December 6, 2017

Learning Site Agreement (LSA) Status List
Message for Faculty:
  1. This is a resource list for faculty use only; it is not designed to be directly distributed to students, due to vetting needed by faculty.
  2. Please contact Stacy Becker x4963 if you have any questions regarding whether an agency or program is “approved.” Some community programs may be covered by currently “approved” agencies with the Learning Site Agreement (LSA) and Learning Site Self-Assessment (SSA) documents already established.
  3. Please note that we are reaching the end of 5 year cycles for Learning Site Agreement expiration dates. If you don’t see a familiar agency on the approved list below, please check the “Renewals in Progress” list on page 11, and contact Stacy or Loren to let us know that the agency is a priority.
  4. Agencies on this list may have their own required documents and may conduct their own screening/ background check and acceptance procedures.
Center for Community Based Learning - 122 Gist Hall
Stacy Becker, Community Partner Coordinator, , 826-4963
Loren Collins, Faculty Support Coordinator, , 826-5459
APPROVED Community-Based Organizations, Schools& Businesses covered by LSA:
  1. 101 Surf Sports [San Rafael, CA][LSA expires 6/19/2019 ]
  2. 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport [Lakewood, CA][LSA expires 7/15/2018]
  3. Accelerate Sports Performance [San Francisco, CA][LSA expires 8/6/2018]
  4. Access Humboldt [LSA expires 1/16/2018]
  5. Adult Day Health Care of Mad River[LSA expires 1/18/2022]
  6. Advanced Security Systems[LSA expires 1/6/2021]
  7. AJ Fitness Training [La Mesa, CA] [LSA expires 5/25/2020]
  8. Alder Grove Charter School [LSA expires 1/10/2018]
  9. American Cancer Society [Las Vegas, NV site only] [LSA expires 6/12/2021]
  10. American Cruise Lines [Guilford, CT] [LSA expires 12/5/2021]
  11. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention [New York, NY] [LSA expires 7/8/2020]
  12. American Hydroponics[LSA expires 11/6/2019]
  13. Anderson Bradley Krant P.C. [Ashland, OR] [LSA expires 10/4/2020]
  14. Anderson, Lucas, Somerville & Borges, CPAs [LSA expires 12/1/2020]
  15. Apple Wellness [Austin, TX; Cupertino, CA][LSA expires 8/1/2018]
  16. Applied EarthWorks, Inc. [Lompoc, CA] [LSA expires 1/11/2020]
  17. Arcata Core Pilates [LSA expires 5/12/2019]
  18. Arcata Economic Development Corporation [LSA expires 1/19/2022]
  19. Arcata Fire Protection District[LSA expires 11/6/2019]
  20. Arcata House Partnership[inc. Administrative Office; Arcata House Annex][LSA expires 2/10/2019]
  21. Arcata Playhouse[LSA expires 12/11/2019]
  22. Arcata Rotary Noon [LSA expires 08/27/22]
  23. Arcata Sports Medicine[LSA expires 11/9/2020]
  24. Arcata Veterans Hall[LSA expires 1/17/2022]
  25. Area 1 Agency on Aging[LSA expires 2/10/19]
  26. Army Corps of Engineers [SSA received for Sacramento Office only] [LSA expires 2/26/2022]
  27. Backside Learning Center [Louisville, Kentucky][LSA expires 12/17/2020]
  28. Bay Area Packaging [Lafayette, CA][LSA expires 5/7/2019]
  29. Bayside Community Hall[LSA expires11/27/2022]
  30. Baywood Golf Course[LSA expires 5/4/2022]
  31. Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria / Bear River Casino [LSA expires 1/16/18]
  32. Beck's Bakery [LSA expires 08/27/22]
  33. Bellamy Mansion [Wilmington, NC][LSA expires 11/30/2022]
  34. Beneficial Living Center and Garden Supplies[LSA expires 12/16/2020]
  35. Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation [inc. Betty Chinn Day Center, and Betty's House-Family Shelter & Medical Respite] [LSA expires 10/24/2022]
  36. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast [inc. SSAs received for: Main Office - 428 C Street, Eureka; Bowl For Kids Sake, Harbor Lanes, 2136 Broadway, Eureka; Big Chili Cookoff - Mad River Tap Room - 101 Taylor Way, Blue Lake][LSA expires 11/8/2022]
  37. Bird Ally X [inc. Humboldt Wildlife Care Center][LSA expires 12/20/2017]
  38. Blacksmith Shop and Gallery[LSA expires 11/12/2020]
  39. Blue Lake Community Resource Center [LSA expires 01/26/2022]
  40. Blue Lake Museum[LSA expires 1/14/2020]
  41. Blue Lake Studio[LSA expires 2/16/2020]
  42. Body Kinetics [Novato & Mill Valley Sites][LSA expires 5/16/2018]
  43. Body Logic and Westlake Sports Therapy [Westlake Village, CA] [LSA expires 8/17/2020]
  44. Boeing Long Beach Fitness Center [LSA expires 2/17/2020]
  45. Bold Earth[for internships conducted in continental U.S. only, based out of Golden, CO office] [LSA expires 2/28/2021]
  46. Bonanza Ranch [LSA expires 6/4 6/4/2018]
  47. Boujie Baking Company[LSA expires 9/18/2019]
  48. Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods[Main Office and Teen Court -939 Harris Avenue, Eureka… Club House: 3117 Prospect Ave, Eureka…. Teen Center: 3015 J Street, Eureka… McKinleyville Teen Center: 1705 Gwin Rd.] [LSA expires 11/15/21]
  49. Breast and GYN Health Project [LSA expires 3/6/2018]
  50. BT Metals / Bay Tank and Boiler Works[LSA expires 2/26/2022]
  51. Bureau of Land Management: Arcata Field Office [LSA expires 07/23/22]
  52. C. Crane Company Inc.[LSA expires 1/8/2022]
  53. California Academy of Sciences [San Francisco, CA] [LSA expires 11/14/2021]
  54. California Department of Fish and Wildlife [SSAs received: Main Office- 50 Ericson Ct., Arcata; Marine Region Office-619 2nd St., Eureka] [LSA expires 6/26/2022]
  55. California Highway Patrol, State of California - Humboldt Area Office[LSA expires 10/2/2021]
  56. California Military Department (National Guard) [This site is for students serving only with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) at Colorado State University, under this LSA, which expires 12/3/2022]
  57. California Northstate University [Elk Grove, CA] [LSA expires 1/11/2021]
  58. California State Parks - North Coast Redwoods District [Includes the following approved State Parks: Humboldt Redwoods, Patrick's Point and Prairie Creek Redwoods. SSAs are still needed for: Richardson Grove, and Jedediah Smith State Parks] [LSA expires 1/31/2022]
  59. California State Senate on Behalf of Senate District 2 - Eureka Office[LSA expires 4/13/2021]
  60. CalTrans [Eureka Office only - 1656 Union St.][LSA expires 11/3/2020]
  61. CalTrout[LSA expires 1/26/2022]
  62. Camarillo Aquatics and Rehabilitation Services [Camarillo, CA] [Students serving at this agency must be in observation roles only: No hands-on activities.][LSA expires 04/15/2020]
  63. Camarillo Cougars Youth Football & Cheer [Camarillo, CA] [LSA expires 7/7/2020]
  64. Campbell Creek Connexion [including Kids Connexion] [LSA expires 9/18/2022]
  65. Camp Gold Arrow [Clovis, CA] [LSA expires 5/28/2019]
  66. Camp Stevens [Julian, CA] [LSA expires 3/12/2020]
  67. Camp Unalayee [Palo Alto, CA] [LSA expires 2/17/2021]
  68. Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County [Ukiah, CA; Mendocino, CA][LSA expires 1/14/2020]
  69. CATZ Pasadena [Pasadena, CA] [LSA expires 1/3/2021]
  70. Chabot College [Hayward, CA] [LSA expires 11/1/2021]
  71. Changing Tides Family Services[LSA expires 1/9/2022]
  72. Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria [LSA expires 12/6/2017]
  73. City of Arcata [SSAs received for: Arcata Marsh; Arcata Community Forest; City Hall; Bayside Park Farm; Sea Level Rise Activities around Arcata.] An additional City of Arcata Volunteer Packet, including livescan/background check, is required of all students serving with the City in ongoing volunteer positions; this packet will be distributed as needed by the City staff overseeing the student. [LSA expires 1/10/2022]
  74. City of Billings, Montana [inc. Environmental Affairs Division; Water Treatment Plant Lab; Planning Division][LSA expires 5/16/2018]
  75. City of Blue Lake [SSAs completed for City Hall; Department of Parks and Recreation][LSA expires 12/19/2021]
  76. City of Eureka [SSAs completed for Community Development Dept., 531 K St.; Eureka Police Dept.; Parks and Recreation Dept.][LSA expires 9/17/22]
  77. City of Folsom: Parks & Recreation Department - Folsom Sports Complex [LSA expires 1/4/2020]
  78. City of Fortuna [inc. Parks & Recreation; Planning Division; River Lodge Conference Center; Finance Dept.] [LSA expires 4/23/2019]
  79. City of Las Vegas: Department of Parks and Recreation[LSA expires 4/19/2022]
  80. City of Novato: Parks, Recreation and Community Services[LSA expires 2/26/2020]
  81. City of Petaluma Recreation Services[LSA expires 4/26/2022]
  82. City of Roseville [inc. Parks and Recreation] [LSA expires 1/11/2020]
  83. City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation[LSA expires 8/20/22]
  84. City of Spokane: Parks & Recreation[LSA expires 1/14/2020]
  85. City of Trinidad[LSA expires 2/2/2020]
  86. Clarke Museum[LSA expires 8/1/22]
  87. Coastal Grove Charter School[LSA expires 10/22/2018]
  88. College of the Redwoods [SSAs cover: Athletics Training Dept.;Men’s Soccer;Dept. of Institutional Research (Eureka campus- Tompkins Hill Rd)][LSA expires 12/18/18]
  89. College Settlement of Philadelphia[LSA expires 7/12/2022]
  90. Conservation Strategy Fund[LSA expires 12/12/2021]
  91. Companion Animal Foundation [Sunny Brae location] [LSA expires 7/20/2019]
  92. Contra Costa Office of the Public Defender[LSA expires 4/13/2022]
  93. CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) [SSAs received for the following sites: Main Office- 643 Bair Island Road, Redwood City; Junior Gym- 811 South B St., San Mateo, CA; Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC)- 590 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA.][LSA expires 4/11/2021]
  94. Cornerstone Physical Therapy [Cottonwood, CA] [LSA expires 5/5/2019]
  95. County of Humboldt [SSAs received only for: CA Children's Services - Glen Paul Medical Therapy Unit (for HSU Kinesiology Dept.); Humboldt County Correctional Facility (County Jail); Planning & Building Dept.; Probation Department; Probation Department - Juvenile Hall; Public Works – Fire Safe Council;WIC Program. All other County programs/departments are covered by the LSA, but need SSAs completed -- inc. Headwaters Fund, and Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration (HCTAYC).] [LSA expires 12/31/2020]
  96. County of Los Angeles [Agreement can be accessed by all 23 CSU campuses; needs Learning Site Self-Assessment completed for any HSU student placements. Please contact the Center for Community Based Learning for more information.] [LSA expires 2/15/2022]
  97. Court Appointed Special Advocate of Humboldt (CASA) [LSA expires11/16/2022]
  98. Creative Mathematics[LSA expires 9/4/2019]
  99. Crisp Catering [Sacramento, CA][LSA expires 12/04/2021]
  100. Cumulus Media San Francisco [San Francisco, CA; Includes KFOG 104.5, KNBR 680, 107.7 The Bone, KGO 810, KSFO 560][LSA expires 5/29/2019]
  101. Dandelion Herbal Center[LSA expires 3/11/2020]
  102. DBS Analytics[LSA expires 10/20/2020]
  103. Delaware North Company (DNC) – Wellness Center [Yosemite, CA; includes all areas, Community Wellness Center, Pool, etc.][LSA expires 5/26/2019]
  104. Dell'Arte International[LSA expires 5/20/2019]
  105. Demello, McAuley, McReynolds & Holland, LLP[LSA expires 12/8/2020]
  106. Department of Veteran's Affairs San Diego Medical Center [San Diego, CA] [LSA expires 4/23/2018]
  107. Diakadi Body [San Francisco][LSA expires 5/19/2019]
  108. Diane's Sweet Heat[LSA expires 11/12/2019]
  109. Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate[LSA expires 12/19/2018]
  110. Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra [Mammoth Lakes, CA] [LSA expires 10/25/2020]
  111. DZC Archaeology & CRM [Fairhaven, CA] [LSA expires 3/14/2021]
  112. Eagle Mount [Bozeman, MT][LSA expires 5/12/2020]
  113. East Bay Regional Park District [Oakland, CA] [LSA expires 2/16/2019]
  114. Ebert Capital Management[LSA expires 10/16/2019]
  115. Eel River Brewing Company[LSA expires 2/16/2022]
  116. Elite Sportz [San Diego, CA] [LSA expires 6/2/2020]
  117. Emerald Magazine[LSA expires 9/21/2019]
  118. Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) [LSA expires 3/17/2018]
  119. Eureka Family Practice[LSA expires 1/3/2021]
  120. Evoke Therapy Program [Bend, OR] [LSA expires 6/4/2020]
  121. EXOS / Athletes' Performance Inc. [SSAs cover the following sites: Carlsbad, CA; Carson, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh, NC] [LSA expires 1/4/2020]
  122. Farquhar Productions, Inc. [Pasadena, CA] [LSA expires 5/11/2022]
  123. Feeding America San Diego [LSA expires 1/11/2020]
  124. Ferndale Cottage Historic District[LSA expires 4/7/2021]
  125. Fire and Light[LSA expires 10/9/2018]
  126. Fit Nor Cal[LSA expires 6/15/2019
  127. Food for People [Humboldt County Food Bank – SSAs received for Eureka Main Office/Warehouse and Arcata Pantry] [LSA expires 11/7/2021]
  128. Ford Sports Performance [Bellevue, WA] [LSA expires 2/2/2020]
  129. Fortuna Business Improvement District[LSA expires 5/7/2020]
  130. Fortuna Chamber of Commerce [LSA expires 1/12/2021]
  131. Fortuna Feed [SSAs received for 126 Dinsmore Dr., Fortuna; and 804 12th St., Fortuna][LSA expires 1/10/2021]
  132. Friends of the Dunes [LSA expires 1/19/2020]
  133. Fuente Nueva Charter School[LSA expires 08/27/22]
  134. Fund for the Arts [Louisville, KY] [LSA expires 10/6/2020]
  135. Gala Events and Weddings[LSA expires 5/15/2019]
  136. Garfield Elementary School District [including Garfield School] [LSA expires 8/22/2022]
  137. Girl Scouts of Northern California[LSA expires 4/3/2018]
  138. Good Samaritan Hospital/ Cardiac Rehabilitation [Los Angeles, CA][LSA expires 6/28/2019]
  139. Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce [LSA expires 1/3/2021]
  140. Green Diamond Resource Company[LSA expires 11/17/2018]
  141. Greenway Partners [LSA expires 12/4/2021]
  142. Growing Tree Family Child Care[LSA expires 8/12/2018]
  143. Hawaii Optimal Performance [Waipahu, HI] [LSA expires 12/8/2020]
  144. Headlands Center for the Arts [LSA expires 5/28/2018]
  145. Healing Hearts Ranch [Olympia, WA] [LSA expires 4/5/2021]
  146. Health Fitness Corporation [SSAs received for: The Getty Fitness Center, Los Angeles, CA… Bill Coors Wellness Center, Golden, CO] [LSA expires 9/6/2019]
  147. HealthSPORT [SSA received for Arcata site only][LSA expires 3/9/2022]
  148. Heart Works Cardiac Rehab Center [Santa Rosa, CA][LSA expires 5/6/2019]
  149. Hilfiker Pipe Company, Inc. [SSAs received for: 1902 Hilfiker Lane; and 3800 Broadway, Eureka] [LSA expires 1/11/2021]
  150. Holly Yashi[LSA expires 10/22/2018]
  151. Historical Sites Society of Arcata[LSA expires 9/4/2021]
  152. Hoopa High School[LSA expires 10/6/2020]
  153. Hoopa Tribal Civilian Community Corps/AmeriCorps on Native Lands [LSA expires 5/1/2019]
  154. Hospice of Humboldt[LSA expires 4/28/2021]
  155. Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction[LSA expires 1/25/2021]
  156. Humboldt Area Foundation[SSAs received for: Northern CA Association of Nonprofits- NorCAN;Redwood Coast Rural Action; True North Organizing Network; Wright Refuge] [LSA expires 11/3/2018]
  157. Humboldt Arts Council [inc. Morris Graves Museum][LSA expires 2/27/2022]
  158. Humboldt B52s Baseball [SSAs received for 3750 Harris St, Eureka, (Bomber Field- Redwood Acres Fairgrounds)- for students serving at the Ball Field; and B52s home office sites - for students serving from campus/own computers only] [LSA expires 3/31/2020]
  159. Humboldt Bay Harbor District[LSA expires 11/24/2018]
  160. Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District[LSA expires 4/29/2019]
  161. Humboldt Bay Tourism Center[LSA expires 5/13/2020]
  162. Humboldt Botanical Garden [SSAs cover the Garden at College of the Redwoods, 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd., Eureka; and Office at 402 E. St. Eureka] [LSA expires 10/1/2019]
  163. Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights[LSA expires 4/21/2019]
  164. Humboldt Chocolate[LSA expires 1/23/2022]
  165. Humboldt Community Access and Resource Center (HCAR) [inc. 2-1-1 Humboldt; The Studio; Cheri Blackerby Gallery; and Comprehensive Career Services][LSA expires 2/17/18]
  166. Humboldt County Central Democratic Committee [LSA expires 8/21/17]
  167. Humboldt County Historical Society[LSA expires 3/11/2018]
  168. Humboldt County Office of Education: Afterschool Consortium [SSAs received: Blue Lake Union School, Bridgeville School, Cuddeback School, Peninsula School, Redway School, Scotia School, So. Fortuna Elem, Toddy Thomas, Trinidad Union School] [LSA expires 8/25/2018]
  169. Humboldt County Office of Education: Programs [SSAs Received: Court / Community School - Educational Resource Center at 1820 6th St., Eureka; Communications & Marketing Dept.; Sequoia Conference Center.] [LSA expires 8/25/2018]
  170. Humboldt County Resource Conservation District [LSA expires 4/16/2018]
  171. Humboldt Crabs Baseball[LSA expires 1/22/2020]
  172. Humboldt Crossfit[LSA expires 3/12/2019]
  173. Humboldt Distillery[LSA expires 12/3/2020]
  174. Humboldt Domestic Violence Services [LSA expires 09/26/2022]
  175. Humboldt Folklife Society [LSA expires 1/22/2018]
  176. Humboldt Hotsauce[LSA expires 11/18/2018]
  177. Humboldt Made[LSA expires 5/3/2021]
  178. Humboldt Mediation Services[LSA expires 6/24/2019]
  179. Humboldt Medical Cannabis Union[LSA expires 1/10/2021]
  180. Humboldt Merchant Services[LSA expires 11/29/2020]
  181. Humboldt Patient Resource Center [LSA expires 5/11/2019]
  182. Humboldt Pet Supply[LSA expires 4/11/2021]
  183. Humboldt Redwood Company [Windsor, CA] [LSA expires 1/13/2020]
  184. Humboldt Regeneration[LSA expires 11/24/2018]
  185. Humboldt Senior Resource Center[SSA completed for Main Office and Arcata Senior Lunch Site] [LSA expires 2/6/2019]
  186. Humboldt Spay Neuter Network[LSA expires 12/30/2019]
  187. Humboldt Trails Council [inc. Volunteer Trail Stewards][LSA expires 1/31/2018]
  188. Humboldt Youth Soccer League[LSA expires 10/14/19]
  189. Iconic Innovations, Inc. [Studio City, CA] [LSA expires 2/17/2019]
  190. iHeart Media [Burbank, CA] [LSA expires 6/12/2021]
  191. Ink People Center for the Arts [includes MARZ Project; Centro del Pueblo] [LSA expires 12/1/2021]
  192. Island Recreation Center [Hilton Head Island, SC] [LSA expires 3/29/2021]
  193., LLC [LSA expires 2/20/2019]
  194. Jacoby Creek Land Trust [LSA expires 1/13/2018]
  195. Jill B. Nimble/Nimble Training [Santa Rosa, CA][LSA expires 5/28/2018]
  196. John Madsen Performance [Sandy, UT][LSA expires 8/26/2019]
  197. Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences [Richmond, CA][LSA expires 9/8/2021]
  198. Kayak Zak's [inc. Big Lagoon Park Rd.; 115336 Hwy 101, Trinidad; Indian Beach, Trinidad][LSA expires 4/30/2019]
  199. KBAE FM Radio[LSA expires 9/14/2019]
  200. Kern County Public Health Services Department [Bakersfield, CA][LSA expires 6/23/2018]
  201. Kinetic Universe [including Kinetic Museum Eureka] [LSA expires 3/14/2021]
  202. Kokatat[LSA expires 11/24/2018]
  203. KCRA TV [Sacramento, CA][LSA expires 5/15/2022]
  204. KRCR - TV Channel 7 [Redding, CA][LSA expires 5/23/2018]
  205. Kreations Auto Body[LSA expires 5/4/2021]
  206. LACO Associates [LSA expires 08/29/22]
  207. LatinoNet [LSA expires 11/20/2022]
  208. Lewis and Clark College [Portland, OR] [LSA expires 1/20/2021]
  209. Lima’s Pharmacy[LSA expires 5/29/2019]
  210. Little Redwoods Preschool [LSA expires 7/18/2018]
  211. Little's Boutique[LSA expires 1/10/2021]
  212. Live2Dive Scuba Company[LSA expires 10/5/2020]
  213. Los Angeles Valley College [Valley Glen, CA] [LSA expires 5/4/2019]
  214. Los Bagels[LSA expires 10/2/2018]
  215. Lost Boys Jiu Jitsu & MMA/Hard Fought Productions [LSA expires 2/19/2020]
  216. Lost Coast Brewery & Café [LSA expires 6/4/2018]
  217. Lost Coast Camp[LSA expires 11/20/2019]
  218. Lost Coast Communications, Inc. [inc. KHUM, KSLG, KWPT, KXGO, LOCO-Lost Coast Outpost] [LSA expires 4/3/2018]
  219. Mad River Alliance [including 3 sites on river for their Education Program: Mad River County Park - 150 Mad River Rd; 1183 Hatchery Rd.; Humboldt Bay Municipal Water Districts Pump Station 4 - 210-530 Warren Creek Rd.] [LSA expires 4/3/2018]
  220. Mad River Brewing Company [LSA expires11/27/2022]
  221. Mad River Radio [LSA expires 8/21/2019]
  222. Malibu Divers [SSAs received for: 21231 Pacific Coast HWY, Malibu, CA; Camp Emerald Bay - 1 Cove Road, Avalon, CA][LSA expires 5/10/2021]
  223. Malibu Wine Safari[LSA expires 8/29/2021]
  224. Manila Community Services District [inc. Manila Community Resource Center] [LSA expires 5/29/2019]
  225. Manzanita Services, Inc.[Ukiah, CA] [LSA expires 6/14/2022]
  226. Marin Humane [Novato, CA] [LSA expires 4/26/2022]
  227. Martial Athletics[Arcata, CA][LSA expires 5/28/2018]
  228. McKeever Energy and Electric, Inc. [LSA expires 5/15/2019]
  229. McKinleyville Community Services District [inc. Department of Parks & Recreation] [LSA expires 1/9/2022]
  230. Medical Staffing Network [LSA expires 5/4/2019]
  231. MedX of Estes [Estes Park, CO][LSA expires 8/14/2019]
  232. Mendocino College [Ukiah, CA] [LSA expires 6/22/2020]
  233. Mercy's Haven[Blue Lake, CA] [LSA expires11/08/2022]
  234. Metroflex Gym Long Beach[LSA expires 12/16/2020]
  235. Mid Klamath Watershed Council [Orleans, CA] [LSA expires 11/6/2021]
  236. Mira Costa College [Oceanside, CA] [LSA expires 4/7/2021]
  237. Miranda’s Rescue[LSA expires 5/28/2018]
  238. National Center for Youth Law [Oakland, CA] [LSA expires 2/2/2019]
  239. National Outdoor Leadership School [Conway, WA] [LSA expires 3/12/2020]
  240. National Park Service - Point Reyes National Seashore [Point Reyes, CA] [LSA expires 5/2/2021]
  241. National Park Service: Redwood National Park [SSA received for office at 121200 U.S.