Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce

Board Minutes

December 11, 2014 7:35 a.m.

The Lodge at Sherwood Village

Attendees: Phil Castell, Theresa Rubens, Christy Rookard, Vanessa Fuller, Linda Barnfather, Genaveve Starr, Michele Sorrentino, Diane Fatzinger, and Caroline Stuckey.

New 2015 Board Members: Heather Wells, Jim Weatherly, Debra Pitts

Excused: Tyler Sweet, Vickie Oen, Mark Couhig and Josh Fox

Courtesy Board Members: Brandino Gibson Partners: None Staff: Shelli Robb-Kahler, Jeri Smith

Call to Order by President, Phil Castell 7:37 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of new 2015 board/courtesy board: 1) Debra Pitts, Ballymore Consulting, appointment to replace Josh Fox 2) Jim Weatherly, Heather Wells & Diane Fatzinger and 3) Brandino Gibson, courtesy board.

Consent Calendar

Approved: Consent Calendar November Board minutes, financial statements, President’s and Executive Director’s reports with addition in Executive Director report of Vanessa Fuller’s attendance at the Yarn Shop Ribbon Cutting.

Partner Reports: NONE

Old Business

·  Home Town Holidays – Shelli Robb-Kahler

·  November 29, was a success with Santa Coming to Town at 2:00, photos of children with Santa, music, tree lighting, merchant coupons and businesses staying open until 7:00. The Shop Small Saturday campaign promoted by the Merchant Group worked well.

·  After-Hours – Shelli Robb Kahler

o  The Chamber’s Annual Visitor Information Center open house on December 16, 5:00-6:30. Board members please sign up to bring wine and/or dessert.

o  Plans are in process to market the Chamber’s after-hours in a different way: 1) we choose the place of business to host 2) Invite visitor information center volunteers to attend as a familiarization tour opportunity.

o  A packet to be handed out to the members outlining “How to Have a Successful” event is in the planning stage for 2015.

New Business

“Twelve Principles of Governance that Power Exceptional Boards: Chapter 8 – Caroline Stuckey

“Exceptional boards link bold visions and ambitions plans to financial support, expertise, and networks of influence”

Next month: Phil Castell – Chapter 9

New Board Appointment – Phil Castell

ACTION: It was moved and passed to accept the appointment of Debra Pitts as board member to complete Josh Fox vacated seat.

Executive Committee 2015 – Phil Castell

Nominations as follows: Board President – Diane Fatzinger, Secretary/Treasurer – Vanessa Fuller, Finance/Fundraising – Caroline Stuckey, Membership - Heather Wells.

ACTION: It was moved and approved to accept the nominations for the Chamber’s Executive committee as follows: Board President – Diane Fatzinger, Secretary/Treasurer – Vanessa Fuller, Finance/Fundraising – Caroline Stuckey, Membership –Heather Wells.

Board members will be voted on at the Chamber Board meeting on January 8, 2015.

Shelli presented outgoing board members, Michele Sorrentino, Christy Rookard, and Theresa Rubens with a thank you gift. Shelli will deliver Josh Fox’s thank you gift.

2015 Chamber Board Retreat – Phil Castell

·  The Board’s retreat will be held January 31st, 9:30 – 3:30, The Lodge at Sherwood’s conference room. The meeting focus will be Chamber By-Law and Procedure Reviews.

Citizen of the Year – Shelli Robb-Kahler

·  The Citizen of the Year committee voted to amend the existing COY policies for 2015. Changes include the following:

·  1) Present one Citizen of the Year with no other award given for community service

·  2) Announce to the public all the nominations for the year and invite them to the Citizen of the Year lunch

·  3) Change wording from “shall or will” to “may” for flexibility in compliance.

Discussion ensued: Consensus: Office Administrator will send board members the Chamber’s current copy of its Policy and Procedures/By-laws and the proposed Citizen of the Year Policy manual for their review. Chamber staff will call for a vote via e-mail in 2 weeks.

Committee Reports

Membership – Theresa Rubens

·  New Members: There were two new members since last meeting: Cascade Bark and Windermere Sunland Property Management. No members were on the list for cancelation this month.

·  Current membership – 418.

·  A plaque delivery sign-up for November is being circulated. Please let Chamber staff know when you have delivered your plaques.

·  The Chamber now has a membership benefit display boards to use at events in order to continue educating its members as to the many benefits of Chamber membership.

Finance & Fund Raising – Vanessa Fuller/Caroline Stuckey

·  Future fundraising plans include: 1) Basket raffle in February and 2) Dance on June 13, 2015.

Tourism Group –Linda Barnfather/Barbara Hanna

·  The Tourism committee continues to review its options for 2015. The City will attend a wedding show, January 10 & 11, in Seattle at the Tulalip Casino and Resort.

·  Linda plans on attending the Coho Christmas Party with Victoria, BC, Canada tourism group. British Columbia has a large tourism budget and is linking trips from Victoria to the Olympic Peninsula.

·  Linda plans on attending a Forks Chamber meeting on December 17th to tour the restored building burnt in 2012. Any board member is welcome to carpool with Linda if they would like to attend.

Merchants Group – Diane Fatzinger for Vickie Oen

·  “Elk on the Shelf”, a game for kids, is in progress from December 6 – 20. Parents bring their children in to get a stamp on their “bingo” card and turned in for a chance to win a prize. Participating businesses paid $25.00 to help defray the cost of advertising. There have been positive responses so far.

·  Plans are in progress for “Whodunnit”, called “The Case of the Kidnapped Cat” for First Friday, January 2nd.

Irrigation Festival – Deon Kapetan

·  No meeting was held this month

·  Board members are invited to attend the IF Annual Christmas party, December 14, 2:00, at Sunland Golf & Country Club. Please let Deon know if you are able to attend.

·  The IF Sponsorship Committee is in progress of planning 2015 “120-Fun a Plenty” with something fun highlighted for 120 days beginning on January 1st.

·  Royalty Pageant, February 14, 2015: Nine contestants will be vying for Royalty 2015.

Shiso City – Candace Pratt/Genaveve Starr

Shiso Committee has nothing new right now. Plans include officially joining the Chamber in 2015 to enhance their presence in the community.Closing:

“60 second Shout-out!”

Ø  Vanessa Fuller-Plaque Delivery: Mother Nature’s Touch has doubled its business since joining the Chamber. Vanessa was able to answer questions as well as deliver a plaque.

Ø  Deon Kapetan – The Soccer Booster Club is singing to earn money for the Club. Cost: $25.00 – song, $35.00 – song with poinsettia, $50.00-song, with poinsettia, sparkling cider and more. Call to reserve a date.

Ø  The Vegetable Bounty picture was the winner of the photo contest for the 2015 Membership plaque!

Meeting adjourned at 9:30a.m.~Next board meeting: January 8, 2015 - Submitted by Jeri Smith, Office Administrator