MPhil in Liaison Mental Health

[Note: This is a programme by coursework and dissertation. It includes seminars, supervision and

demonstrations for registered psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, social

workers and other mental health professionals who wish to gain special expertise in liaison mental

health. It is envisaged that, ultimately, this will become a registrable subspeciality with the Health

Professions Council of South Africa.]


Programme convenor: Dr B Vythilingum (Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health).

Admission requirements

FMI 1.1 To be eligible for consideration, a candidate must have

(a) a Master of Medicine in Psychiatry of the University or another university

recognised for this purpose, or a qualification recognised by the Senate as an

equivalent (such as the fellowship in psychiatry from the College of Medicine of

South Africa); or

(b) a master’s degree in clinical psychology of the University or another university

recognised for this purpose, or a qualification deemed to be equivalent; or

FMI 1.2

(c) a professional qualification in a mental health discipline such a social work,

occupational therapy, or nursing; or

(d) a professional qualification with requisite experience deemed to be equivalent to

any of the above.

All candidates must be practising or have the intention to practise in the mental health


Duration of programme

FMI 2 A candidate shall be registered for two years of full-time or three years of part-time


Programme outline

FMI 3 The prescribed courses are:

(a) PRY7020W MPhil in Liaison Mental Health Part 1

General principles of liaison mental health practice; clinical assessments;

professional skills development (such as report writing, co-ordination of

multidisciplinary teams) and ethical considerations.

(b) PRY7021W MPhil in Liaison Mental Health Part 2


DP requirements and progression rule

FMI 4 Students are required to attend at least 90% of seminars and academic activities in the

unit, and will have to achieve a pass mark (50%) in the coursework assessments in

the first year in order to be eligible to write the examination. They will be allowed

to submit their dissertations only once they have passed all coursework requirements and

the examination.


FMI 5 (a) On-going assessment of performance through regular supervision sessions and

through oral and observed clinical examinations every six months. At the end of

the programme, candidates will have been assessed formally by means of

in-course assessment reports - 33%

a three-hour written examination – 33%

the presentation and examination of a dissertation – 34% of total mark.

(b) Part-time candidates will undergo the same in-course assessment and examination

procedures but will be allowed an extra (third) year to complete coursework

and dissertation requirements.