Removing confusion PhD’s hide behind

Life’s complexity makes more of us want to hide;

No one gets to see it now-- we keep it inside.

Einstein’s Real World exploring is just not our style;

So many of us really need to rest awhile.

Science strives for clarity but is stuck in math

That hides all the detail we need for mental bath.

False math is creating phony advanced degrees;

Dying curiosity is Global Disease.

The infinite “nothingness” of problematic math versus final truth

Those earning a PhD in science today, no matter what the specialty, must swallow as a Sacred Whole (virtual holism), the lie of problematic math. That is, we can know things in a technical way only in terms of statistical upshots as crudely measured over our sense of what we vaguely call “time” about how “we know not what” moves in what we vaguely call “space”. Einstein tried well and hard to clarify or give visualized meaning to “space and time” as immutably welded together---but his space-time warping theory failed in the direction of small ---beginning with the nucleus of the atom. His theory ignored the pre-existent-to-visible-matter-presence of dark matter that exists in a hidden way. Both before and after visible matter is formed, the universe is defined and filled with dark matter--- without possibility of beginnings and ends –except for atom-made (visible) matter.

Big Bang theory is silly and so is any scientist who believes in it. One hereby challenges any one or all of them to public debate---including Stephan Hawking at Cambridge. Penrose was way too kind to him in debate, whereas my logical base will be that anyone who refuses to be endlessly curious about the hidden Real World of dark matter, also refuses to be called a true scientist. I will explain to him first without math and then with it, precisely what dark matter is--- both before and after atomic, visible matter is created. He will then see clearly that dark matter pre&post-installs an interactively-all-immersing Universal Harmony (UH) that IS physical law.

One has here discovered why Einstein’s theory failed and allowed the deterministic detail of physical reality to remain hidden from human view. Thus one completes what Einstein started out to do-- by first getting rid of the problematic math involving the very complex and still not understood tensor, T, in the famous continuous-field equation, G = 8T. For that tiny few of living scientists who feel they understand Einstein’s space curvature field equation, please know that it should now be written as G = R/3v2, where R is the replacement sphere radius of the quantum energy carrier dark matter material point. That material point carrier must be seen as always spinning/vibrating volume of space-time. The 3-axis energy of both the spin and the vibration of the outer surface of R has a value of 3v2 where v is the average rate of spinning and the one way back and forth vibrating of the G-size Higgs-particle surface of R.

R-local time ticks per the back and forth vibration and the circular motion of the Higgs particles that are dynamically defining the surface of the quantum carrier R. With proper UH-driven universal equilibrium of Higgs particle motion, what we call the electron will be finally seen as the minimum mass quantum of 1/h helical string tied quantum energy carrier R-size material points. This essentially infinite alignment of quantum energy carrying R-size material points is required to form one electron segment of a helical string maximum density- whose mass is equal to Planck’s constant h in grams, not ergs, as currently assumed in the Planck relation, E = nhf, whose use always causes energy measure to be synonymous with frequency of pulsing as measured. Such a small energy quantum is not directly measurable so we must ask, what is minimum measured energy?

Anthropic crudeness of measure confuses minimum energy with minimum mass so that we must write for practical measure: E = nhf = (nh)f = Mf = Mv2, f  v2, n is the count of electrons that make up the Higgs particle mass being transferred in parallel per measured frequency pulse. Because the electron energy carrier for visible matter has a constant mass of h grams, its energy can vary from a minimum of 1 erg to a maximum of 1/h ergs when the electron orbits at the Black Hole (BH) center of the atomic gravity field. The confusion as to the meaning of Planck’s constant is due to the h-symmetry of n-multiples that makes our crude prediction possible while blinding us to pulse level detail. We do not know what is pulsing because we cannot measurement parse a one minimum-energy (1 erg) electron outside the atom.

All radiation energy is thus anthropic-measurable in terms of multiples of electron helical string segments that are then said to be traveling in parallel as laterally touching rays of radiation—that form one measured pulse of radiation that travels with a constant speed, v. The photon then becomes synonymous with minimum energy quantum, h, in ergs, consisting of 1/h Higgs particles each (in R-world-line helical string tandem). One electron is then defined as 1/h photons in R-size pulse series that forms a continuous ray of radiation as collectively measured. The h-symmetry demands that the photon as minimum energy quantum being made of R-size world line one-turns of 1/h Higgs particles that are continually passing from one R-size dark matter material point to another---in one of 6 possible directions of vibratory motion ---to support the forever hidden notions of (1) universal synchronicity of motion, and (2) space-time entanglement (inseparability at the photon level). But we now know finally what it is that is moving-- as mass and energy, and it is the Higgs particle---now indelibly found by proper inference.

The electron is a helical string wave comprised of 1/h photons and is the same thing as a ray of light, or any other frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gravity due to mass can be no other than attractive-toward--BH-center-of-the field force-- caused by a continual inward traffic of electrons going back to the BH and coming from decaying visible matter both inside and outside the given field. Atoms are gravity fields as surely as the cosmos is. Infinite nesting of gravity fields, each stir-centered by a BH--- is the essential dynamic of what we call “Universe”.