2010 BibleBowl

Round 4

  1. 1:11 What were the supply cities that the children of Israel built for Pharaoh?
  2. Pithom & Raamses
  3. Memphis & Noth
  4. ThebesAlexandria
  5. 10:19 Where did the strong west wind blow the locust?
  6. into the Nile
  7. into the desert
  8. into the Red Sea
  9. 17:12 What did Aaron and Hur do while Israel was fighting Amalek?
  10. Helped Joshua fight the battle
  11. Supported Moses hands
  12. kept the flocks of Israel
  13. 4:20 What did Moses set his wife and son on?
  14. chariot
  15. horse
  16. donkey
  17. 14:3 What did the Lord tell Moses that Pharaoh would say about the Israelites?
  18. Their hearts will melt with fear
  19. They are bewildered by the land
  20. They cannot last in the wilderness
  21. 19:8 Who said, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do”?
  22. the people
  23. the Egyptians
  24. the priest of Midian
  25. 9:3 What did the hand of the Lord cause to happen on the donkeys, cattle, horses, and sheep?
  26. a deep sleep
  27. a very severe pestilence
  28. a mild pestilence
  29. 8:13-4 When the frogs died and were gathered into heaps, what happened?
  30. the land stank
  31. they were eaten by other animals
  32. they were burned by the Egyptians
  33. 22:31 How was meat that was torn by beast in the field was to be handled?
  34. Specially prepared by the priest
  35. thrown to the dogs
  36. only given to the poor
  37. 14:21 What did the Lord use to cause the sea to go back?
  38. a strong west wind
  39. a great mighty wind
  40. a strong east wind
  41. 20:3 What were the people not to have before God?
  42. many desires
  43. their work
  44. other gods
  1. 22:2 If a thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, what happens?
  2. there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed
  3. the one who killed him shall be put in jail
  4. a judge shall settle the matter
  5. 10:6 What houses would be filled with locust?
  6. Israelites
  7. Israelites and Egyptians
  8. Egyptians
  9. 3:11 Who said “who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”
  10. Aaron
  11. God
  12. Moses
  13. 11:9 What did the Lord say to Moses?
  14. Pharaoh will heed you
  15. Tomorrow Pharaoh will heed you
  16. Pharaoh will not heed you
  17. 17:1 Where was there no water for the people to drink?
  18. Rephidim
  19. in the Wilderness of Sin
  20. in the land of Egypt
  21. 5:10 The taskmasters spoke to the people saying thus says Pharaoh ______.
  22. Your God will give you straw
  23. I will give you straw
  24. I will not give you straw
  25. 7:4 How did the Lord bring his armies and people out of Egypt?
  26. by great judgments
  27. by the words of his mouth
  28. by the power of Moses
  29. 9:27 Who said, “I have sinned this time”?
  30. Moses
  31. Pharaoh
  32. Aaron
  33. 12:40 How long were the children of Israel in Egypt?
  34. 410 years
  35. 430 years
  36. 440 years
  37. 15:8 What did the blast of God’s nostrils cause the waters to do?
  38. Be consumed
  39. Be removed fro the earth
  40. Be gathered together
  1. 12:12 God said he would execute judgment ______.
  2. Against all the land of Egypt
  3. Against all the gods of Egypt
  4. Against all the people of Egypt
  5. 4:2 Moses was afraid the people would not listen to him, what did the Lord say to Him?
  6. What is in your hand
  7. what is behind your back
  8. what is in front of your face
  9. 21:15 Whoever strikes his father or his mother shall surely be ______.
  10. brought before the judge
  11. punished and then released
  12. put to death
  13. 2:10 She called his name Moses because ______.
  14. he would be a prince in Egypt
  15. he was a gift from the gods
  16. I drew him out of the water

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