Certificate IV Qualification in Mental Health Or Related Field

Certificate IV Qualification in Mental Health Or Related Field

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For over 40 years, Uniting Recovery has supported people living with mental illness, their families and carers, to lead fulfilling andindependent lives. We also support mental health literacy research and sector development. Our values are hope, respect, innovation, integrity and empowerment. We are an equal opportunity employer who values, respects and supports diversity within the workplace and the community.
Position Details
Reports to: / HASI Plus
Team Leader / Location: / Carlingford
Position Description last updated / May 2017 / Hours of Work: / Full Time, Part time, Casual
Program Description
The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) program is a community based mental health residential service providing accommodation and 24 hour support to adults with mental health issues, in order to assist them to participate in their communities. The HASI Plus service aims to support people to reach their own goals which may include employment, tenancy maintenance, physical health and mental health improvements.
Position Purpose
The Mental Health Support Worker of HASI Plus will work with the HASI Plus Team Leader, Clinical Lead, and Service Manager to ensure that the most appropriate and effective services are provided to consumers of the HASI Plus service. Mental Health Support Workers will support thedevelopment and monitoring of individualised recovery plans to best support consumers in reaching their recovery goals.
Organisational Success Indicators (applicable to all roles)
Individual Work Role Behaviours / Proficiency
Fulfils the prescribed or predictable requirements of the role / Adaptability
Copes with, responds to, and supports change / Proactivity
Initiates changes, is self-starting and future-directed
Individual Task Behaviours
Behaviour contributes to individual effectiveness / Ensures core tasks are completed as detailed below, with supporting evidence / Respondsconstructivelyto new equipment, processes or procedures in core tasks, with evidence of participation / Actively participate in improvements of core tasks, with supporting evidence.
Team Member Behaviours
Behaviour contributes to team effectiveness rather than individual effectiveness / Actively participates in team activities and appropriately engages with team members / Responds constructively to team changes (e.g. new members, office location changes, new team procedures etc). / Actively participates in team improvement, with supporting evidence.
Organisation Member Behaviours
Behaviour contributes to organisation effectiveness rather than individual and team effectiveness / Actively engages with all organisational values, activities, policies and procedures (including WHS, EEO and asset management) in a positive way, with evidence of compliance. / Actively participates in the continuous improvement of the organisation. / Actively contributes to help improve the overall efficiency of the organisation
Core Tasks
Area / Key Responsibilities and Activities / Proficiency Indicators
Client Focused / Service Delivery
-Assist with the assessment of consumers and the development of individual recovery plans based on individual recovery goals.
-Assist in the delivery of individual assistance for consumers with a mental illness, based on individual recovery goals to support consumers.
-Assist with the monitoring and review of consumer recovery plans, in partnership with Team Leader/Clinical Lead/carers/family members/clinicians/ community organisations as appropriate.
-Complete risk assessments and safety planning activities as required for consumers engaged with service
-Liaise with specialists and other to ensure consumers receive timely and relevant support, information and referrals. / -Appropriate assistance is provided to the Team Leader and Clinical Lead in relation to assessment of consumers.
-Individual recovery plans are developed based on individual recovery goals.
-Individual assistance for consumers with a mental illness is effectively delivered in line with their recovery goals.
-Consumer recovery plans are effectively and regularly reviewed, in partnership with Team Leader/Clinical Lead/carers/family members/clinicians/ community organisations as appropriate.
-Risk Assessments and Safety Plans are completed as required.
-Service providers are effectively engaged with to ensure consumers receive timely and relevant support, information and referrals.
Stakeholder Engagement
-Effectivelymaintain sustainable relationships internally and externally to support care pathways for service users.
-To represent program/s managed and organisation at appropriate external forums, government or funding body meetings, and at other networking events. / -Formal and informal referral pathways and ongoing collaborative relationships with relevant organisations are maintained in order to support consumer outcomes.
-Organisational purpose and values is positively and constructively represented to external contacts at all opportunities
Operational / WHS Risk Management
-Respond to and appropriately mitigate service related risks as per organisational policy and procedure
-Escalate any identified risks in relation to security and maintenance of service properties and assets to Team Leader / -Service properties and assets are secure and maintained to a high standard according to relevant internal and external legislation, policy and procedures.
-All risks and related issues are controlled and escalated in a timely manner and as per organisational Policy and Procedure.
Data and Reporting Support
-Assist with the collection, collation and reporting of data and/or statistical information for Management as required.
-Ensure all information and consumer data is collected and stored in compliance with organisational policy and procedure. / -Data is collected and reported as per instructions from Team Leader.
-All information and consumer data is collected and stored in compliance with organisational policy and procedure
Essential Criteria /
  • Certificate IV qualification in Mental Health or related field
  • Experience working with consumers with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Understanding of the Principles of Recovery Orientated Mental Health Practice
  • Demonstrated ability to develop Individual Support Plans and utilise outcome measures
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work as a member of a cohesive team
  • Ability to utilise computer based software and programs
  • NSW Driver’s License or equivalent
  • ‘Working with Children’ Clearance
  • Prepared to undergo a National Criminal History Check
  • Willingness to work a rotating roster including weekends/weekdays, days/evenings, and public holidays

Desirable Criteria /
  • Experience in Suicide Intervention, or completion of ASIST training
  • Successful completion of ‘Mental Health First Aid’ training
  • Successful completion of ‘First Aid’ training
  • An understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Advance knowledge of local service networks

Communication / Internal:
  • HASI Plus Team Leader
  • HASI Plus Service Manager
  • HASI Plus Clinical Lead
  • Regional Manager
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • Head of Client Services Operations
  • General Managers
  • Peer Workforce
  • Local Health Districts
  • Housing providers
Clinical and non-clinical services

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