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New Year Brings EducationalWearable Testing Timers Watch for College-Bound Students to the Forefront

Simple device helps students prepare and take ACT® and SAT® exams

Over 3.3 million people took ACT® and SAT® exams in 2013

CHICAGO – January 23, 2014 –This year is full of resolutions that often fall short a few weeks into January. But college-bound students can still invest in a new wearable consumer electronics product that can level the playing field with upcoming standardized test taking at school. There simply is no time to waste for students preparing for the upcoming ACT®February 8 and April 12 or the SAT® on January 25 and March 8. That is why they should consider purchasing a Testing Timers wristwatch to maximize their performance on these make or break college entrance exams, which determine where they’ll be accepted and whether they’ll have scholarship opportunities.

Testing Timers was born out of need, by 20 year-old entrepreneur Jordan Liss. Liss struggled with pacing himself through his standardized test and figured there had to be a better way to help students keep track of time and to ease their anxiety.

“One year later, we have begun to dramatically assist thousands of students in the way that they take standardized tests for college,” said Liss, inventor and founder of Testing Timers. “I struggled when I was in high school taking the ACT® and SAT® tests. Results from students and tutors have proven that our product is clearly making a difference for students to operate at peak performance during their test taking.”

Managing the clock efficiently to make sure they have sufficient time to complete each section of the test is a challenge for students. Test takers typically glance at their regular watches, or the classroom wall clock and try to calculate how much time they have left to complete each portion of the test. By the time the supervisor announces that there are five minutes remaining, it’s generally too late for students to finish the section. A Testing Timers watch solves that by showing students exactly how much time they have left to complete each section and gives students an at-a-glance view of where they are in the process.

Here’s how it works: The Testing Timers watch breaks down each section of the test into preset timing units, which activate when the section begins, giving students specific markers representing the key points in each test and an easy-to-read total time remaining countdown that leaves students with no doubt about how much time they have left. The screen also reminds students of the total time for the section and provides a blinking track around the high-definition screen to deliver a quick visual of where the student should be.

Liss reports that of the students who have used the watches most have responded extremely positively, and the majority have seen their scores improve by as much as six points overall in the 36-point ACT® test – from pacing effectively, saving time, and testing confidently. Jim Giovanni, President of the Education Industry Association, called the watches “genius and revolutionary.”

Although Testing Timers makes no claim that its watches are approved or endorsed by College Board or ACT, the products do not make noise nor vibrate, and are encrypted so that they can’t be converted into “smart watches.” Both College Board and ACT have been quoted as saying the watches meet all criteria to bring into testing sites. Thewatches are an amazing tool to supplement test preparation and they allow students to take practice tests using actual time allotments,which helps to build confidence for when students take the real test. Liss says his company continues to build partnerships throughout the tutoring and school community. “Our watches are being used to best prepare students to help them feel the confidence in the knowledge they have without worrying about time slipping away.” A top testing preparation professional called the Testing Timers watch, “ a perfect supplement to test preparation.”

In keeping with the company’s mission to help students, Testing Timers offers its revolutionary new watches at an affordable price: The aTest Timer model for the ACT® is just $45.99 and the sTest Timer model for $45.99.

Students and parents can purchase Testing Timers watches at the company’s website: Professional broadcast product video b-roll is available at

About Testing Timers

Testing Timers is revolutionizing how students prepare for and take standardized tests like the ACT® and SAT® with unique timers featuring designs that help students pace themselves, save time and score better. With just a quick glance at the timer, students have all of the information they need to continue testing confidently, no longer wasting precious seconds or minutes trying to calculate the amount of time they have left or where they should be in each test section. Find out more at

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