Volunteer Role Description

Specific Location: / Adelaide Greeter
Visitor Information Services
Adelaide Visitor Information Centre
Shop 9 James Place, just off Rundle Mall
Reporting to: / Adelaide Greeters’ Leader & Tourism Information Officer
Brief description/Purpose: / Provide personalised appointment based tours of Adelaide to visitors
Primary responsibilities/Tasks: / ·  To provide tourism information service to the visitors to Adelaide and South Australia.
·  Provide a walking orientation of the City of Adelaide.
·  Acquaint visitors with the public transport system, and how it works in the City of Adelaide.
·  Provide information to assist visitors to get the most out of their stay in Adelaide and South Australia – this includes information on attractions, accommodation, dining, and retail and tourism regions.
• Experience
• Skills
Qualities or attitudes / Experience/Knowledge:
·  Experience in Customer Service or Tour Guiding desirable.
·  Good general knowledge of Adelaide’s community services, tourist attractions & venues.
·  Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely with both internal and external customers/clients.
·  Ability to take direction and to work independently.
·  Friendly and able to relate well to people of any age, social or cultural background
• Ability to give clear and accurate directions
Qualities and Attitudes
·  Passion for travel and the City of Adelaide
·  Be reliable, punctual, and able to take the initiative
·  Behave in a professional and respectful manner in line with the Adelaide City Council’s Code of Conduct
·  Display a commitment to on-going learning and development of tourism product knowledge
·  Have a positive can do attitude
·  Willingness to learn and the ability to work as part of a team
Time and monetary commitment: / Appointments are scheduled on demand and are offered 7 days a week between 9am and 5pm, as negotiated with Adelaide Greeters’ Leader. Appointments last between 2 – 4 hours.
Entitlements & Benefits: / As a volunteer for the Adelaide City Council, you will be eligible for the following benefits:
·  Reimbursement of work related telephone and travel costs where appropriate;
·  A multi-trip ticket for use on public transport whilst travelling to and from place of volunteering;
·  A UPark voucher which will entitle you to park your vehicle in a selected Council UPark for the duration of your shift;
·  Invitations to social functions;
·  The provision of uniforms where appropriate;
·  Staff discounts and benefits (‘WRAP’); and
·  Membership with the Adelaide City Council Social Club (a fee applies)
Orientation/Training: / All volunteers must participate in the Adelaide City Council’s:
-  Corporate Induction
-  Volunteer Services Induction
-  Site Specific Induction
-  Manual Handling Training
-  Attend training that develops or maintain the skills to undertake the role.
-  Undertake training in Workplace Instructions and/or Standard Operating Procedures in the use of relevant plant, equipment, machinery substances or activities as required by WHS Regulations.
Volunteers are expected to attend on-going staff development and training sessions with a minimum of 5 sessions (10 hours in total), plus a Self Training component of 10 hours. A total of 20 hours is required over a 12 month period.
Challenges of the role: / Working outdoors in varying weather conditions and being on your feet standing and walking for between 2 -4 hours.
Performance Management: / Volunteers are expected to abide by the Adelaide City Council Code of Conduct.
Volunteers will participate in 3 monthly and yearly reviews and keep open communication with Volunteer Supervisor.
At the completion of the 3 month trial period a Volunteer Appraisal will be scheduled.
Policies & Procedures: / All Council policies apply to volunteers as they do to staff.
Some specific policies are:
·  Volunteer Policy
·  Corporate Work Health Safety (WHS) Policy – volunteers must take all reasonable steps to ensure personal safety and that of others is not put at risk through any neglect or omission in relation to the above.
·  Workplace Bullying Policy
·  Safe Environment (duty of care to children & vulnerable adults) Operating Guidelines – where applicable to a role volunteers will attend training on reporting neglect or abuse.
Application process: /  Online Application/Application Form
 Interview
 Volunteer Program and Council Induction
 Medical Check (as required for roles where physical fitness is important)
 Police Check (required if working with children or vulnerable adults or at the discretion of the Volunteer Supervisor e.g. for handling cash)
 Mandatory Notifier (volunteer must be provided with ‘Guidelines for Mandated Notifiers’ if work involves delivering or the potential to deliver services to children i.e. any person under age 18 years)

I agree to abide by the conditions as set out in this Volunteer Role Description.

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