Quotes are divided into four sections –

  1. Family.
  2. Work.
  3. Life.
  4. Relationships.


  1. With a little bit of ingenuity a mother can make tasteless food very tempting to her child.
  1. The quality of food in a child’s tiffin box affects his popularity at school.
  1. I’ve learnt that you can tell a lot about a man by the happiness of his wife, and the respect given to him by his children.
  1. I’ve learnt never to praise my mother’s cooking when I am eating something cooked by my wife. Simple rule, never compare these two women.
  1. I’ve learnt that if your children feel safe, wanted and loved you a successful parent.
  1. I’ve learnt that the relationship between parents has a profound impact on their children.
  1. I’ve learnt that most marriages pull on for the sake of children, despite a lack of communication between husband and wife.
  1. While playing cricket with your son, encourage him, allow him to win. It helps build confidence, which is very important during a child’s formative years.
  1. Your children shall treat you in your old age just as they see you treating your parents today.
  1. What a daughter is to a mother, a daughter-in-law can never be.
  1. I’ve learnt that pregnant women have to be handled with a lot of care.
  1. I’ve learnt that you can realize whether a woman is familiar with cooking by her judgment on the quantum of food ordered at a restaurant.
  1. I’ve learnt that every relationship, be it that of husband-wife or a brother-sister has an element of politics in it.
  1. I’ve learnt that the husband of an attractive woman must be secure, confident and trusting if the marriage is to last.
  1. I’ve learnt that the wife plays an important role in deciding how honest a man is.
  1. I’ve learnt that the scars of childhood are difficult to erase.
  1. I’ve learnt that it is easy to spend my father’s money but difficult to earn it myself.
  1. In today’s fast changing world a mobile phone could make a pregnant woman handle pregnancy better by making her husband and the nursing home only a phone-call away.
  1. I’ve learnt that you could reprimand your children when they make mistakes or encourage them to be honest.
  1. I’ve realized that having old parents at home has made me sensitive and compassionate.
  1. I’ve realized that the older my parents grow, the more I love them.
  1. I’ve seen that as I share with my family materialistic comforts earned through my hard work, they tend to respect me a lot more.
  1. I’ve learnt that you might continuously fight with your siblings but some day it shall dawn on you that blood is thicker than water.
  1. When you stay as a guest in someone’s house, you could be happier by becoming a part of the family and helping in household chores.
  1. I’ve seen a number of parents wanting their children to achieve their unfulfilled dreams.
  1. On seeing the success of her children, the sparkle in a mother’s eyes is a great joy for every child to see.
  1. I’ve learnt that going out for family outings; help strengthen the bonds among family members.
  1. Everyone wants to watch his or her favorite program. Multiplicity of TV Channels has made a number of people opt for a second TV. This has resulted in some families not having dinner together and reduced the level of interaction among members. In the same vein, Satellite TV has made people handle post-retirement better. At the press of a button, they can watch 30 plus channels in the comfort of their bedrooms, from news to soaps, operas, not to forget feature films.
  1. I’ve learnt that by marrying and having children early, you have the energy to play and grow up with them.
  1. As children we’ve grown up with this larger than life image of our fathers. It pains to see him lose a corporate battle, overhear snide remarks made by his colleagues; watch him grow old and helpless.
  1. I’ve observed that the way parents bring up their children is a reflection both, of the way they were brought up, as well as the way they would have liked to be brought-up.
  2. As we start working, we tend to pass judgment on the success or failure of our working parents. I think it is incorrect to do so. We should learn to accept our parents for what they are.
  1. As we grow older, we do find fault with elders and expect them to change accordingly. Rarely do we realize how difficult it is to change as age catches up. I’ve observed that we will not change, yet expect our elders to do so.
  1. Every time a parent hits a child, the little one’s confidence takes a beating. A sense of helplessness creeps into the child’s mind, one of being attacked without having the power to respond.
  1. Having food on the dining table goes a long way in strengthening family bonds. It is a time when every member shares his day.


  1. I’ve learnt that your office room and how you work is a reflection of what you are.
  1. I’ve learnt never to simultaneously declare war on all my enemies, but to take them on one by one.
  1. I’ve learnt that every professional earns the respect of all by being dispassionate, objective and fair.
  1. I’ve learnt that if your employer pays you more than what you are worth, sooner or later it will show. Sensible is the person who having realized so, keeps his standard of living the same, so that he saves for a rainy day.
  1. I’ve realized that people who take short-cuts to success lose it as soon as they get it.
  1. I’ve learnt that taking on additional responsibility earns you respect and gives you power.
  1. I’ve realized that successful people are crisp and precise on the phone.
  1. I’ve learnt that the best way to know a company is starting with its organizational structure.
  1. I’ve learnt that it pays to be humble when the chips are down.
  1. I’ve realized that being generous with your subordinate earns a lot of good will.
  1. I’ve realized that paying a new employee 5 – 10% more than what he expects could be a great motivating factor.
  1. I’ve realized that people who are insecure keep bragging about how important they are.
  1. I’ve realized that perquisites which employees misuse get withdrawn sooner than later.
  1. I’ve learnt that when your opponent becomes friendly overnight, you need to be cautious.
  1. I’ve realized that having an attractive secretary gets people hovering around your office.
  1. I’ve realized that insecure people are less open to change.
  1. I’ve realized that outspoken people must be careful not to fight other people’s battles.
  1. I’ve realized that marketing and finance knowledge are common to all successful men.
  1. I’ve realized that subordinates, who are low on confidence need to be empowered, allowed to take decisions independently, encouraged to participate in meetings and, most importantly, supported when they stumble.
  1. I’ve learnt that information is knowledge and knowledge is power.
  1. I’ve learnt that bouncing ideas off other department heads enables your ideas to get quicker approval.
  1. I’ve learnt that it pays to take a tough stand selectively and not a confrontational posture always.
  1. I’ve realized that when you take a company maintained car to a garage, you should let him believe you are going to pick-up the tab and not the company.
  1. A spontaneous decision which goes wrong should not be reversed as it leads to loss of credibility.
  1. I’ve realized that one of the ways of getting work done is by saying “I need your help”.
  1. I’ve realized that it is perilous for a company to ignore its consumers.
  1. I’ve realized that there should be as few levels as possible between the salesman and sales director, to enable a company to respond swiftly to changes in the market place.
  1. I’ve realized that it is important to understand your boss’s strategy and positioning so that you can play your cards accordingly.
  1. I’ve realized that the job of a service department is to help increase the motivation, morale and efficiency of other departments.
  1. I’ve realized that teams are formed through amalgamation of identities, thoughts, and egos.
  1. I’ve realized that most finance professionals are happier doing staff job, but get confused when asked to handle line and staff jobs simultaneously.
  1. I’ve realized that when you are unhappy with someone, do not tell them what you would do, just go ahead and do it.
  1. I’ve learnt that if you are convinced about something just do it and leave it to your persuasive powers to convince your boss that you did the right thing.
  1. I’ve realized when your subordinate goofs and complaints flow in; you should not reprimand him immediately, but let it be known to him after the dust has settled down.
  1. I’ve learnt that the best way to handle slippery people is to prepare Minutes of the Meeting and get them to sign it after the meeting is over.
  1. I’ve learnt that a marketing professional can win over his colleagues in finance by inviting suggestions on marketing.
  1. I’ve learnt that to be successful, a business must be focussed, low cost, high volume and with a strategic vision.
  1. I’ve learnt that in business it pays to be hard-nosed, lean and mean.
  1. I’ve learnt that calling a colleague ‘Sir’ does not make him your boss; it makes him happy.
  1. I’ve learnt that standardization of rules and procedures is one of the keys to increasing employee morale.
  1. I’ve learnt that tough decisions are accepted better if communicated well.
  1. I’ve learnt that one of the ways to establish a rapport with employees is by addressing their income-tax problems.
  1. I’ve learnt that while line departments are busy trying to achieve targets, the Chief Financial Officer needs to sit back and take a corporate view.
  1. I’ve learnt that the boss must earn respect from his subordinates because of his competence and inter-personal relations.
  1. When you do not share with consumers the fruits of your research and are insensitive to their needs, you are sowing the seeds for competition to take birth.
  1. I’ve learnt that a leader leads by example and from the front.
  1. I’ve learnt that an accountant must decide whether he wants to be popular or effective.
  1. I’ve learnt that to be successful, a lawyer must be practical, professional and creative in his approach to finding solutions to people’s problems.
  1. I’ve learnt that success is sweeter and lasts longer if we move up the corporate ladder gradually, rather than trying to jump the gun.
  1. I’ve learnt that using anger and the fire in my belly selectively, produce better results.
  1. I’ve learnt that tough decisions can be delayed but not avoided.
  1. I’ve learnt that most women dislike having women bosses, especially if the subordinate is more attractive.
  1. I’ve learnt that you should support your boss inspite of disagreeing and having protested against his decision.
  1. I’ve learnt that honesty, sincerity and hard-work can win over anyone and is not a sign of weakness.
  1. I’ve learnt that amidst a battle you need to sometimes retreat, regroup your forces and launch a fresh attack to win the war.
  1. I’ve learnt never to underestimate my opponent.
  1. While working in a new country, one needs to be sensitive to local customs, culture as well as understand their body language.
  1. I’ve realized that an individual having a good relationship with his boss’s boss could be a double-edged sword.
  1. I love to have the aura of mystique around me. I enjoy taking people by surprise. I’d like to keep them guessing, wondering what my next move would be.
  1. I’ve realized that you must have atleast three die-hard supporters at work who swear by you and give you feedback about yourself.
  1. I’ve realized that it pays to have your boss’s secretary on your side.
  1. My life has shown that my bosses who have supported, guided and corrected me have done well while others have had to bite the dust.
  1. I think it is important for the boss to capitalize on his subordinates’ strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses.
  1. The day you stop adding value to your subordinates, each one of them would want to be the boss.
  1. Whenever you visit your Corporate office, it is useful to meet every departmental heads.
  1. I’ve learnt that when the chips are down, no one wants to be responsible. Just the reverse happens when the worst is over and things start looking up.
  1. Most people have different personalities at and outside work. It’s good for your colleagues to see both sides to improve their understanding of you.
  1. I believe that an effective boss is one who allows his juniors to have their share of the limelight in time to come.
  1. Regional conferences help give a face to the voice, breakdown barriers and help change perceptions that were based on hearsay.
  1. Whilst thinking of motivational tools think of things that would increase the self-esteem of the individual in the eyes of his peers and family.
  1. Whenever you take on something, do not rest till it is 100% complete. Delegation might not assure completion.
  1. While evaluating a job offer, do not get tempted by the money alone but look at the work environment, backgrounds of people you would interact with and senior management’s commitment to business.
  1. In corporate wars, many a time the subordinate is targeted when actually, the missile is aimed at his boss.
  1. Here is a simple but powerful rule “Always give people more than they can expect to get”.
  1. I’ve learnt to give my colleagues space, the freedom to take decisions, manage their people and set their goals. I see myself as a catalyst who shares vision, anticipates the future, guides, trains, helps, motivates and protects.
  1. Before entering into negotiations, it is useful to make a realistic estimate of where you stand to let you know how hard a bargain you can strike. If you happen to be talking to a banker, meet more than a couple of them, get an understanding of the market and the variables that go into deciding their quotes, find their weaknesses and then negotiate.
  1. I’ve learnt that it’s not correct to criticise your predecessor when he’s not around to defend himself.
  1. I’ve seen that the easiest thing for the boss to do is to ensure someone incompetent gets sacked. It’s challenging to work on such a person and help him earn his stripes.
  1. I’ve seen that some women at work enjoy making the first move but get reticent when the man gets lead on.
  1. As I move up in the hierarchy, I would do better by appreciating the sentiments of my subordinates and providing them with emotional support when required.
  1. I’ve learnt that in a negotiation, it pays to give in for larger gains, on what is otherwise an immaterial point.
  1. During my factory days, I learnt to observe the clothes/accessories worn by my assistants responsible for supplier payments. It helped me form opinions on their integrity.
  1. Having worked in a terrorist infected state, I had two options. I could either get intimidated by staying locked up at home or be careful without being stupid and jumping into the jaws of death.
  1. I’ve learnt that companies that are not financially prudent get sold or are compelled to close down.
  1. I’ve observed that people who are strong and powerful prefer to work behind the scenes rather than go in for a public show of strength.
  1. I’ve realized that organizations need to be structured with jobs defined broadly if people are to be held accountable.
  1. I’ve realized that when the boss does not get into details it is important for the subordinate to look at everything with a toothcomb.
  1. I’ve realized that husband and wife should never work in the same office. Each one of us has a different personality at work and home. We might not be comfortable with our partner seeing the other side of us. Also, if the company closes down both could be unemployed. Wouldn’t it be boring to see the same face all day?
  1. Every salesman needs to realize that for every sales call made, you win some and lose some.
  1. Sometimes, we get emotionally attached to a decision and do not want to reverse it. We are scared of loss of face. I’ve learnt that courageous is the man who can accept a mistake and reverse his decision.
  1. I’ve realized that as I move up the corporate ladder there are fewer people I can confide in.
  1. I’ve realized that an uncluttered office provides a conducive ambience for clear thinking.
  1. People work hard for different reasons. Some do it for job satisfaction and the desire to do well. Other could be bachelors who sit late because they have nothing better to do or married men who want to avoid a nagging wife.
  1. When you go to a colleague’s house be careful of what you say, it could influence a wife’s perception of her husband.
  1. A boss could assert himself by being magnanimous or petty.
  1. A CEO who gets into negotiations, bypassing his senior colleagues runs the risk of not being able to play the role of an Arbitrator.
  1. I’ve learnt that competition and adversity bring out the best in most people.
  1. I’ve realized that victory is a question of momentum and timing.
  1. During a Corporate Battle the stress on you is apparent to colleagues who work closely with you. Tension in the air is best removed by talking to them, explaining reasons for your behavior and accepting full responsibility for your actions.
  1. Have you heard of the Art of Tele-taking? Strategically, when a colleague or associate calls you, keep on asking him about the things that he has to do for you. Try and tire him out after which, may be, he would ask you what he called you for.
  1. Management by moving around. Ah! What is it? Taking a walk in office, talking to people, inquiring about their health, cracking a joke and may be, indulging in shop talk.
  1. A departmental head can sense and see some of his managers out performing others. You can earn their loyalty and respect by gently guiding, motivating, advising them on how to handle their brighter counterparts.
  1. What is Power-dressing? It is dressing smartly, wearing the right clothes to subtly intimidate the person you are talking to. Wearing the appropriate clothes for each occasion subconsciously increases your confidence level.
  1. A lot of us keep on postponing things we have to but do not like to do. My advice is; just do it and get it off your back.
  1. When a subordinate of yours has goofed badly and he too realizes it, do not loose your temper but just keep quiet. Your subordinate is expecting a firing but you refuse to oblige. The suspense would upset him and make him regret the error. For the boss, he has conveyed unhappiness without saying a word.
  1. My first boss insisted that each of one us including himself took at least three weeks annual leave. Over the years, I have realized that it wasn’t compassion alone but a sound management practice. Annual leave, subtly made everyone realize that none is indispensable. Besides allowing the second line to develop, it allows every boss to evaluate the contribution of individual managers.
  1. After reading these thoughts someone claimed to know me inside out. I am sorry that might not be possible since I am ever evolving and changing by the day.
  1. “Life is full of opposites, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, heat and cold, have a beginning and an end, are impermanent in nature, face them bravely, Oh! Partha” Bhagwad Gita.


  1. To be rich is glorious.
  1. I’ve learnt that happiness comes from within. No amount of money can buy it.
  1. I’ve learnt that you cannot have the same standard of living at 26 that your father has at 45.
  1. I’ve learnt that conviction is the key to success.
  1. I’ve learnt that life is a continuous learning process.
  1. I’ve learnt that you should make a promise only if you intend keeping it.
  1. I’ve learnt that happiness shows on a person’s face.
  1. What you say is as important as how you say it.
  1. A human being who imparts knowledge is richer and taller at the end of the day.
  1. Life will always have problems but never let it pull you down. Remember there is

always somebody who is worse off than you are.