District 95 2008 Choral Festival

District 95 2008 Choral Festival

District 95 13th Annual Choral Festival

Schedule of Events for Saturday October 22, 2011

The choral festival is an all day event. MSNstudents should expect to be present at the high school from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm. If you have a conflict with this commitment, you must contact Mr. Begale immediately– or 847-719-3665for a mandatory alternative assignment.

MSN students will be rehearsing at 10:45am, and should arrive at LZHS no later than 10:30 am. Studentsshould dress comfortably and come prepared with a disposable lunch, 6 bottle water donation, something to read, and their choir uniform (DO NOT WEAR YOUR INFORM TO REHEARSAL).

  • Girls – black skirt or pants, LZMSN T-shirt, black dress shoes
  • Boys – black pants, LZMSN Choir T-shirt, black socks and dress shoes

10:30 am - Parents drop off students at the Tonelli gym doors (see map on back). Students should proceed directly to the cafeteria for check in.

  • Students check in @ the MSN table & drop off water donation in the LZHS cafeteria.
  • Each MSN student should bring a minimum of 6 bottles of water as a donation for the after concert reception.
  • Students receive their room assignments and proceed to homerooms to drop off uniforms. All students should keep their lunch with them - you WILL NOT be returning to homerooms prior to lunch.
  • 6th/7th/8th grade students go back to cafeteria to wait for rehearsal - Do not leave your lunch in your homeroom. Wait here for Mr. Begale to escort you to the field house for rehearsal.

10:45 am–Mr. Begale will escort students from the cafeteria to the field house. We will rehearse Yonder Come Day and Sesere Eeye

11:15-11:45am -All Students proceed to the Tonelli gym for brown bag, disposable lunch.

11:45- 2:15 pm - All students return to field house for warm-up, spirit leading, rehearsal, and sectionals. A brief water/bathroom break provided around 1:15.

2:15- 2:35 pm - All studentsquickly return to their homerooms to dress for the concert.

2:40pm - Students escorted to their warm -up rooms.

2:50pm - Students enter field house and take places for the concert.

3:00pm - Concert begins in the field house.

After 4:30 pm - Post Concert Reception -Parents and students reunite in the Tonelli gym, following the concert.

Notes to Parents:

  • In addition to our festival, the Flames football organization will be having a series of games on the LZHS field, so parking will be tight. You can also park by the Performing Arts Center and enter from those doors - See the map below.
  • The cost for the event is $5 per person or $10 per family.
  • After the concert, students will first head back to the warm-up room to collect their belongings. Afterwards, you can meet up with them in the Tonelli gym for the reception, or arrange to have them find you outside of the Tonelli doors.
  • This is a mandatory event. If your family/child has a conflict that prevents them from attending, please contact me immediately – or 847-719-3665.