Applicants who are not selected for the scholarship shall be notified by the Chair of the Committee. Guidance directors from the high schools of the selected students shall be notified by the Chair of the award no later than the first week of March. The scholarship checks, made out to the students, shall be conveyed to the students at the SCASA Student Award Banquet in March. Additionally, the Scholarship shall be announced by the district superintendents (or designees) at their senior awards ceremony. The names of the deceased superintendents in whose honor the scholarship is being awarded shall be mentioned during this presentation.

Revised 10/30/2016