Multiple Choice for Chapter 11

Selects the response that best answers the questions or completes the statement.

  1. When prospects participate in a sales demonstration, they:

a.tend to bond with the salesperson.

  1. receive the strongest form of proof.
  2. usually ask more questions.
  3. almost always buy the product.
  1. Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding the sales presentation?

a.It is best to communicate all you know about the product to the customer.

  1. The location of the sales demonstration is not likely to make a difference.
  2. Each product feature is of equal importance to the customer.
  3. Appealing to the prospect’s senses makes the sales demonstration more powerful.
  1. The components of the demonstration analysis form are the features to be demonstrated, what you will say, and:

a.what the customer is likely to say.

  1. what you will do.
  2. when you will show and tell.
  3. when you will involve the prospect.
  1. The best selling tool is most often:

a.testimonials of satisfied customers.

  1. a photograph or illustration.
  2. the product.
  3. videocassette recordings.
  1. Showmanship is particularly important if the purpose of the sales presentation is to:


  1. involve the prospect.
  2. persuade.
  3. remind.
  1. An effective sales demonstration is the result of both:

a.planning and practice.

  1. confidence and congeniality.
  2. timeliness and talent.
  3. showmanship and visual stimulation.
  1. If a salesperson were attempting to develop a feeling of ownership in a prospect shopping for a diamond ring, s/he might:

a.inform the customer of the gem’s clarity.

  1. encourage the customer to try it on.
  2. lay the ring on black velvet to enhance its brilliance.
  3. explain the store’s installment plan of payment for the item.
  1. Which of the following is a true statement regarding an effective sales demonstration?

a.It minimizes the need for a verbal sales story.

  1. The retention of information is the same as that of a verbal sales presentation.
  2. It should not take more than 30 minutes.
  3. It provides a balance between telling, showing, and involvement.
  1. Showmanship can best be defined as: interesting and appealing way of communicating an idea to others.

  1. an action-oriented sales presentation.
  2. the use of sensational or bizarre events throughout the demonstration.
  3. using colorful sales tools during the demonstration.
  1. All of the following statements regarding audiovisual presentation are true except:

a.Room conditions should complement the presentation.

  1. At the conclusion of the presentation, review key points.
  2. Show the entire presentation, then answer questions.
  3. Be sure the prospect knows the purpose of the presentation.