Christian, 30 Years Old, Live in Shanghai, Looking for a Job in Shenzhen

Christian, 30 Years Old, Live in Shanghai, Looking for a Job in Shenzhen

I'm Liber

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龚峻磊 (LIBER GONG) - 13681698273

Christian, 30 years old, live in Shanghai, looking for a job in Shenzhen.

6+ years work experience, currently work for SAP as a front-end developer.

Key person in the Shanghai team, share ideas and thoughts with manager, take part in the team member interviewing.

Continuous outstanding performance review.

Think as PO, coding as mechanic.

Devote into Writing Maintainable Code.

Nice person, awesome communicator and cooperator.

– 像国王一样思考,像侍从一样辛劳。
“Be a king in your mind but do the work of a servant.”



Excellent in: JavaScript
Master in: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Backbonejs, Bootstrap, Sass
Familiar with: Ruby, Rails, MySQL
Know: React, Redux, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, OAuth, Elixir
Studying now: Node, Redis, Express, Webpack, ES2015, Vue2, Weex, Vuex


If you are looking for:
Experienced React / Vue / Angular developer.
Node expert.
HTML5 Native App developer, using like: React Native / Weex / Lonic.
Pity that I might not be the perfect one currently.
Because my current job does not use those tech, so I just play it for fun my part time.
Give me a chance and a little time, it won’t be too hard.

If you are looking for:
Fully experienced Web developer.
JavaScript expert.
Clearly understand how browser works with JavaScript, Rendering engine and how animation works.
Experienced jQuery, Backbonejs, Bootstrap developer, jQuery plugin develop master.
A potential full-stack developer.
Call me now: 136-8169-8273

Good at solve problem, love challenge, full of passion,THE MEDIATOR.
Good at self-study and try out things, life-long learner.
Good sense for products and business, love thinking, often result good advises.

Main Experiences:

The 1050 Poetry of Christian(Personal project:1050)
Songs platform of Christian.
Tech-stack: Javascript, Ruby, Sinatra, Backbonejs, Requirejs, Openshift, Qiniu,QQ Open API

Bootstrap-waterfall(Personal projectbootstrap-waterfall)
Responsive waterfall like image layout plugin.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Forms & List(Single Page application)
Used as a internal demonstrate system, shows the possibilities of extend a common codebase to six different use cases:
Knowledge based system, voting, survey, form, examination, KPI.
Spent one month of my time to achieve, and got many kudos afterwards.
Tech-stack: Javascript, Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Backbonejs, MySQL, Bootstrap, Sass.

Accessibility automation toolkit(Tad)
Tad can run automation test for the website, and list all the violations.
eg: focusable elements, tab orders, key bindings, etc.
Also, tad can run automatically through Jenkins, then give results afterwards.
Tech-stack: Javascript, Webpack, ES2015, Babel, jQuery, Casperjs, QUnit

RSS generator(Personal project, in progress:mystist-worker)
Concepts: learning, thinking, generation.
Learning: learn new thing from the articles.
Thinking: understand and rewrite a new article based on the main idea of the articles.
Generation: generate your own articles based on the new articles.
Tech-stack: Redis, Node, Express, Openshift(Next Gen)

X company’s Satisfaction Management System(Part-time project, live from Nov.2015 to now)
I took part in the project all the process. From discussing about the requirements to push it out to production.
Mainly a survey system and a 360 KPI system, and generate reports for the departments and sub-companies.
It’s my first time that try to build a system uses pure front-end technologies.
Tech-stack: Javascript, Underscorejs, jQuery

Other Experiences:

SAP Jam Front-end Plugins
jam.accessibility.js: Accessibility applying tools for Jam.
jam.sticker.js: Stick box like elements for Jam.
jam.hotag.js: Tag cloud plugin for Jam.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery

SAP Jam Features
I also built those features below:
The whole front-end of: Tasks, Search, Tag Cloud Widget, Content Rating.
Some bug fix and enhancements for back-end features.
Tech-stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbonejs

MRS is a Data visualization system: Medical Report System.
Version 1 use BIRT, Version 2 use OLAP and eCharts.
Communicate with PM.
Take charge of front-end team.
Create a tool to custom report: BIKit.
Know more about OLAP, eCharts and hightCharts.
Tech-stack: BI, OLAP, Javascript, MDX, eCharts, BIRT, hightCharts, JSON

A system that the Doctors and Nurses can work together.
Nurse can do: Manage patients, Make plan for patients, execute docter orders, etc.
Docter can do: Manage orders, Make applications and Add dialysis orders for patients.
Know more about the Roles of Designer, Front-End and Back-End.
Know more about Front-End MVC.
Business technologies about HIS.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery, MyEclipse

Time-track plugin
jQuery plugin to manage dates and events.
Learnt how to write jQuery plugins.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery

PC client for X logistics company
The customers of X can use the website to make orders online, search informations.
The carriers of X can use the website to print order infotmations.
Work with architect engineer.
Design and Achieve the website.
Learnt the CN lauguage made by NanRuan.
Learnt something about UI, UE.
Learnt business technologies about logistics.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery, CN

ERP system for X company
X company is a medical made/sell company.
Achieve clients management.
Technical support on site.
Know how to be presence of mind when support customer on site.
Business technologies about ERP.
Tech-stack: Javascript, jQuery

Group of iTry86
iTry86 is a website that can trade stocks with virtual money.
Group of iTry86 is the subsite that users can communicate with each other there.
Work with Designer.
Know more about jQuery and Memcached.
Know how to work with colleagues.
Business technologies about Finance.
Tech-stack: C#, Javascript, jQuery, Visual Studio 2008, Memcached

Work Experiences:

2014.06 - Now SAP(SAP Jam is a team under SAP Collaboration department, their main product Jam is a SaaS intranet social network. People can freely share feeds, join groups, upload documents, create tasks, etc…)

2012.09 - 2014.05 DJHealthUnion(DJHealthUnion is a foreign funded company that build hospital systems)

2011.05 - 2012.08 NanRuan tech.(NanRuan tech. is a soft company that focus on build logistics systems)

2010.09 - 2011.04 LinZhi Network(LinZhi Network is a financial network company)


2006 - 2010 Bachelor, Hulunbeir College & Harbin Normal University, Computer Science and Technology


2008-06 CET4
2008-06 Third Price in Northeast China, ACM/ICPC 2008
2008-05 Second Price in Hei Longjiang Province, ACM/ICPC 2008

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