Check In/Check out Program at Mountain View Elementary

Check In/Check out Program at Mountain View Elementary

Check In/Check Out Program at Mountain View Elementary

Program Description

Check In/Check Out (CICO) is a school-wide prevention program that provides more frequent feedback to students about their daily behavior. CICO individualizes our school wide goals of respect for self, others, and learning to the needs of individual students. Students who need feedback about their behavior through the day and in different settings are good candidates for the program verses those who have trouble ONLY at recess or ONLY during math.

How does CICO work?

Based on a student’s particular area of need, 3 to 4 individual goals are developed based upon our school wide goals of respect for self, others, and learning. Ideally, a short 15-20 minute session with a CICO team member is scheduled to explain the program to the student, develop “student friendly” goals, and describe the daily requirements of CICO. After the initial meeting with the students, he/she is given a daily point sheet with their individual goals written down.

Daily Program Activities

1)CHECK IN: Check in is available from 8:05-8:20. Students go to the counselor/school psychologist’s office (or designated CICO teacher) and check in for the day. During this time the CICO team member will touch base with the students, set a daily goal for points and discuss what behaviors are needed to meet the goal.

2)DURING THE DAY: The student takes his/her daily point sheet to all areas of the school building including specials, lunch, and recess. The students ask for feedback from staff members based on their specified goals.

3)CHECK OUT: Check out is available from 2:40-2:55 During this time, students again meet with a CICO team member and discuss their daily points. Questions such as “Did you meet your goal today?”, “What behaviors caused you to meet (or not meet) your goals?”, “It looks like you had a rough time in ……, tell me what was going on.” The student’s points are charted and a copy of the point card is sent home with the student.

Teacher Responsibilities

1)Help define specific goals for students.

2)Provide verbal and written feedback to students at predetermined times throughout the day. The written feedback is essential for success and progress monitoring. The feedback is quick and instructional.

3)Help the student learn the system by providing prompts and cues to check in and out as well as to carry the point sheet from place to place.

Students Responsibilities

1)Help define concrete goals.

2)Become responsible for following the program expectations (check in, point sheet, check out, taking point sheet home.

Parent Responsibilities

1)Encourage and acknowledge their student’s efforts and success

2)Sign and return CICO point sheet (if deemed appropriate)

How are students chosen for the program?

1)Student self-referral

2)Teacher referral

3)Students identified during the Response to Intervention process

How do students exit the program?

When students are consistently receiving 80% of their points on a daily basis for two weeks, students may be exited from the program. The program can also be altered to target new behaviors or revise existing goals.

Parental Permission:

As parent/ guardian of ,I give my permission for my child to participate in the Check In/ Check Out program at Mountain View Elementary.

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