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February 2010

Dear Colleague:

We have personally prepared this Instructor's Manual (IM) for the Essentials of Strategic Management with you and the student in mind. As with the Essentials book itself, this IM contains only what is really necessary for a strategy instructor. Our objective is a "lean cuisine," not another overweight IM. It is our belief that while most strategy instructors would like to have a bunch of goodies "just in case," they really want an Instructor's Manual to primarily provide them with a quick summary of each chapter's main points, suggested answers to discussion questions, plus a choice of multiple choice questions to use in preparing exams. Power Point slides are available separately from the publisher if you need them. Consequently, each chapter in this IM contains the following four sections:

•SUMMARY OF KEY POINTS - Each chapter is summarized into a series of statements which capture the most important concepts of the chapter.

•SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS - The discussion questions at the end of each chapter in the book are answered here from the authors point of view. These answers are provided merely to give you one way of dealing with the question. Feel free to disagree with us and to consider different answers. As far as we are concerned, the answer is much less important than the process of analyzing the question and probing for rationale.

•ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION QUESTIONS - These discussion questions can be used either instead of or in addition to the questions printed in the book. They may be useful as exam questions.

•MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS - We provide you with 20 to 25 multiple choice questions for each chapter to use in preparing exams. Please feel free to use or to modify these suggested questions to suit your needs.

We hope that you find this Instructor's Manual useful as a supplement to the Essentials text. We wish you the best and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

J. David Hunger

Thomas L. Wheelen



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Chapter Two...... 7

Chapter Three...... 15

Chapter Four...... 23

Chapter Five...... 31

Chapter Six...... 40

Chapter Seven...... 50

Chapter Eight...... 56

Chapter Nine...... 65

Chapter Ten...... 72

Chapter Eleven...... 78

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