MCVAA Legacy Scholarship Application

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Through the generous support of our alumni community, the MCV Alumni Association of VCU awards scholarships each year to incoming freshmen who are the children or grandchildren of active, dues-paying members.

To be eligible for a Legacy Scholarship, applicants must:

·  Be legal children, grandchildren or dependents of active, dues-paying members of VCU Alumni (and the parent/grandparent must remain active for the duration of the scholarship)

·  Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)

·  Be incoming freshmen applying for their initial fall or spring semester at VCU

Applications demonstrating academic merit and financial need are given priority. The required essays completed by both the applicant and the parent, grandparent or guardian will be given the strongest weight when selecting recipients.

To be considered for a Legacy Scholarship, please complete this application and mail it by Aug. 29, 2016, to: MCVAA Legacy Scholarship Program, VCU Alumni, P.O. Box 842039, Richmond, VA 23284-2039.

Personal information

Applicant name (last, first, MI)
MCV Campus school/program to which you have been accepted or are currently enrolled
Current mailing address
Permanent mailing address
Date of birth
Marital status
Number of dependents


Name / Location / Dates attended / Major / Degree
High school

List all honors or awards received in undergraduate or graduate school. Include the name of the award, the school and the date.

List in chronological order, major professional, social, civic and student organizations in which you have participated. Include the date and specific activity.

Personal statement

Please provide a statement discussing your personal and professional goals over the next 10 years. Please include how you fulfill the criteria for this award with emphasis on leadership roles and your potential for distinguished contributions. Statement should be no longer than 600 words.

MCV Alumni Association member information

Member’s name (last, first, MI)
Membership type /
Member’s relationship to the applicant
VCU school attended
Date of graduation

Please provide a statement of how you have remained involved with the alumni organization or with the university. Statement should be no longer than 400 words.

Signature and mailing instructions

I authorize my undergraduate school to release information concerning my academic status and financial aid package to the MCV Alumni Association in support of my application for the MCVAA Legacy Scholarship. I understand this application will be reviewed by members of the program’s selection committee and give my permission for this application and supporting documentation to be copied and distributed for this purpose. I also give my undergraduate school permission to release information to MCVAA concerning future address information and postgraduate training plans for follow-up purposes.

Signature ______Date ______

Please mail your completed application along with two letters of recommendation (from nonrelatives), two official academic transcripts (to include the past two academic semesters) and your resume to:

MCVAA Legacy Scholarship Program

VCU Alumni

P.O. Box 842039

Richmond, VA 23284-2039

All application materials must be received by Aug. 29, 2016. MCVAA cannot guarantee that applications received after the deadline date will be given consideration for awards. For more information, or for questions, email or visit