Concerning the Draft UTP WAG

Concerning the Draft UTP WAG

Concerning the draft UTP WAG:

Please note that, as UTP WAG is supposed to be adopted by the Committee of Technical Experts in September and therefore may enter into force 1 March 2011, it has been drafted according to the revised APTU and ATMF as adopted by the Revision Committee in 2009 with an entry into force by 1 December 2010. The revised APTU and ATMF can be found by this link:

The document UTP WAG in its present form is incomplete. Only Annex A has been drafted in the UTP format so far. For information the other TSI Annexes are annexed in a zip file to this mail in their original form (i.e. without the amendments from 2009/107/EC), but the 2009/107/EC is annexed as well.

After this WG TECH, the UTP text will be amended as decided by WG TECH, and the remaining Annexes and a table of content will be completed; the completed UTP is intended to be used for the WS in Skopje on 26-27 May. Also the section “Specific Cases” is incomplete; the Specific Cases for EU Member States as they appear in the TSI will be incorporated in UTP WAG as they are; the non-EU Specific cases will be negotiated with the non-EU OTIF Member States after next WG TECH (June 2010) when the UTP text hopefully is stable and the workshop in Skopje has “alerted” these States and given them a basic understanding of the content and impact of the UTP.

The UTP WAG contains text with yellow background where the Secretariat has found text in the TSI which we do not understand – or are uncertain on the reasoning behind; or OTIF text yet incomplete. Text in [xxxx] is not intended to stay in the final UTP; it is only for information as long as we are drafting. Some TSI texts seems not to be real provisions for the users, but information on what „might“ or „may“ be in other TSIs; however, in order to have as much text as possible identical in the TSI and UTP, most of these texts have been integrated in the UTP as well.

As decided in last WG TECH, the UTP WAG also contains all the provisions in the TSIs CCS and OPE which we have found being related to freight wagon design and maintenance. Furthermore the amendments to the TSI included in 2009/107/EC has been observed; these amendments are included in the UTP with the editing tool and therefore showing underlined and (in the electronic form) in red (or blue). 2009/107/EC does not in all cases specify exactly where in an existing paragraph or in which paragraph the amendment should be done; and as we didn’t find a consolidated version of the TSI WAG available, we have placed the amendments as we find appropriate.

The original TSI Rolling Stock– Freight Wagons with Annexes A to ZZ can be found by this link: