Supplement to Job Description

The following briefly describes the main activities carried out by a Fairbanks Auditor on site – normally this is a Retail Petrol Station Forecourt. I have produced this to give you at least a brief introduction to the nature of the job. The job advert describes the job as Auditor/Engineer,but within the company we always refer to our site staff as Auditors.

Following the training period Fairbanks Auditors normally work on their own but will also meet up with other Auditors to work on larger sites.

At all times when working on a forecourt the correct control measures to ensure the safety of everyone on the forecourt must and will be taken.

Site Inspections

All the visible and accessible manholes are lifted and inspected for signs of contamination. Tank manholes are lifted and inspected to determine correct signage, construction type, layout configuration etc. All the pump panels are removed and the equipment is checked for faults or leaks. A site plan is produced together with photographs (if needed). Print outs from the gauge and computer systems are often obtained and checks on documentation undertaken. Reports and recommendations are produced following the visit.

Pump Measure Checks and Re-sets

Each nozzle or a selection of nozzles on each site is checked for accuracy and correct operation. The process involves dispensing fuel from the nozzle into a purpose designed, and constructed container (typically 20 litres capacity).The fuel is then returned to the correct tank. The measures are recorded and subsequently entered into our Database. Fairbanks Auditors will also re-set meters ready for Trading Standards Officers to re-seal them.

Self Verifications

In certain circumstances Fairbanks can adjust Petrol Pump Meters, re-set and re-seal them. Re-sealing a meter in most circumstances is conducted by Trading Standards Officers, however Fairbanks is licensed (in specific circumstances) to undertake this operation. Training to become a Self Verifier will only commence when the Auditor is fully trained and has gained experience.

Risk Assessments

All Petrol Stations are required to undergo a Health and Safety Risk Assessment. Essentially this involves following industry guidelines for the hazards and risks involved in operating a Petrol Station. Findings against each of the categories are recorded on a checklist.

Each working week can be made up of a combination of all or some of the above activities. Some of the work is physically demanding and an Auditor does require a reasonable level of fitness and the ability to lift moderate weights.