Pacific Northwest Region

Standard Operating Procedures

Scholastic Eligibility & Fitness Form

Effective 1995 Season SOP 012

Date Issued July 5, 1995 Revised 02-2012 Published: May 10, 2012


To establish a standard, which simplifies scholastic eligibility and scholastic All American requirements that meet the needs of the Leagues, Pacific Northwest Region and National


The Regional Management Team is responsible for maintaining and enforcing this procedure.


Scholastic Fitness - All participants must meet the scholastic eligibility requirements to participate in Pop Warner activities. Their respective eligibility is based on the participant’s grades in school, which covers their regular school session (i.e. September – June or August – June) of the previous school year. Participants must have a GPA 2.0/70.0% or equivalent.


These guidelines will be followed concerning scholastic fitness for Leagues, Region, National Championship Playoffs and Cheer/Dance Competition.

A.  All participants must meet scholastic fitness requirements prior to partaking in any conditioning, practices or games.

B.  The approved National Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF), Home School Form (HSF) or a report card showing the participant has a 2.0/70% cumulative grade point average will be necessary to accomplish this requirement. Summer school may be included to meet this eligibility requirement. Refer to SOP 27 for further clarification regarding the use of summer school report cards.

C.  Participants must turn in the National Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF), Home School Form (HSF) or a report card. The report card is for the school year that has just ended for the current season. A participant can use their 3rd trimester or 4th quarter report card, complete year, final semester/trimester, letter from the School on School or District letterhead or a completed National Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF) or Home School Form (HSF).

D.  If the GPA is stated on the report card recalculation will not be allowed.

E.  All subjects are used in the calculation for scholastic eligibility except for conduct grades.

F.  If a participant refuses to turn in a Report Card, the Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF), Home Form (HSF) or a satisfactory progress letter from the School Administrator/District, that participant will be dropped from further participation until said requirement is met.

G.  If the completed and certified National Scholastic Eligibility Form, Home School Form and Progress Report are not turned in to the RMT, that participant will be disqualified from League, Regional, and National competition.

H.  Scholastic Eligibility Forms and Home School Forms are due to the Regional Director on or before the date established by the RMT. The RMT or their designee will verify that all participants are scholastically fit to partake in the Regional Championships.

In addition, these guidelines will be followed for Regional and National Pop Warner All-American Scholar programs. Refer to Sop 30

A.  The National approved Scholar All-American application form will be necessary to accomplish this requirement.

B.  All participants will be required to have all their forms into their respective League Scholastic Director (LSD) by the date established by their respective Leagues.

C.  The RMT encourages all rostered participants to turn in the Scholar All-American form.

D.  All American applications forms are due to the Regional Director by the pre-established date. The Regional Management Team or their designee will verify that all participants have the minimum of 98.5 percent and above for the first team and 96 percent for the second team. The Regional Management Team will submit all eligible applications to National by the pre-established date. The PNR has established scholastic recognition for participants that have a GPA of 90 to 95.9. These participants will be on the PNR Honorable Mention Scholastic Team.


1.  Summer School Grades: SCHOLASTIC ELIGIBILITY

Summer School Grades can be used to replace end-of-year grades if proof is given (i.e. summer school report card). The grade received in summer school can only be substituted for the same class or classes the participant failed at the end of the previous year. Summer School grades are not to replace grades on the full report card for the All American application.

A. Acceptable Report Card for Eligibility:

1.  A fourth quarter report card with final grading period is acceptable for participation in the season (Full-Year for All-American).

2.  If a participant requires summer classes and passes those classes, then a copy of the summer school report card is also required to verify eligibility due to those increased grades.

3.  If neither of these options is available, then a Scholastic Eligibility Form and 1 Progress Report is required.

B. National Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF)

1.  This form is to be completed by those participants that have not met the National Scholastic requirement of 2.0/70%.

2. Home-School:

1. Completion of the Home School Form (HSF) and 1 Progress Report is required for candidates who are Home Schooled. If the participant is governed by a governing body than only the HSF must be completed with a copy of the formal report or report card attached. In this case no progress report is required, as long as the participant’s scholastics are at 2.0/70% or higher. Should the participant not have a governing body overseeing their scholastic progress than the completion of the HSF and 1 progress report is required.

2. Home School Participants not governed by a governing body are required to fill out a “Home School Form” and supply 1 Progress Report. The Progress Report must be completed during the period designated and set forth by National Pop Warner.

3. A child who is home schooled is deemed eligible for participation if a governing body provides actual grades and the participant meets the National requirement of a 2.0/70% or equivalent grade point average.

4. If no governing body is reported to,

1. The Home Schooled participant must fill out a “Home School Form” and turn in 1 progress report dated between the established dates set forth by National Pop Warner. The Participant’s Home School instructor must fill out and sign the Progress Report.

All Home Schooled participants must have the completed National Home School Form inserted in the scholastic section of the Team Book