Dear Chorus Members and Parents

Dear Chorus Members and Parents

September 6, 2017

Dear Chorus Members and Parents-

Welcome to another great year of KV Chorus. Below are our rehearsal schedule and chorus policies, please read this information carefully.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: This schedule WILL NOT conflict with orchestra or band rehearsals.

*If you are not able to be here exactly at 7:30am, then come to rehearsal as soon as you get to school.

7/8 Grade Chorus- Mondays and Wednesdays - 7:30am – 8:10am

6 Grade Chorus- Tuesdays and Thursdays - 7:30am – 8:10am

Select Chorus- Friday - 7:30am - 8:10 am

- Tuesday after school starting January 2018

We will rehearse in the Auditorium.

Winter Concert: December 12, 2017

Spring Concert: May 16, 2018

SECTIONALS: Students will have the opportunity to work in sectionals during Black Pace days during the school year. This is a good time to learn material you may have missed or to practice solo work for an upcoming performance. Sectional dates and times will be posted on the music wing bulletin board.


You have decided and committed to being in chorus because you like to sing, you like to be part of a group and you are interested in learning about music. Positive behavior and attitudes are expected and are necessary for creating the best sound possible. If a student’s behavior and attitude present problems and cause disruptions for the rest of the group, then that student’s commitment will be questioned and they could possibly be dismissed from the group for the remainder of the year.


You are expected to be at every rehearsal unless you are absent from school. You will be required to sign in prior to rehearsal and remain at rehearsal until the end of homeroom. If you are in school, and skip chorus rehearsal, it will be considered an unexcused absence.Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the group.


You are expected to be at every concert. An unexcused absence from a concert will result in administrative action:

Examples of excused absences: serious illness, death in family, family emergency.

Examples of unexcused absences: Non-school activities, sports practice/game, trips, shopping…

Communication of the absence must be made to the director prior to the concert.

If no communication is forthcoming, the absence will be considered unexcused.


6th Grade Chorus, 7/8 Grade Chorus, and Select Chorus each perform at two concerts per year. The following dates represent the concerts for the two groups. Attendance at concerts is required.

Winter Choral Concert: December 12, 2017 @ 7:00pm in the KV Auditorium

Spring Choral Concert: May 22, 2018 @ 7:00pm in the KV Auditorium


We have a few scheduled trips and performance opportunities this year. Some of these trips will require a fee.

Hershey Park Winter Performance with Marching Band: November 18th 2017

Sounds of Learning Opera: CARMEN April 25th, 2018

Choirs Rock Concert: May 23, 2018 in Philadelphia (10,000 singers performing)


Students are to dress appropriately at all performances. We want students to look uniform and professional:

Solid color blouses, dress shirts or polos

Blue/Black dress pants, skirts or slacks (no jeans or mini skirts)

Dresses (appropriate length and cut)

Dress shoes (no sneakers, flip flops, uggs, or high heels!)


To minimize confusion, you and your student are asked to sign the commitment slip below and return it to school. The singers always feel great anticipation for their performances and a great deal of pride in what they present on stage. I hope you will bring family and friends to this event. See you at our Winter Concert!!!

Mindy Rubinlicht and Meghan May

Vocal Music Directors

Contact: or

Cut and return commitment slip by October 1, 2017


My student ______will commit to the expectations and guidelines of the KVMS Chorus program. They will participate in morning rehearsals and the two evening performances on December 12th 2017 and May 16th, 2018. They will be wearing the specified uniform as described above. I understand that missing excessive rehearsals and/or the evening concerts will result in dismissal from the group AND/OR administrative action.


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