USG Learning Management System Task Force

DRAFT Features/Functionality

Please note that this feature/functionality list is evolving as the task force receives input from surveys, regional town hall meetings, and other stakeholders.

1 = non-negotiable

2 = extremely important

3 = nice to have

Features/Functionality / Requirement
Security / 1
Scalable / 1
Integrates with enterprise systems (i.e. Banner) / 1
508 Compliance / 1
Don’t go backwards (features and functionality meet or exceed current functionality) / 1
Cross-platform and cross-browser support / 1
Ease of use and good user interface (student, instructor, administrator) / 1
Timely support and response / 1
Good communication regarding downtime / 1
Back up and restore capability (minimum 1 year – nice to go back farther)/archiving/back-up without significant downtime / 1
Ability to bring in guests to the system (i.e. collaboration) / 1
Improve certain features: / 2
Instructor ability for detailed student tracking—exists but needs to be enhanced
Grade book – exists but needs to be enhanced; easier to use
Built-in Voice Board—exists (Wimba integration) but needs to be enhanced
E-mail—exists but needs to be enhanced
Similar web design tools (HTML creators)—exist but need to be enhanced
Reporting and analytics (i.e. program assessment – retrieving results)—some reporting exists but weak on analytics; needs to be enhanced
Built-in Rubrics—exist but ability to copy from one setting to another needs to be added
Secure testing—time constraints and use with Respondus Lockdown Browser exist, but enhancements need to be added
Flexibility of what functionality you can use (pick and choose)—exists; improvements needed
Specific example: Adaptive control and delivery (selective release)—exists but time-consuming to apply / 3
Threaded discussions—exist; may need to be enhanced
Built in web conferencing/synchronous tools—web conferencing exists with Wimba integration; additional synchronous tools required
Ability to set up peer review between students—exists in as part of discussion/blogs but needs enhancements
Specific example: Need to be able to post a review of entire discussion; currently limited to review by individual post
Mobile device compatibility / 2
Less reliance on Java / 2
Well developed equation editor / 2
Availability to use third party plug-ins / 2
Sliding scale of control (complete local to centralized control – flexibility) / 2
Real-time integration with Banner / 2
Batch and individual loading of data / 2
Concept of flexibility (i.e. multiple tools, methods, organization for information - for completing specific tasks) / 2
Less temperamental (i.e. eliminate problem that a small change such as browser, java that currently can cause issues) / 2
Relationship to LOR or content repository / 2
Create sandbox and training course (in-context help) / 2
Existing comprehensive online help resources / 2
Better search capability / 2
Access to the source code (in some capacity) / 2
Web resources and open API / 2
Student cloud storage – to share materials within section / 2
Concern about “bleeding edge” and also being at “end of life” – long lifespan / 2
Sense of transparency (maybe not really an LMS…perhaps a portal solution) / 2
Vigorous support community / 2
Allow for web linking outside of LMS / 2
Integrate with campus systems for single sign-on login to other services / 2
Ability to migrate from existing lms /ease of upgrade (migration path) / 2
Master Course concept (parent/child course concept) / 3
Assessments – Batch processing of settings (individual control) – example of Master Course concept / 3
Flexible graphical interface / 3
Pull down content locally to be able to review/edit / 3
Initial Log-in Tutorial / 3
Ability to set up peer review between students / 3
Built-in Rubrics / 3
Group aware – small groups and other tools can interact (i.e. discussions) / 3
Allow group collaboration between different sections of the same course / 3
Make video easier to use/upload / 3
Inline commenting (i.e. Turnitin, GradeMark feature) / 3
Allow embedding of other web-based materials/objects / 3
Announcements – more flexibility for external communication (i.e. RSS feeds) / 3
Electronic portfolios / 3
Admin perspective – “Become User” feature (example from Sakai) / 3
Set timeline – related to Selective Release functionality (if assignment available in two days…can I see it now) / 3
Ability to import a calendar / 3
Ability to integrate a calendar / 3
Means to reflect “What’s New” / 3
Better assignment management – group upload of graded assignments / 3