Department of Political Science

Temporary/Part-Time Teaching Interests Checklist– 2017-2018

Name of Applicant:______

155 American Political Institutions
156 Introduction to Comparative Politics
197 Ethnic Politics
225 Elements of International Relations
310 Problems of Political Economy
321 Comparative Political Ideologies
332 Politics of Latin America
347 The Judicial Process
350 Great Questions in Politics
355 American National, State and Local Govts
360 Public Administration
361 Introduction to Public Policy
372 Principles and Methods of Political Science
380 Los Angeles: Past, Present, Future
403 State and Local Government
404 Urban Politics
405 The Process of Public Policy Formation
406 Fundamentals of Policy Analysis
407 Policy Implementation and Program Evaluation
410 Advanced Comparative Politics
411 Greek, Roman and Medieval Political Theory
412 Modern Western Political Theory
413 American Political Thought
414 Western Political Theory in the 20th Century
420A-H International Relations of Selected Areas
(A)International Relations Latin America
(B)International Relations Western Europe
(C)International Relations Eastern Europe
(D)International Relations Middle East
(E)International Relations Africa
(F)International Relations South Asia
(G)International Relations Southeast Asia
(H)International Relations Northeast Asia
421 The Politics of Development
422 International Politics
423 Security Studies
426 International Law
427A/L Model United Nations I and Lab
427B/L Model United Nations II and Lab
428 International Organization
429 United States Foreign Policy
430A-Z Government and Politics of Selected Nations
432A Politics of Mexico
432B Governments and Politics of South America
433A The Politics of Central America
434A Government and Politics of South Asia
434B Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
435A Government and Politics of China
435B Government and Politics of Japan
436A Government and Politics of Europe
438 Governments and Politics of the Middle East
439A Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
439B Government and Politics of Southern Africa
440 American Political Parties and Politics
441 Interest Groups
441A Latino/a Politics
443 The Legislative Process
444 Elections and Voting Behavior
445 Political Behavior
446 The Presidency
447A Media and Politics
448 Women & Politics in the US and the World
449 The Politics of Community Action
450 Jurisprudence
455 Criminal Procedure
457A Constitutional Law I
457B Constitutional Law II
460 Welfare State
461 Environmental Policy
462 Ethics in Politics and Administration
463 Public Personnel Administration
464 Comparative Public Policy
465 Administrative Behavior
466 The Politics of Public Spending
467 Urban Administration
469/L City Planning and Lab
471A-F Proseminar
(A)Proseminar American Government
(B) Proseminar Comparative Government
(C) Proseminar International Relations
(D)Proseminar Political Theory
(E)Proseminar Public Admin & Public Policy
(F)Proseminar Public Law
480 The Politics of Globalization
481 Globalization, Gender and Democratization
490CA Supervised Independent Project-CA Gov’t
494I Political Science Internship
494J Judicial Internship
496DCDC Politics, Culture, and History
496IN Political Development of Intellectual Property Law
496PR Professional Development in DC
496SP Sports and Politics
522A-G Seminar in International Relations
530A-J Seminar in Comparative Government
540A-J Seminar in American Govt and Politics
570 Seminar in Political Theory
571 Seminar in Methodology

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Application material required:Mail to:

  1. This form completedDr. Lawrence Becker, Chair and Eugene C. Price Professor
  2. CVDepartment of Political Science
  3. Sample syllabusCalifornia State University, Northridge
  4. Copies of teaching evaluations or18111 Nordhoff Street
  5. Letter of recommendation if you have notNorthridge, CA 91330-8254

previously taught

Application Deadline: For Academic Year of 2017/2018: April 28, 2017