Disadvantaged Ethnic Minorities 少數民族 in Hong Kong

Disadvantaged Ethnic Minorities 少數民族 in Hong Kong

F.D.B.W.A. SzetoHo Secondary School

27th October, 2016

Morning Assembly by F.6B

Disadvantaged ethnic minorities(少數民族)in Hong Kong

C: Chan YuXingL: Li Hon YinS: So Yuk Sin

S: / Let’s go shopping this weekend?
L: / Why not? Where shall we go?
S: / How about Mongkok? There’s a lot of trendy stuff (潮流玩意) in Langham Place.
C: / Great! Let’s have lunch in Yau Ma Tei afterwards. My sister has just recommended a decent (相當不錯的)café there.
L: / Yau Ma Tei? No way(決不)! It’s too dangerous there. Haven’t you heard of the gang fight (幫派打鬥) in early October? The attackers kept assaulting (毆打) the victim until the police opened fire.
C: / I watched the news on TV the following day and it was reported that the brawl (毆鬥) involved five to six South Asian men.
L: / How scary! Theresidents must have been tired of the disturbance (滋擾)caused by the South Asians.
S: / Hey, it’s not fair to say so. Don’t tar all of them with the same brush(一足篙打一船人).
L: / But it was reported that many residents lodged complaints to the police about the trouble caused by the South Asians. Some said in an interview that they forbade(禁止)their kids from going out alone at night.
C: / It isn’t time to blame who did wrong. On the contrary (恰恰相反), we should understand why those ethnic minorities got involved in gang activities.
S: / Some local social workers who help those ethnic minority communities claim that many of the social problems and crimes among them stemmed from(由…造成)government policies that were not inclusive enough.
C: / You’re right. From education to employment, many of the ethnic minorities feel alienated (被忽視的), mainly due to the biggest obstacle (障礙)– language!
L: / Language should not be a problem! Many of their kids are receiving proper education in Hong Kong. Most of them can speak fluent Cantonese, too.
S: / However, not many local businesses are willing to employ them even if they have satisfactory results in public exams. Because of their race, those teens are unable to find a stable (穩定的) job. How can a low income family afford the high university fees for their kids? It’s practically a vicious circle (惡性循環).
L: / I have to apologise for what I said just then. What can we do to help them?
C: / Always bear in mind (記住) that everyone is equal. If everyone treats people of all races as family, there will be fewer disputes or even wars in the world.
Useful phrases / Example
No way! / "Come on,letmeborrowyourbike." "No way!"
to tar sb with the same brush / As they worked so closely in the same department, John was tarred with the same brush as Tim.
bear in mind / Bear in mind that you will have to sit for a driving test tomorrow.