Worton and Marston Village Hall
Meeting Type: / Exec Cttee
Date: / 22nd Feb 2016 / Venue: / 11 Gaisford Chase / Time: / 2.30pm
Present: Veronica Franklin (Chair); Pauline Crisp (Treasuer) Jo Banks (Secretary); Jeff Stocks (Trustee); Chris Johnson (Trustee Co-Opted)
Apologies:Helen Morse (Vice Chair)


Item / Details / Chair
Review previous minutes / All
1 / Funding for loo project / VF
2 / Hallmark / JB
3 / Jumble sale / All
4 / 23rd April / All
5 / WVHA Membership / JB
6 / Date for loo lympics / JB
7 / Meeting dates / All
8 / AOB / All

Date for next meeting

Fri 15th April at 6pm, 11 Gaisford Chase

Management Committee Minutes

Ref: / Action:
1 / Matters Arising from previous minutes
Village Hall Constitution carried forward to end Feb c/fwd
Cleaning schedule drafted & to be communicated to Debs by end Feb c/fwd
Village Hall hirers pack to be completed by end Feb c/fwd
Annual checking of emergency lighting & fire extinguishers. Jeff arranging. / JB
2 / Funding for loo project
£600 for project has been awarded from Lion’s Den – to go towards professional fees
Viridor Credits have indicated that we would stand a good chance of being awarded grant funding if we could get an application in before their next meeting. There are time pressures for this as it is likely that there will be changes to their grant structure after end of financial year. In order to progress, we will need to get plans drawn up. However, we don’t have sufficient funds in reserve to cover professional fees. We are also not sure whether Tim Weeding has the capacity to draw up the plans and manage the tender process (n.b. 3 tenders will be required to satisfy Viridor). At Lion’s Den the CEO of Wiltshire Community Foundation suggested applying to them for an amount to cover the professional fees.
JB will submit an application once VF has contacted Tim Weeding to ascertain a) his ability to undertake work & b) likely costs for drawing up plans & managing the tender process
VF also suggested that we use proceeds of jumble sale & 200 club towards professional fees – no decision reached on this.
Other grant funding to consider is Big Lottery Awards for All & Bernard Sunley Trust / VF & JB
3 / Hallmark
Date for assessment 12th March at 10.30am in the Village Hall, assessor will be Judy D’Arcy Irvine.
Docs required will be:
Trust Deed - JB
Minutes for all meetings inc. AGM - JB
List of Trustees with signatures - JB
Copy of annual report - JB
Copy of current accounts & daily record of receipts & payments - PC
Hiring agreement & instructions for hirers - PC
Booking diary/calendar - PC
Evidence of insurance - cert. in hall (renewal due March, in process)
Hall entertainment licence - licence in hall
Maintenance log - JS
For info, cheque signatories are VF, PC, JB & HM
Accounts auditor is Tom Harwood, 3 Mill Head
JB will bring up to date policies for assessment.
Please see Hallmark 1 visitor’s checklist for details of assessment. Items in bold must be achieved and 70% of the remainder for us to pass.
4 / Jumble Sale
19th March @ 2pm.
Setting up on Fri 18th at 3pm & Sat 19th at 10am.
Helpers to include: Pam Rendall (door), Sandra Barnes (ladies), Jane Fisher (tbc), Prim Wright, Pam Woods (bric a brac), Cheryl Hailstone (ladies), Jeff Stocks, Douglas Crisp (mens), Jean Lane (books), Chris Johnson, Jo Banks (kids), Jane Loveys (refreshments),Veronica Franklin (organiser)
5 / 23rd April – Queen’s Birthday Tea
VF had good meeting with Ann Howard to coordinate with the Church & Garden Club Street Party planned for June. This is to avoid any clashing of plans. VF has offered use of village hall for 18/19 June for no charge.
Queen’s Birthday Tea:
Advertising – JB
Activities – CJ & JB
Refreshments – VF & PC to ask WI & Ladies Group members if they would be prepared to make some cakes.
Bake-Off – VF to MC, agreed that attendees could judge entries, to be judged on appearance
Decorations – VF to ask Joy Stokes if she could make union jack bunting, JB has asked school, rainbows, toddlers & brownies if they would make dragon pictures
6 / WVHA membership
All agreed to renew, JB to complete form & return to Community First. / JB
7 / Date for Loo Lympics
Agreed on Sat 16th July, to be held on school field pending agreement from school. JB to ask. All agreed to give proceeds of raffle to school. / JB
8 / Dates for future meetings
Fri 15th April at 6pm at 11 Gaisford Chase
Tues 26th April, AGM, 8pm at Village Hall
4th July at 5 Cedar Close, time tbc
9 / AOB
1)Annual report – format is dependent on income level, PC to check with Charity Commission whether grant from Viridor will count towards income.
2) Neighbourhood Plan, JS has agreed to be village hall contact person for this
3) Fire extinguisher inspection expires 23rd March, JS will organise to be updated. / PC