07 October 2011

Dear Customer


As we enter our 15th year of servicing the South African Glass Industry we feel that it is time to renew our promise to you, the customer.

Over the years of our existence we have experienced many “ups” and “downs” but honestly more “ups” The past few years have presented both the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities.

We are pleased to say that McCoy’s continues to experience excellent growth despite a very tough economic climate. How? We acknowledge that at the centre of our success lies the relationship between “us” and our customers. We are passionate about customer service and “mad about glass”

We are passionate about what we do and continue striving towards being “big enough to compete, small enough to care” while at the same time we are proud to step up and take the title and responsibility of “Leaders in Glass”

No matter what, we are committed to investing for the future and will keep doing our best to add value to your business and we will never go downstream and compete with our customers, in aluminium or glass

We know that with growth and changes comes many challenges and pain! We know that lately service levels have not been the best and we have dropped balls. The purpose of this letter is to tell you – we are trying. We are continually investing aggressively in both manufacturing equipment and processing capacity as well as in human capital. We are working harder than ever to give you, the customer, what you deserve and pay for. We do understand that ‘trying’ sometimes isn’t good enough – results and delivery are what count.

So with all of the above in mind – what is our promise?

Our promise is to “Do our Best, to be the Best”

So as we enter the busy last quarter, thank you! Thank you to all our loyal and supportive customers and friends. Thank you for believing in us and sticking with us. We will not let you down! We promise you we will keep ‘doing our best, to be the best’ Also a big thank you to all the dedicated hard working McCoy’s staff – keep it up and lastly, thank you to our suppliers for you support.

In closing, if any customers have any advice, complaints, compliments or input, it will all be greatly appreciated; you can pop me a mail at

Thank you all


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