3005 2nd Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234 ~ 410-882-5534


June Trips:

June 20 Yoga with Jackie

June 21 Game Day

June 22 Annie’s Playground

June 23 Swimming at Merrit

June 24 Luau/Beach Day ***Summer Carnival TONIGHT 6 to 8 PM***

June 27 Movies @ 10 Pan Jackie @ 1pm

June 28 Herr’s Potato Chip Factory 11:20 ***BRING BAG LUNCH***

June 29 Walter’s Art Gallery

June 30 Swimming at Merrit

July Trips:

July 1st Library Day & Park Trip


July 5 Port Discovery 10-1pm

July 6 Stepping Stone Museum & Concord Lighthouse ***BRING BAG LUNCH***

July 7 Swimming at Merritt

July 8

July 11 Movies @ 10 Box Trolls Jackie @ 1pm

July 12 Turkey Hill Experience ALL CHILDREN MUST BE AT DAYCARE BY 9am!!!! Bag lunch day

July 13 Smithsonian Museum in DC ALL CHILDREN MUST ARRIVE BY 8:45 BAG LUNCH DAY ***May arrive home after 6

July 14 Swimming at Merritt

July 15 Library Day & Park

July 18 Movies @ 10 The Sandlot Jackie @ 1

July 19 Washington DC Zoo ALL CHILDREN MUST ARRIVE by 8:45 am BAG LUNCH DAY

June 20 Monster Golf

June 21 Swimming at Merritt

June 22 Library & Park

June 25 Movies @ 10 Norm of the North

June 26 Battle Creek Cypress Swamp 11am

June 27 Laser Tag

June 28 Swimming at Merrit

June 29 Library & Park

August Trips:

August1 Movies @ 10 Shaun & Sheep

August 2 Earth Treks

August 3 Sky Zone

August 4 Swimming at Merrit

August 5 Library

August 8 Bounce Party & Play

August 9 Menchies

August 10 Creative Cow 10-12

August 11 Swimming @ Merritt

August 12 Library

August 15 Movies @ 10 Paddington

August 16 Kiddie Crusoe

August 17 Museum of Industry **BAG LUNCH DAY***

August 18 Swimming @ Merritt

August 19 Fort McHenry All Children arrive by 9:15

***We will also be taking a trips to some of the area parks on days when the weather is appropriate during nap time for the other children.


We will be taking weekly trips to the library. We will at times go more than once if it is a week when it is too hot to play outside or rainy. We will be going to the Parkville or the new White Marsh library. We will be signing your child up for the sneaks program to complete through our program and weekly visits.

BAG LUNCHES: A packed lunch in a brown paper bag or plastic bag. ALL items should be able to be thrown away!! NO plastic container or Tupperware. NOTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE REFRIDGERATED. NO DAIRY.


We will be taking trips to local parks in the area like Honeygo, Cowington, Putty Hill and Double Rock. With this in mind, we DO NOT do hot lunches with summer camp children

Extra Clothes:

We ask that all of our summer camp children have an extra set of clothing in the event of spills or the rare accidents that happen. You may leave them in a backpack or cubby.


We will be having a weekly swimming day at Merritt Athletic Club in White Marsh On Thursday afternoons again. Your child will come on swim days in regular clothes and bring their swim suit, flip flops, cover up and towel. Optional items: goggles, swim shoes. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS!! MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A BAG FOR THEIR ITEMS.

Rainey Day Trips/ Activities:

We will be taking trips at times on our rainy day to the library, Mechies, movies. Your child may also bring in any special games, movies or toys for these days as well.

Electronic Policy:

You child is welcome to bring any electronics as long as they are labeled and willing to take responsibility for them. Leaps & Bounds will not be responsible for any electronics children bring. They will only be allowed to use them when they are in the summer camp room for obvious reasons.

Your child is also welcome to bring in any boards games or other activities they would like to share with their friends for the times when we will be inside our room.

There will be a poster on the summer camp door for you to check for any important messages or fun things we did that day.

Please sign and return below portion.


I give my child, ______, permission to attend the above mentioned trips in the Leaps & Bounds daycare van. I also give Leaps & Bounds to transport my child to the unscheduled mentioned trips above as well.

Signature & Date