District/System Maintenance for Criteria

District/System Maintenance for Criteria

Student Plans


District/System Maintenance for Criteria


Evaluation Report

An evaluation plan is created for Mel Arneson.


Completeness check states evaluation area must be selected:



The parent authorizes the plan.


An evaluation report draft was created.

Necessary information was entered in the evaluation report.


Evaluators can generate Draft Criteria. Before we complete this for Mel, let us understand where the information came from.

MDE provides the outlines for the criteria. (inserted example of form)

Summary of Evaluation

In summary of evaluation, append criteria that you just filled out


Text will be appended into the evaluation summary. The text that will be appended is dependent on whether the student is eligible or not eligible for Early Childhood Special Education Services. The ^^ fields need to be completed to pass the completeness check.

Determine eligibility based on evaluation criteria

Finish the evaluation report; check completeness. Note the ^^ have not yet been done.

District Maintenance – Import/Export

Criteria may be created or imported when you install Student Plans. If you wish to import criteria, go to the MenuBar and select Import Export. From the selection, click the link Import Criteria Library.

Enter the path to your server, if applicable select district to import from:

Please read the above statement about draft documents.

To view the criteria definition lists, from the MenuBar select System Template orDistrict Maintenance and selectCriteria Definitions.

You may edit, see the detail, review the criteria, do a preview of how you have setup the criteria for a student, or you may delete a definition. The link at the top of the page allows you to add additional criteria definitions.

System Maintenance – Criteria Definitions

From this form, criteria definitions are setup in Student Plans as a template.

The template consists of basically two areas – above or below the line:

There are levels of Criteria Components which match the levels of Criteria Definitions. They are imported with the criteria definitions. Once you modify definitions make sure not to import and replace them.

Level OneA.

Level Two1.


Level Threea.


Continuing… Below the line

Click the link Detail to see specifics for Level 1 (on State Form these are the areas A & B):

Click the link Edit to explore this information or click link Level 2 for Level 1 A (on State Form these are the numbered items under A):

Click link Level 3 (on State form these are the check line areas):

Click link Edit:

Thus, you see the succession of each level and the data entry necessary for fields, required or optional. Be very observant in reading what is required for each step. If it says pick 2, you need to choose 2.

Review the data at any time by clicking the box Reviewat the bottom of each level’s page or going back to the initial screen and clicking the link

The Criteria Checklist autocalculates whether or not a student qualifies in a given disability. During the Evaluation Summary phase, this checklist may be merged together. When you click Review, the checklist appears. (blank in this example):

NOTE: If “Y” was selected and you wish to cancel this, clicking “N” is seen as a response. If you want to have no item selected, you must click the button “X”. This clears the line from having any response.

To see the completed form, click the preview icon.

The resulting report looks like the State Form.

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