North Region EMS & Trauma Care Council Professional Services Agreement with Washington State Department of Health / ASPR GRANT FY10-11

Objective 9

ACTIVITY: Objective (09)Provide appropriate information regarding training opportunities to healthcare system partners (i.e. PPE, Decontamination, Fit-testing, HICS, NIMS, Evacuation. Mass Fatality).

PRODUCT:Describe distribution process and channels used to market education and training activities to community partners in a semi-annual progress report.



The Region 1 Health Care Coalition has established a Training and Exercise Committee.

II.Training and Exercise Statements

The Training and Exercise Committee conducts the following duties, facilitated by NREMS-TCC staff:

  1. Identify and expand training opportunities to include current and additional healthcare partners within Region 1.
  2. Distribute training information to include current and additional healthcare partners.
  3. Develop, implement and ensure regionalparticipation in exercises identified as required by regional or state partners.

III.Training Distribution Process

Training, education, and exercise opportunities are distributed through Hospital EPR, EMS, HCC and Public Health program partners to local constituents (as appropriate). These constituents include, but are not limited to:

  • Local county, state, federal or military officials,
  • Tribal officials
  • County Coroners or Medical Examiners
  • Other health care system partners
  • Registered volunteers

The following individuals are members of the Interoperable Communications Sub-committee. (See Table- Next Page)

Member / Agency / County
Nancy Furness / Region 1 Public Health / Region 1
Katie Denter / Region 1 Public Health / Region 1
Carolyn Jordan / ValleyGeneralHospital / Snohomish
Anthony Christoffersen / Northwest Ambulance / Snohomish
Chris Badger / CascadeValleyHospital / Snohomish
Therese Quinn / Snohomish MRC / Snohomish
Donna Smith / Skagit County Health Department / SkagitCounty
Linda Seger / Committee Chair/Island Hospital / SkagitCounty
Larry Wall / WhidbeyGeneralHospital / Island
Dave Hollett / Whidbey Naval Hospital / Island
John Acton / ARES/RACES / Island
David Friedman / ARES/RACES / Island
Rose Young / St. Josephs / Whatcom
Nan Barbo / Mt.Baker Red Cross / Whatcom
Tyler Dalton / SkagitValleyHospital / Skagit
Dr. Robert Mitchell / Swedish / Edmonds / Snohomish
Bobby Kysela / Skagit MRC Vista / Skagit
Mark Nunes / Swedish / Edmonds / Snohomish
Steve Hagberg / Snohomish DEM / Snohomish

IV.Training Marketing Channels

Marketing and distribution of training and exercise opportunities are discussed and identified cooperatively by members of the Training Committee, and facilitated by staff of the Region 1 EMS-TCC. Training and Exercise information is marketed through various written and electronic media. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Regional Training Calendars
  • Email, meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Flyers, posters and handouts

*Examples Attached *


Training and Exercise goals and objectives include the following:

  1. Distribution of the 2011/ 2012 Region 1 Training Calendar
  2. The Training and Exercise Sub-Committee, facilitated by NREMS-TCC staff, will support revisions of existing plans to incorporate the lessons learned in this years “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” exercise.
  3. The Training and Exercise Sub-Committee will help to develop and ensure participation in a full scaleexercise in May 2012 of the next grant cycle. They will also help in the hiring process of a contractor to plan this exercise.
  4. The NREMS-TCC Staff in coordination with the Training and Exercise Sub-Committee will facilitate regional education including Advanced Burn Life Support, and Critical Incident Stress Management.

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