Job Title: Maintenance Worker I–Convention Center

Supervisor:Administrative Coordinator Convention Center


Responsibility and Accountability

Functional responsibilities / Method of accountability
  1. Clean up after Convention Centerevents
/ Feedback from Administrative Coordinator
  1. Grounds cleanliness and neatness
/ Feedback from Administrative Coordinator
  1. Help with Convention Center setups
/ Feedback from Administrative Coordinator
Most important frequently occurring tasks / Percentage of total time consumed by this task / Purpose and desired outcome of the task / Frequency of task (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  1. Clean up after events
/ 40% / To present the
Convention Center
in its cleanest
condition for
customers / Daily
  1. Help with setupof equipment, tables, and chairs for functions at the Convention Center
/ 40% / Provide manpower
and efficiency with
setups / Daily
  1. Upkeep of grounds
/ 5% / Keep up the appearance of the Convention Center / Weekly
  1. Cleaning of carpets
/ 10% / Prolong life and attractiveness of carpets / Weekly
  1. Setup refreshments forfunctions at the Convention Center
/ 5% / Meet customer needs / Daily
Total / 100%

Public Safety

Tasks that impact public safety and health / Please explain the purpose and desired outcome of the task / Frequency of the task (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  1. Cleaning the Convention Center after events
/ Remove trash, debris and clean
public areas to create a healthy
and safe environment at the Convention Center / Daily
  1. Ensure physical setups are safe, aisle ways are clear, cords are taped down, etc.
/ Limit physical hazards for customers / Daily

Customer Service

Direct customer contact (face to face)

Tasks / Purpose and desired outcome of the task / Frequency of the task (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  1. Answer questions andrespond to requests from customers
/ Provide accurate timely
information and services / Daily
  1. Interface with customers on setup arrangements
/ Customer satisfaction / Daily
  1. Respond to customer requests for additional services
/ Customer satisfaction / Daily

Indirect customer contact (over the phone or by mail)

Tasks / Purpose and desired outcome of the task / Frequency of the task (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  1. None

Knowledge, Experience, Education and Certification

Knowledge: General knowledge of cleaning supplies, equipment, and janitorial skills

Experience: One-year general janitorial work

Education: There is no educational requirement for this job

Certification: There is no certification requirement for this job


any equivalent combination of education and experience

Leadership (management and supervision)

Supervisor (name) / Title / Employees reporting to this supervisor

List the employees by name and title that report to you and for whom you are the direct supervisor.

Employee (name) / Title
Leadworker to: / Title

Performing Different Jobs

Tasks performed outside of normal job / Purpose and desired outcome of the task / Percentage of total time consumed by this task / How often is this task performed (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  1. Receives supplies
/ Accept delivery of supplies for Convention Center / 2% / Monthly

Job Hazards

Tasks / How performance of the task can cause harm to personal health or safety. / Frequency of the task (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
  1. Lifting tables
/ Pulls and Strains / Daily
  1. High work lights and dusting
/ Falls / Weekly
  1. Cleaning chemicals, non-toxic
/ Chemical burns / Daily

Problem Solving Complexity

Problem you have experienced / Solutions you came up with / How you arrive at the solutions
  1. Meeting time constraints for proper cleanup between Convention Center events
/ Methodical and organized work habits / Experience and prioritizing work that needs to be done
  1. Last minute changes required by customers
/ Do whatever it takes to serve the customer / Experience
  1. Customer ideas that will not work
/ Show the customer their solution, then propose one that will work / Experience

Physical demands: On feet much of the time, involving bending, stooping, squatting,

twisting, reaching, working on irregular surfaces, frequent lifting of light objects and

occasional lifting of heavy objects.

Requires irregular working hours and days off.