Present: 14 patients who signed in (kept on file)

In attendance:Tom Horton for Haverstock and Min Kourti, Service Manager, Dr. Brassey


The Chinese Community was wished a Happy New Year. Charles Yeung thanked the PPG, Haverstock Healthcare and the practice for their efforts on behalf of the Chinese Community.

  1. Apologies –Tenapologies had been received from patients via email. A number expressed their regrets at being unable to be present to vote. Some had requested a proxy vote but it was explained that this was not permitted under the constitution.
  2. Election of officers:

Adrian Munsey was elected as Chair on a show of hands.

Charles Yeung was elected Vice-Chair on a show of hands

Wendy Hardcastle was elected Vice Chair on a show of hands

It was agreed that a secretary/minute taker was not necessary. Jason Tong had agreed to take notes at meetings that he attends.

  1. Appointment of a Minute Taker for the meeting –Wendy Hardcastleagreed to do the minutes.
  2. Minutes of 20th January meeting – agreed
  3. Matters arising/action points from the Minutes not on the Agenda
  • Letter to NHS seeking additional funding – outstanding Action
  • Letter to CLH re refusal of membership to HaverstockAction
  1. Procurement of permanent provider update –the PPG had been shocked to learn that Haverstock had not been shortlisted for the permanent contract on a technicality (one document missing from the very large bundle that had to be submitted on line). The PPG had immediately written to the Procurement Officer, Ben Farrelly, expressing our concern at what appeared to be an injustice as Haverstock had not been given the opportunity to rectify this unintentional omission. A reply had been received stating that the NHS could not enter into correspondence with the PPG during the procurement process. Councillor Paul Church, David Evans, Chair of the Soho Society, and the local press (West End Extra) were all contacted. David and Paul wrote very strong letters to the NHS. David for example stated that he had a lot of experience of procurement in both the public and commercial sector and it was inconceivable that a potential bidder would not be contacted in such a situation. Haverstock appealed and have now been included in the shortlist. Details of the other shortlisted bidders is not known.

Adrian said it was concerning that representatives of the PPG had not been invited to meet bidders; there were serious concerns about the procurement process, including the failure to shortlist the current temporary provider and the discourtesy of not replying to our letter requesting involvement on a very modest scale.

Action: Letter to Ben Farrelly re-requesting to meet bidders;

Complaint about NHS procurement process

  1. Haverstock Healthcare items –Haverstock said that they would shortly be changing the surgery telephone number as CLCH wishes to take back the current number. The new number would be issued to patients and there would be a period when the old number would be linked to the new number.
  1. Patients’ comments on service provided by the caretaking provider, Haverstock Healthcare, including any comments from patients sent in via the dedicated PPG email: None received. The high satisfaction rates for the practice received in the most recent IPSOS MORI survey for the NHS and reported on at the last PPG meeting had been reported in the West End Extra, on Soho Radio etc.
  1. Update on NHS Property Planning Application:

-Wendy reported that the Soho Society had had been in touch with Westminster Planning Department and expressed patients’, and the Society’s, support for change of use of empty parts of the building to office use, but also drew attention to patients’ concerns regarding the need to expand in the future and inadequate/insecure storage space.

-It was agreed to send an email to Westminster Planning Officers from the PPG, following up the Soho Society’s submission. Action

  1. Representation on Westminster CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) User Panel: Fay and Wendy reported that they had both attended a meeting of the User Panel at which changes to aspects of funding of some practices was discussed. The Soho practice would not be affected initially, but stands to gain in the future as funding for some services will be more widely distributed.

Jason Tong, for Healthwatch, had recommended that our patient representatives (Wendy and Angela), and any other patients who wished to do so, attend the Governing Body meeting of the CLCCG on 9th March and the Primary care co-commissioning meeting with the NHS on 21st April and ask how patient engagement and participation can be part of the procurement process; andwhat is the escalation process if patients are not happy with the process.

  1. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 16th March at 6.15
  1. Any Other Business (Future agenda items: clarification of catchment area boundaries) Leslie drew attention to the Soho Neighbourhood Forum, a new, nationwide, form of local involvement which gives an opportunity for people who live or work in the area to have a say in planning for the future of the area. Patients who live or work in Soho are urged to get involved. More Information can be found at the SNF website: