Damen and Evoqua Launches DAMEN BALCON EC 1500 Powered by Seacure Systems

Damen and Evoqua Launches DAMEN BALCON EC 1500 Powered by Seacure Systems

Damen and Evoqua Launches DAMEN BALCON EC 1500 powered by SeaCURE® Systems

Damen Green Solutions and Evoqua Water Technologies will launch the DAMEN BALCON EC 1500 powered by the SeaCURE® ballast water management system (BWMS) at SMM Hamburg on 6 September 2016.

The BALCON containerized deck house has been developed as a direct result of customer demand for fast plug and play installation in the yard. “Damen enjoyed working with our partner Evoqua to develop the BALCON. Together we had a continuous focus on safety during the development of the BALCON. Evoqua, which hasover 40 years’ experience in manufacturing Chloropac®marine growth prevention systems, refined this tried and tested technology and integrated it into its SeaCURE BWMS.

Damen focused on standardization throughout the development process as part of our remit to deliver safe and proven solutions to our shipyard customers on demand. The container will be classified as adeck house by the major classification societies,” said MatthijsSchuiten, Product Manager Damen Green Solutions. “We were delighted to work with Damen to produce the BALCON, and take this next step in our relationship,” said Lars Nupnau, Director Global Business Development Ballast Systems at Evoqua Water Technologies.

BALCON is an ideal ‘plug and play’ solution, with the absolute minimum of downtime for the vessel. BALCON is also well-suited for tanker vessels (with submergible ballast pumps), where there is typically no space available for placement of the BMWS.

It can also be used as a temporary system on vessels that are nearing the end of their life cycle and only need to bridge a short period before they are being taken out of service. With a footprint of 20” container for a 1.500 m³/h treatment capacity, this newly arranged BALCON is a compact solution for ship owners and operators with limited space below deck.

The arrangement is optimized for maintenance, and can be assembled and tested offsite to shorten build time on board.

Damen Green Solutions and Evoqua'sSeaCURE BWMS is backed by a strong after-sales support service. They collaboratively provide services to ensure ongoing compliance for the lifetime of a vessel, from commissioning and installation at locations across the globe, to maintenance through partners in a multitude of territories.

Damen Green Solutions and Evoqua Water Technologies are exhibiting at the SMM international shipping exhibition SMM in Hamburg from 6-9 September.

Chloropac and SeaCURE are trademarks of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC in some countries.