All Steel Radial Truck Tyre Production Line

With Yearly Capacity of 1.2 Million Sets

1. Introduction to the Enterprise:

Information About the Enterprise's Technology, Equipments and Marketing:

This cpmpany has 20 years' experiences for producing all steel radial truck tyres. Through digesting and absorbing introduced technology, now tens kind in 2 series all steel radial truck tyres are being made. The products passed the national quality system attestation, European ECE54 quality attestation, and also passed U.S DOT coming-in allowance attestation. Key equipment for producing tyres was introduced during Eighth Five and Ninth Five Programs. Now situation of the major production equipment are good, and some of them are of 1990s advanced standard. Products produced in this company are well sold in domestic market, and also sold in European and American market. It has a long history to supply to automobile enterprises.

2.Project Introduction

Description of the Project:

Based on the existing production technology and management experiences for manufacturing all steel radial truck tyre, we plan to invest another 102 million USD to introduce mixing machine, beading machine, forming machine, vulcanizing machine, X ray monitor, boiler and so on to enlarge production capacity of another 700,000 sets of tyre. Totally production capacity of 1.2 million of tyres is to formed.

Construction Advantage and Period:

Production area of the company is located at 120°24″east longitude and 41°33″north latitude, in northwest suburbs of Chaoyang City. It is 10 km to Chaoyang city area and 15 km to Chaoyang Airport. There is a special rail line links company area and Chaoyang western Rail Station. Jinchi road just passes by; rural bus is directly to company area. Traffic and transportation here is very convenient. Raw materials supplying for manufacturing all steel radial truck tyres and products distribution can be transported by road and railroad. Construction period of the project is about 10 months.

Completed Preparations:

The company has paid 385,000,000 yuan of RMB for purchasing 350,000 sets all steel radial truck tyre production line and complete sets of subsidiary equipment. Basic conditions are ready for the project of producing 550,000 sets of all steel radial truck tyres.

Total Investment: 102 million USD

Percentage of Investment:

Chinese Partner: China side 48%

Foreign Partner: foreign side 52%

Form of Cooperation: joint venture

Years of Cooperation: 10 years

Evaluation on Marketing:

At present in our country, tyre-radializing rate is 35%. Radial truck tyre is only 6.4 of total output, 2,560,000 sets. Up to 2005, demand of radial truck tyre will be 15,000,000 sets, 2010 will be 24,000,000 sets. In has a good prospect for export, because the tyre-radializing rate is higher in foreign countries.

Economic Benefit Evaluation:

After the operation of the project, sale income will be increased by 133 million USD. The sale income of the enterprise can reach 188 million USD, the profit will be 14.5 million USD and the tax will be 22.9 million USD.

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