Catholic Charities, Camp I Am Special

Catholic Charities, Camp I Am Special

2018 Buddy Recommendation Form

Catholic Charities, Camp I Am Special

______has applied to be a volunteer Buddy at Camp I Am Special.

Catholic Charities, Camp I Am Special provides a recreational and residential camp for children, teenagers, and adults who are challenged byphysical, emotional and/or mentaldisabilities. Our Campers can actively participate and experience traditional summer camp activities because of our Buddy Program.

Each Volunteer Buddy is responsible for providing one-on-one care, friendship and fellowship to a Camper, including meals, hygiene and overnight sleeping quarters. The camp has additional onsite support from certified teachers, medical staff, trained personnel, and experienced counselors to guide and assist the Volunteer Buddies in providing Camper care.

Buddies work under demanding conditions-strong traditions, long hours, communal living with limited privacy, provide one-on-one care, etc.- and must be able to easily adapt. Our Campers require Volunteer Buddies who are extremely responsible, and we feel you are in the best position to offer an evaluation. To find out more about us, see our website at (Your recommendation will remain confidential.)

We appreciate your time in completing this form. PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY.

Your Name: ______


Phone Number:______How long have you known the applicant?______

What is your relationship with the applicant (teacher, coach, neighbor, youth leader, employer)?

How well do you feel you know the applicant? _____Acquaintance _____Fairly well _____Very well

If you had a child or adult with a disability, would you place them in this person’s complete care and influence? ____ Yes _____No

Please mark the box which best describes the applicant’s ability in each area:

Personal Initiative
Concern for others
Receptiveness to suggestions/criticism
General appearance
Physical stamina
Emotional maturity/stability
Self confidence
Oral expression (to adults and kids)
Working relationships with others/Cooperativeness
Cheerfulness/Sense of humor

Please address any areas not covered in the above sections that you feel may be helpful in reviewing the candidate’s application by attaching an additional sheet. ______

Please send this form directly to Catholic Charities Camp I Am Special Office by Fax to 904.230.7465 or Email to: or mail to: 235 Marywood Dr. St. Johns. FL 32259