Dear First Name of Employer

Dear First Name of Employer

Dear [first name of employer],

I would like to attend Service Management 2017 - itSMF Australia’s 20th Annual National Conference on Wednesday 23 - Thursday 24 August 2017 at the Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne.

Service Management 2017 will bring the Australian ITSM community together for two thought-provoking, topical days of learning, networking, and discovering new methods for IT projects, teams, and approaches.

I would like to attend to increase my effectiveness in using frameworks, methodologies, standards and processes to build a truly customer-centric, service-oriented approach; as well as to have the opportunity to network with about 400+ like-minded peers.

The Conference will feature more than 50 speakers across two days including influential keynote speakers Marita Cheng, Dion Hinchcliffe, Lindsay Holmwood and Turia Pitt.

Half and Full-Day hands-on workshops will also be held prior to the Conference on topics such as DevOps adoption and bringing Agile to service delivery. As such, the Conference offers an intensive learning experience over a short period of time.

I believe there are many sessions on the program which would be of value. I would of course be happy to report back on the Conference and share copies of relevant presentations with my colleagues.

You can find more details about the Conference via the website at

The cost to attend the Conference is <insert the applicable cost from the list below>

itSMF member - $1350

Non-member - $1650

Groups of 5 or more benefit from a 10% discount.

These costs are inclusive of GST and include all refreshments, Conference materials and access to all sessions on both days of the Conference.

I also think it would be beneficial for me to attend the pre-Conference workshop day on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 for a more in-depth, small group learning session, on the topic of <insert workshop>, with presenter <insert presenter>. The cost of the workshop is <insert the applicable cost from the list below


itSMF member $400

Non-member $600


itSMF member $750

Non-member $900

Additionally, I hope to make the most of networking opportunities by attending the Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday 22 August 2017 to celebrate the winners of the 2017 itSMF Industry Awards at Melbourne’s iconic Plaza Ballroom. This is a great opportunity for networking, and will cost $150 per ticket or $1350 if we get a table of 10.

Travel and accommodation costs will be additional, estimated at approximately $......

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment. It is an opportunity for me to gain specific industry knowledge; network with my peers; represent our organisation; meet influential keynote and invited speakers, and attend invaluable educational sessions .

Yours sincerely,

name of sender

P.s Some words of praise from past attendees:

“This is the premier ITSM Conference because it is by practitioners for practitioners - authentic, informed and pragmatic.”

“Good to listen to other stories from people who have had the same challenges and how they approached them. Also good to see what others are doing in the market, different methodologies and how they are applied and in general new ideas for approaching how we deliver IT and do Service Management.”

“Great to get out of the grind and freshen your mind. Plenty of topics at the Conference to help. It's great to hear the positive comments from my team re: their attendance.”

“Good quality of speakers with industry and leadership experience. Fantastic experience, thanks for a great Conference!”

“It provides an insight into ITSM in general and is a good networking opportunity. A great experience, I’ll be back!”

‘#SMCONFAU Excellent 2016 conference. Topical, forward thinking and provocative. Valuable information for life and work. Book 2017, 20 yrs!’