Daily Participation 10 Pts. (50 Pts. Weekly)

Daily Participation 10 Pts. (50 Pts. Weekly)

Celina Middle School Choirs

Syllabus 2016-2017

Students and parents are encouraged to check student progress on Progress Book regularly. Please notify Mr. Trisel if you discover any discrepancy with grading. Be proactive: do NOT wait until after grades are submitted at the end of each quarter!


Daily participation – 10 pts. (50 pts. weekly)

Points will be deducted for lack of participation in all class activities.

Individualized Voice Testing – 50 pts.

Students will be required to be voice tested in small groups to determine voice changes and growth. Lack of participation will result in point deduction.

Performance Participation – 150 pts.

Points will be deducted for tardiness, dress code violations, and participation during performance. This includes time NOT spent singing… you are a performer from the second you step into the venue!

Written Assessments – 100 pts.

Assessments about choir related topics to be conducted throughout the year.

Please note that absences will only be excused if the director is informed in advance. Keeping in mind students’ other school activities and responsibility to notify work, every effort will be made by the director to work around other scheduled school activities. Conflicts should be discussed with the director in advance of the conflict.

Students are expected to attend all performances in which their ensemble performs. Performance dates are set as early as possible so that students and parents can plan accordingly. Call times for students will be provided at least 2 weeks before a performance. Call times will be sent out via Remind and will be posted on the choir website.

To register for Remind text alerts, text 81010 to @mrtris7 for 7th grade choir alerts, or @mrtris8 for 8th grade choir alerts. To register for Remind alerts via email, simply email for 7th grade email alerts and for 8th grade email alerts. If you have any questions about signing up for this free service, please email Mr. Trisel ASAP!

Students are expected to stay for the ENTIRE performance. Students will not be excused from performances because of work, homework/studying, or other non-school related activities.

If a student does not show up to a performance, or another *completely unavoidable* obligation comes up, the student can expect to earn a grade of “0” for that performance. The performing aspect of being in choir is completely unique and cannot be duplicated in rehearsal. It is an essential component of this course. Do NOT let your fellow singers down by not showing up! Points lost for a performance absence can be earned by completing an academic assignment, the content of which will be at the discretion of the director. Only partial credit will be awarded for these assignments.

Concert Apparel:

Students who are dressed inappropriately for concerts will lose performanceparticipation points. The district’s dress code applies to events outside of the school day. Jeans, athletic shoes, flip flops, and anything low-cut or revealing, and mini-skirts are NEVER appropriate for concerts. Ladies are strongly advised to wear flats as they are more comfortable and you are less likely to trip! Concert dress will be further discussed in each class, as attire varies from group to group.

Classroom/Rehearsal Rules and Procedures

Be on time to class, with your music folder and a pencil.

Any student arriving to class late will receive a red slip. Accumulated tardies will result in detention.


Only WATER is permitted in the choir room. Any other food/drink items will need to be disposed of upon entering the room.

Students need to respect the learning/rehearsal process and remain quiet.

There will be times daily when one group/section is singing and others are not. During those times the sections not being worked with need to remain quiet. Other coursework/books are not permitted. If you respect your peers and remain silent, you won’t have time to accomplish anything anyway! Students are expected to STAND for a large portion of the class and must be quiet when standing up and sitting down. These transitions are crucial for maintaining a productive rehearsal. Any student who frequently disrupts class will be asked to leave the choir program at the director’s discretion.

Hall passes will be granted only with STUDENT’S OWN agenda, at the director’s discretion.

Passes should only be requested when absolutely necessary. Leaving and returning is distracting and disrupts rehearsal.

Electronic devices are not to be present in rehearsal, during or after school.

If Mr. Trisel sees or hears a device he will ask for it and student will need to retrieve it from the office. If a student does not hand over the device, he or she will be sent to the office for insubordination. Instagram is for after school!

Choir rehearsal is a safe environment. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

Disrespect for a classmate, teacher, substitute teacher, or school property will result in strong disciplinary action, starting with detention, parent phone call, and student/parent/teacher/administrator conferencing. Choir is a team sport and everyone should feel comfortable contributing. This goes for posting negative comments related to this course on social media as well. It will not be tolerated. Disrespect for classmates, teachers, or school property mayresult in removal from choral program.

Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability. Period.

Mr. Trisel demands a fun, fast-paced, productive rehearsal each and every day. Choir can be a lot of fun, but only when we are working at peak productivity. Choir can also be a real drag when nothing is being accomplished. A good choir has discipline. A great choir has discipline and has fun. If you aren’t contributing in choir, you are taking away. A choir of 60 that sounds like a choir of 40 because 20 members aren’t singing is pretty disappointing.