Prompt Vocabulary Anticipation Guide Name ______

Match the word to the definition by writing the word in the left hand column. We will go over the correct answers, and you can put the correct answers in the right hand column.






Your Guess / Definitions / Actual Answer
1. To give a historical overview of something, or to describe its main ideas or parts.
2. To separate something into parts and discuss, examine, or interpret each part.
3.Outline some chance or summarize a chronological order of events.
4.To give the meaning of a term or concept.
5.To describe how something functions.
6.To examine two or more things and to show their similarities.
7. To explain something clearly and concisely.
8.To put something into a category with things of a similar type.
9.To indicate what a thing is, what it is composed of, or when it occurred.
10. To analyze and make reasoned judgments about something. Can be positive or negative.
11. To comment on something and explain its meaning.
12. To examine two or more things and to show their differences.
13. To give the physical qualities or characteristics of something.
14.To give the main points of a longer work.
15. To offer pros and cons of an issue. Often done verbally.
16. To make a list of something’s component ideas, aspects, or parts.
17.To urge or influence the audience to embrace your point of view.
18. To give examples or to describe something.
19. To give a reasoned opinion about something, usually in terms of the merit of a particular work, idea, or person.
20. To argue a position by supporting your claims with factual evidence.

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Answer Key:

  1. Outline
  2. Analyze
  3. Trace
  4. Define
  5. Explain
  6. Compare
  7. State
  8. Classify
  9. Identify
  10. Criticize
  11. Interpret
  12. Contrast
  13. Describe
  14. Summarize
  15. Discuss
  16. Enumerate
  17. Persuade
  18. Illustrate
  19. Evaluate
  20. Prove