Center Redemption Is a Full Service Redemption Center Located in Dubuque, IA. in Addition

Center Redemption Is a Full Service Redemption Center Located in Dubuque, IA. in Addition

Center Redemption is a full service redemption center located in Dubuque, IA. In addition to our walk-in customer service we also offer commercial pickup service.


Center Redemption redeems containers with an Iowa Refund. Each container is redeemed at the full five cents if it is brought to us. We also offer a pickup service for commercial accounts. Pricing for pick-up service is as follows….

We pick up bags of:

CANS: 4¢ per container

PLASTIC: 4¢ per container

And boxes of:

GLASS: 3¢ per container

Glass must be returned in boxes or another hard container. Glass in bags will be refused.

Glass for commercial accounts must be returned in the original box. Beer must be only boxed with beer, liquor must be boxed with only liquor; each type of glass must be returned in its respective box and kept separated into like containers.

Can bags are kept in stock on each truck so they are always available for purchase. Can boxes are available upon request as well. There is no need to sort by vendor. All brands can go together.

We offer pickups on scheduled or an as needed basis. We do require at least 5 big can liner bags, or 50 cases of glass, or a combination of both to use the pick-up service. There is a trip charge of $5.


Invoices are paid the 2nd Wednesday of each month for a sum of all the invoices from the total previous month.

Items need to be ready and accessible at the time of pick-up. Here are a few guidelines regarding how items should be organized for pickups. Following these guidelines will ensure efficient service and better customer relations.

  • Cans and plastic must be separated. The bags should be tied in square knots, no ties, tape, other knot types, etc. Items may not be flattened or smashed. Bags must not contain trash or excessive amounts of liquid per Iowa code.

IOWA CODE 567-107.7(455C) BEVERAGE CONTAINERS MUST BE REASONABLY CLEAN.Consumers shall take care to return containers in a reasonably clean and intact condition.In order to be redeemed, an empty beverage container shall be dry and free of foreign materials other than the dried residue of the beverage.

If your bags have excessive liquid in them it becomes a safety concern and causes significant damage to our equipment. Bags with excessive liquid will be refused.

  • Glass bottles must be in boxes, not bags for the safety of our employees. Please refer to the size and quantity guidelines on the front of this page. If boxes of glass are stored outside, they must be kept dry. We will not pick the items up if the boxes are wet and falling apart.
  • Items need to be in specific area and easily accessible. Snow and ice must be cleared and doorways or walk ways should not be blocked by other debris. Also, we will not pick up product that requires the use of stairs. Carting product up or down stairs has been determined to be unsafe by our insurance company/provider. They will not allow us to do it.

If this is currently the case, your route manager can discuss alternatives with you to continue service. This could be an advance call or a change in your time or day for pick up.

Non-compliance will result in those items being left until the problem is corrected. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 563-585-1092.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Original or other sturdy box

Multiple 6 packs in one box

Small and large bottles are boxed separately (12, 18, or 24 count)

Glass should not be higher than the top of the box



Cans separate from plastic

Product is sorted by size

Bags are filled with correct quantity

Bags are tied in a square knot so they can be easily opened



Bottles thrown in flimsy box; unsorted.

Boxes that are overfilled, unable to stack on pallets

Mixed cans, plastic, and glass; mixed sizes

Liquid in bags

Non-compliance will result in those items being left until the problem is corrected.