Innovation Initiative with Israel

For student research at the University of Toronto


Instructions and notes:

  1. Full detailsabout the Innovation Initiative with Israelare available online at:
  1. Please read through and complete the following application.Make sure you are using the latest version of this form posted and do not modify or reformat.
  1. Applicants must apply by February 12th, 2016. Travel to Canada prior to the approval of the award is not permitted, and neither Mitacs nor the University of Toronto is responsible for any costs incurred before the application is approved and awarded.
  1. Save your completed application as a PDF and send by email to . In the subject heading of your email, please state “[student first and last names]_Innovation Initiative”. Mitacs recommends keeping individual PDF files to less than 2MB.
  1. Note that only the signature page of the proposal should be saved as a scanned PDF.
  1. Contact Mitacs International at if you have any questions regarding the application or eligibility requirements.

Student eligibility requirements:

In order to be eligible for the Mitacs-JSPS Internship, a student must:

  1. Be enrolled in full-time studies as a senior undergraduate or graduate student at an eligible Israeli university throughout the duration of the award.
  2. Students cannot undertake a research project at an institution where they have previously completed a degree or been employed.
  3. Be the legal age of majority in Canada (18 years or older).
  4. Demonstrate skills and interest suitable to the project(s) in question.
  5. Have identified a home academic supervisor who is a recognized faculty member at one of the eligible Israeli universities.
  6. Have identified a host academic supervisor at the University of Toronto to supervise the project and administer the funds.
  7. Meet all necessary travel requirements for the intended destination.
  8. Demonstrate oral and written fluency in English.
  9. Undergraduate students must:
  10. Have completed their second year of studies prior to departure.
  11. Have maintained a B average or equivalent thereof for the last two semesters of study.

A complete application package includes the following:

  • Proposal application (please use template provided)
  • Student CV
  • Letter of Research Support and Student Reference from both the home supervising professor and host supervising professor. Each letter must be written in English and:
  • Be written on the university letterhead and signed by the supervisor.
  • Include the supervisor’s contact details, including title, department affiliation and university or institution.
  • Include details outlining supervisory and/or financial support for the student and the research project.
  • Describe the proposed student’s academic and research qualities and abilities to complete the project. Highlight any outstanding achievements (e.g., high-impact research results, awards) by the proposed student.
  • Be submitted via email to Mitacs at apply(at) In the subject heading of the email state “[student first and last names]_Innovation Initiative”.
  • Host Supervisor’s CV in English, outlining their:
  • Funding history
  • Publications
  • Graduate students supervised

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents at least three weeks prior to their intended departure to commence their research project:

  • Mitacs Student Code of Conduct and Ethics Form*
  • International Pre-Departure Form*
  • Any supplementary documents (as applicable)

An incomplete or modified application will result in a delay in the processing of your application.

*Please note that the International Pre-Departure and Mitacs Student Code of Conduct and Ethics forms maybe forwarded to Mitacs after submission of your application; however, funds cannot be released until Mitacs receives these forms.

1.0. Projectdetails

1.1.Title of project:
1.2.Keywords to identify reviewers: (3-10 specific keywords; 50% technically related, 50% discipline-related)
1.3.Academic discipline:Proposals should be related to one of the following areas of research:
  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Applied Sciences and Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Global Affairs
Please indicate your specific field of study to the right. / ( ) Business
( ) Computer Science
( ) Earth Sciences
( ) Engineering
( ) Life Sciences
( ) Mathematical Sciences
( ) Physical Sciences
( ) Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities
1.4.City and country location of project:
1.5.Name of host institute:

2.0. Participantinformation(Duplicate relevant section(s) as needed for multiple supervisors. If multiple supervisors are listed, please indicate primary and secondary supervisor for Canadian university and host institute).

2.1.Academic supervisor at the University of Toronto:

University: / University of Toronto
Address (at university):
City, province:
Postal code:
Please indicate if you are associated with the following: / CECR ( ) Yes ( ) No
BL-NCE ( ) Yes ( ) No

2.2.Academic supervisor at homeinstitute:

Institute: / ( ) Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
( ) Hebrew University of Jerusalem
( ) Weizmann Institute of Sciences
( ) Bar-Ilan University
( ) Tel Aviv University
( ) University of Haifa
( ) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
( ) Open University of Israel
( ) Ariel University
Address (at institute):
City, country:
Country code:


Degree program during internship:
If undergraduate, indicate the current year in degree (i.e., 3rd or 4th year)
Expected year of graduation (mm/yyyy):
Address at university:
City, province:
Postal code:
University email:
Alternate email:
Are you of legal age of majority in Canada (18 years or older) / ( ) Yes
( ) No
Citizenship: / ( ) Canadian Citizen
( ) Israeli Citizen
( ) Permanent Resident of Canada
( ) Foreign / If foreign citizen, please indicate citizenship:
Gender: / ( ) Female
( ) Male

2.3.1. Has the studentheld any previous Mitacs or Connect Canada funding?

Select Yes/No / Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) / End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Connect Canada

2.3.2. Demographic information. *OPTIONAL*.

Please indicate (x) if you are:

Francophone: / A person with a disability:
Aboriginal: / First in your family to attend university:

Social media: Please provide usernames if you wish to connect with Mitacs


3.0. Proposal

3.1.Student statement of interest:

Describe why you are interested in participating in the Innovation Initiative with Israel and how this experience will benefit your research career.300 words maximum.

3.2.Does this project build on an existing international collaboration?

Yes No

Does it create potential for future collaborations?Yes No

Please describe briefly the existing, planned, or future collaboration. For a pre-existing international collaboration, include a summary of the collaboration and length of time, any past exchange of personnel, etc.

3.3.Research project proposal

The research project proposal should be atleast 1.5 pages and a maximum of 2.5 pages excluding cited literature (3.3.7.).

3.3.1. Background and review of relevant prior work (minimum 250 words):

3.3.2. Objectives of the research project:

3.3.3. Methodologies. Provide enough detail so reviewers can determine if the proposed methodology is appropriate and sufficient to achieve the objectives.

3.3.4. Timeline. We suggest using a Gantt chart to provide a timeline showing which task will be done when to achieve each objective.

3.3.5. Expected deliverables. Please describe the expected deliverables of the project.

3.3.6. Interaction. Provide detailed information on the interaction between the host supervisor and the student, including the supervision and mentorship that the student will receive, as well as the frequency and location of these interactions. If portions of the research will be conducted away from the primary host institute, such as field work, indicate the percentage (%) of time during the project that the intern will spend at the host institute.

3.3.7. Cited literature

4.0. Declarations

4.1. Will the proposed research take place outside of the lab or normal business environment? Yes___ No___

If yes, please complete the following section to indicate what (if any) impact there may be on the environment.

a)Main characteristics of the location (i.e., physical description & coordinates).

b)Principal activity(ies): for each activity, list the environmental elements affected.

c)Are authorizations, permits, or licenses required to undertake any activity during the internship? Yes___ No___

Please note: Mitacs may request to receive a copy of these.

4.2. Does the proposed research involve living human subjects (including conducting interviews) or human remains, cadavers, tissues, biological fluids, embryos, or fetuses? Yes___ No___

If yes, the proposal must be reviewed by the participating University Research Ethics Board, and a report by the board must be obtained.

Please note: Mitacs may request to receive a copy of the report.

4.3. Does the proposed research involve animal subjects? Yes___No___

If yes, the proposal must be reviewed by the participating University Animal Care Committee, and a report from the committee must be obtained.

Please note: Mitacs may request to receive a copy of the report.

4.4. Is a biohazards review required? Yes___No___

If yes, the necessary review/report from your university must be obtained.

Please note: Mitacs may request to receive a copy of the report.

4.5. How did the participants first hear about the Innovation Initiative with Israel?
Please mark with “x.”

Notification from your university department or at the university (bulletin board posting, email communication, newsletter, university website) / From the university’s graduate studies offices
Directly from the Mitacs website / From a professor at the university
Notification from Mitacs (e-mail newsletter, social media) / From a Mitacs representative
From the university’s international offices / Participated in a Mitacs program previously
Other (please describe):

5.0. Innovation Initiative with IsraelMemorandum

The participants listed below have agreed to set in place an international research project based upon the attached proposal.

In acknowledging that international exposure can greatly enhance a student’s learning and experience, Mitacs will approve international travel provided that participation does not impact the safety and security of the student and meets the policies outlined by the homeIsraeli university. By signing this memorandum you are acknowledging that the home Israeli University agrees to assist the student in meeting all university requirements pertaining to research abroad and provide the student with a pre-departure orientation, and that the student understands that he/she is responsible for obtaining insurance appropriate for the travel destination. Mitacs is unable to assume liability for any losses including — but not limited to —accidents, illness, flight cancellation, loss of baggage, illegal acts, and vandalism that may occur during the internship period.

All parties involved with Mitacs Globalink are bound by the standard intellectual property (IP) terms of the university where the intern is enrolled, except where intellectual property is covered by separate agreements to which the university and the sponsor organization are parties and that are active during the dates of the internship. By signing this memorandum, you are acknowledging that you agree to the terms of the university where the intern is enrolled.

The participants listed below agree that Mitacs can disclose the provided personal information included in this proposal (e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to the program’s funding partners and that Mitacs can use them for the purpose of communication and to evaluate the program and its outcomes during and after participants’ program tenure. The participants also agree that Mitacs will post the title of the project, the public project overview, the name of the intern(s), the name of host supervisor(s), the name of the homes supervisor(s), and the involved host and home universities on and may be used by Mitacs to publicize Mitacs Globalink. Mitacs’ Privacy Policy can be found at

Internship participants (intern, home supervising professor, and host supervising professor) further agree to the following addendum(s):

Mitacs does not require, inspect, or enforce any additional terms as outlined by participants in the above addendum.

Please note that the following information including the title of the project, description of research project, name of intern, names of supervisors, and involved universitiesmay be posted on and may be used by Mitacs to publicize the Innovation Initiative with Israel.

Title of project: [Title]

Project overview: Using simplified language understandable to a layperson, provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the student(s) as well as the expected outcomes. (Approx. 150 words)

7.0 Participant signatures





Academic supervisor at homeinstitute:





Academic supervisor at the University of Toronto:





Office of Research Services representative at the University of Toronto:




Signature: ______Date:______

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