Conard Girls Tennis 2010

Conard Girls Tennis 2010


Welcome to the Conard Tennis Team!

A fellow coach recently shared with me the following:

“in order to be successful at anything one attempts, three things must be achieved.

First, a lesson from the esteemed Coach Palazzotto: P.M.A., which is Positive Mental Attitude; no matter what situation you are presented with, no matter how positive or negative, you must work to find and see the positive and continue to build a positive perception or understanding or lesson learned from there.

Second, you need to put effort into everything you do. If you put a good effort in, you will see an improvement of some sort as the season moves on.

Third, you need discipline to be successful. With discipline you will do the right thing, even when no one else is around to see you doing the right thing.”

We, too, will be adopting the above philosophy.

This is destined to be a great season for our team but we each need to take and accept responsibility for our participation in that greatness; work your hardest to achieve it for yourself and bring it out in all of those around you!

In line with the above the coaches and captains have all agreed on the following expectations for attendance:

Practice meets every weekday, typically, from 2:45-5:00; D-Squad will have practice 4 days/week. If practice is cancelled or altered for some reason, the notice of this will be posted outside of Coach Hoffman’s office at the end of guidance and by the white board by the gym.

Attendance at all practices and competitions is mandatory unless discussed with a coach prior to the absence, please bring a parent or doctor’s note for any absence.

At 2:45 the captains will lead the team in a specific sequence for warm-up; cooperation with and support of the captains is expected of all players.


Unexcused absence from:

Practice: 1st offense, verbal warning

2nd offense, phone call home

3rd offense, your season is over-you will be asked to leave the team.

Competition: Parent meeting; possible dismissal from the team

Excused: 4 excused absences are allowed with notes for various reasons (illness, personal emergency…), after the 4th, see unexcused absences for penalties.

Please be prepared for practice and competition with your sneakers, racquets, and clothing appropriate to the conditions; school uniforms are mandatory for matches with other schools.

Bring a water bottle and be cognizant of being and staying hydrated.

Eat 2 balanced meals before practice/competition (breakfast and lunch), and have snacks with you should you need them.

If you are prescribed an inhaler for asthma, or epipen for allergies, you must have it with you at all times when at tennis. If you do not have the inhaler or epipen with you, you will not be allowed on the court; this will be counted as an unexcused absence.

The PARENT MEETING is scheduled for next THURSDAY3-29 at 6 PM in the Auditorium. PARENT/GUARDIAN ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT.

Your coaches are:

Coach Hoffman: 860-231-5037

Coach Richman: 860-231-5000

Coach D’Amico: 860-231-5000

Your Captains are:

Megan Cummings, Christie Merino, Lydia Howard





I have read and understand the expectations presented above: ______

Print Player’s Name and Player’s Signature, Date

I have read the above and: __ I plan to attend the parent meeting ______

Parent/Guardian Signature, Date

__ Will not attend the parent meeting ______

Parent/Guardian Signature, Date