Minutes of the

Mid-MO Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Jefferson City, MO

Meeting of: February 9, 2012

Called to order by: President, Rich Kreiser, NØJBF

In attendance:ACØSA – Richard Manning; AF6GT – Chuck Lahmeyer; K9ZTV – Kent Trimble; KBØQHZ – Joe Betros; KCØLZG – Owen Toalson;KCØPET – Rick Bennett; KDØBVQ – Hank Taylor; KDØDSJ – Randall Rolle; KDØFAS – Roger Conway; KDØGRM – Stephen Hick; KDØGRS – Brian Tordoff; KDØMZX – Arlene Libbert; KDØNEH – Mike Stelzleni; KDØNJU – Mac Kennedy; KDØNJV – Mike Conroy; KDØNPF – Jerry Sill; KDØQFN – Mike Betros; KDØQPC – Chris Byrd; KMØS – Mike Thayer; NØJBF – Richard Kreiser; NØOSI – Bill Orey; NØTKN – Jim Biggerstaff; NØZH – Mike Dolson; WA2KBZ – Karl Schulte; WØXII - Bob Heald; WAØBER – J.D. Simmons; WAØZOG – Mike Miller; WBØAQV – Greg Abbott; WBØKXP – Gene Wilson; WDØECO – Mitch Odneal; WNØI – Andy Adams

Previous Meeting Minutes (presented & approved as submitted):

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Bank Balance: $17,572.90

Electric Bill - $10.21

Phone Bill - $36.00

Deposits $375.00

Current Bank Balance: $17,901.69

Old business

2-Meter Net Report:Mike, NØZH, reported a total of 79 check-insin January.

Net Results:Upcoming Net Controllers:


Jan 25AF6GT19Feb 22KDØQFN


Feb 8NØZH21Mar 7NØZH

Please contact Mike at or by phone at (573) 491-0119, if you will not be able to call the net you are scheduled for so other arrangements can be made.

2-Meter Repeater report: Jim, NØTKN, reported that the repeater is functioning with no issues. Jim and Rich were able to download a wealth of information on the repeater from Tom’s computer. The autopatch is ok, but the phone line is currently down. The phone company will need to do repair work to remedy this.

Digipeater report: Rick, KCØPET, reported that there is an issue with connecting to the digipeater, but not being able to connect anywhere from there. The firmware is suspect at this time. Possible options include upgrading the firmware or replacing the TNC with a newer model.

Hank, KDØBVQ, moved that the club purchase a new Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC and Jim, NØTKN seconded. After discussion, Hank amended the motion to also purchase the real-time clock option and the memory upgrade for the KPC-3+. Jim seconded. Both the amendment and original motion passed.

Missouri Emergency Packet Network (MEPN): Jim, NØTKN, reported that the network was functioning. The Intertie is still down.

Local Emergency Coordinator's report: Rich, NØJBF, reported that Jim, NØTKN, and Hank, KDØBVQ, participated in a short exercise at SEMA related to an earthquake drill.

District Emergency Coordinator’s report: Joe, KBØQHZ, reported there was a request to do net control for SkyWarn and is looking to forward information.

An exercise scheduled for June was discussed. Tentative dates are June 19th/20th. Details are still being worked out at this time.

VE Liaison’s report: Steve, KDØGRM, reported on behalf of Nancie that one individual recently passed the Technician exam then came back two weeks later and passed the General Exam.

CW Classes: Kent, K9ZTV, reported that Steve and Ann Harvey’s friend Becky has begun to attend the CW classes and her intent is to soon get her ham license.

The advanced class meets at Mel’s Country Café at 6:45am on Saturday mornings. The beginning class meets at Mel’s after breakfast on Saturday mornings at 9am.

Training Committee: Mike, KMØS, reported no updates, but a training class for upgrading to Extra is still being considered for sometime in the Spring.

The recent VE training session was successful resulting in several new VE’s to add to our pool.

Club Shirts/Jackets/Patches: No report.

Mid-Mo Emergency Radio Service: Rich, NØJBF, spoke with Jerry, KDØNPF, about the approval of the By-Laws. Another item to consider is having representation from the various agencies that will be served. Rich has put together a list and distributed it to the original incorporators for review. Comments should be directed back to Rich and Jerry.

W0O QSL Report: Kent, K9ZTV, reported that QSL’s were sent out over the past few weeks in batches. Some local cards were mailed and others will be hand delivered.

New business

Field Day: Mike, NØZH, reported that there are only 135 days until Field Day! There are no changes to the rules from last year. We will plan on operating in the 2A category as in the past. Inquiries have begun regarding the vehicles. The CCERT tent will not be available for our use this year. A new option to consider this year would be having a Porta-Potty on site.

The stations will include CW, SSB, VHF, and GOTA. There are 15 ways to get bonus points and input from the club is requested regarding which ones we would like to go for. Several options were discussed for getting the bonus points.


Rich, NØJBF, announced that the information from Tom’s old website is being converted over to space on the MMARC website.

Karl, WA2KBZ, announced that there are some 2M antennas being made for sale by an acquaintance of his. If anyone is interested, contact Karl.

Chuck, AF6GT, announced that the Race to the Dome event this year will be held on June 30th which is the weekend following Field Day.

Kent, K9ZTV, announced that the Nixa radio club has invited the MMARC to take over the CW operation at the Titanic special event station this year. If anyone wishes to help out, please contact Kent.



Respectfully submitted: Mark Eberle (KIØY), Secretary-Treasurer.

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